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The The Whistleblower Protection Act is a whistleblower law poster by the New Hampshire Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in New Hampshire, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes the rights that whistleblowers have in reporting an illegal activities by their employer and not get retaliated against by said employer for doing so.

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An employer shall not discharge, threaten, or discr iminate against any public or private employee  
  If the employee, in good faith, reports or causes t o be  reported an alleged violation of any law or r ule 
adopted under the laws of this state, a political s ubdivision of this state, or the United States;  
   OR, the employee objects to or refuses to participa te in any activity that the employee, in good faith, 
believes is a violation of the law or rule ;   
  OR, the employee refuses to execute a directive whi ch the employee, in good faith, believes violates any 
law or rule adopted under the laws of this state, a  political subdivision of this state or the United States; 
  OR, the employee participates in an investigation,  hearing, or inquiry conducted by any governmental 
entity or any court action which concerns allegatio ns that the employer has violated any law or rule 
adopted under the laws of this state, a political s ubdivision of this state, or the United States. 
After the employee has made a reasonable effort to  maintain or restore his/her rights through any grievance 
procedure or similar process available with the emp loyer 
And has filed the written complaint with the New Ha mpshire Department of Labor. 
He/she may request a hearing with the New Hampshire  Department of Labor, which can result in a judgment to 
order reinstatement, payment of fringe benefits, se niority rights, and injunctive relief.   
Public employees can issue complaints to the New Hampshire Department of Labor, who has the authority to 
investigate complaints or information concerning th e possible existence of any activity constituting fraud, 
waste, or abuse in the expenditure of any public fu nds, whether state or local, or relating to programs and 
operations involving the procurement of any supplie s, services, or construction by governmental entities within 
the state.    
The identity of the person who filed the complaint  shall not be disclosed without his or her written consent, 
unless such disclosure is to a law enforcement agen cy that is conducting a criminal investigation.  
No governmental entity shall take any retaliatory a ction against a public employee who, in good faith,  files a 
complaint under this section and the public employe e shall be afforded all protections under RSA 275-E:2.  
No governmental entity shall threaten, discipline,  demote, fire, transfer, reassign, or discriminate against a 
public employee who files a complaint with the depa rtment of labor under RSA 275-E:8 or otherwise disc loses 
or threatens to disclose activities or information  that the employee reasonably believes violates RSA  275-E:2, 
represents a gross mismanagement or waste of public  funds, property, or manpower, or evidences an abuse of 
authority or a danger to the public health and safe ty. 
Inspection Division          Kathryn J. Barger                James W. Craig 
PO Box 2076            Deputy Commissioner             Lab or Commissioner 
Concord NH  03302-2076 
Telephone – (603) 271-1492 & 271-3176            
Rev. 4/22/14

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