MANDATORY Federal Coronavirus Leave Poster: New Families First Coronavirus Response Act Notice Must Be Posted By April 1, 2020.

Download Poster Here Poster Describes Mandatory Paid Leave For Coronavirus Related Issues.

Washington Free Printable Labor Law Posters Washington Free Printable Labor Law Posters 2020

The Washington Department Of Labor & Industries requires all Washington businesses with employees to prominently post a number of labor law posters, covering topics such as the minimum wage, health & safety, and other important labor laws, in the workplace. You can download or print all of Washington's mandatory and optional labor law posters on this page, free of charge.

All required and optional posters can be either downloaded and printed out at your convenience or ordered from the appropriate organization as listed on this page.

Mandatory Washington Labor Law Posters 3 PDFS

WA All-In-One Labor Poster: Instead of printing out dozens of posters, employers can also purchase an all-in-one poster that covers both Washington and Federal poster requirements by clicking here .

The Washington Department Of Labor & Industries requires that all employers post these three mandatory labor law posters in a prominant area within the workplace. Most Washington businesses will also need to post the Federal Department of Labor's mandatory posters in addition to these state posters.

Workplace posters are important because they inform workers and employers of their rights and responsibilities. If you're an employer, posting required posters is a legal requirement. Notes: If you have any of the required workplace posters dated 2012 or later you do not need to order new ones. State fund posters are for employers who pay their workers' compensation premiums to L&I. Self-insurance posters are for employers who provide their own workers' compensation coverage to their employees. To see if an employer is currently self-insured, click the employer's name in the complete list of self-insured employers. If you are an employee and remain unsure which poster to choose, please ask your employer for clarification.

Poster Type Poster Name Description
Workers Compensation Law
Notice to Employees of Workers' Compensation in the State of Washington Information regarding workers' compensation
Job Safety Law
Job Safety and Health Law in the State of Washington Information regarding safety and health in the workplace
General Labor Law Poster
Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State Mandatory information regarding wages and worker's rights in Washington.
Poster Type Poster Name Description

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Instead of printing out pages of mandatory Washington and Federal labor law posters, you can purchase a professional, laminated all-in-one labor law poster that guarantees compliance with all Washington and federal posting requirements. Fully updated for 2020!

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URGENT: New Mandatory COVID-19 / Coronavirus Paid Leave Poster

As of April 1 2020, all employers in the United States with less than 500 employees MUST display or digitally distribute a Families First Coronavirus Response Act paid leave poster.

This poster describes new laws that mandate paid leave for employees affected by the Coronavirus epidemic.

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Other Washington Labor Law Posters 2 PDFS

There are an additional two Washington labor law posters that are either optional, or mandatory only for a certain type of employer. Be sure to check this list carefully to see which posters are relevant to your business.

Poster Type Poster Name Who Must Post Description
Workers Compensation Law Notice to Employees of Self-Insured Employers Employers in self-insured businesses Information regarding self-insured businesses
General Labor Law Poster Domestic Violence Leave Factsheet Optional Explains Washington's Domestic Violence Leave laws.
Poster Type Poster Name Who Must Post Description

Printed all of your Washington labor law posters? Be sure to check out the free federal labor law posters page to ensure that you comply with Department of Labor mandatory posting laws.

Disclaimer: While we do our best to keep this list of Washington labor law postings up to date and complete, we cannot be held liable for errors or omissions. Is a poster on this page missing or out-of-date? Please let us know so we can fix it!

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