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New Hampshire Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters New Hampshire Protective Legislation Law - Payment of Wages Poster Required

 Protective Legislation Law - Payment of Wages PDF

The Protective Legislation Law - Payment of Wages is a labor law posters poster by the New Hampshire Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in New Hampshire, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes when wages will be paid to employees, what protections employees have from employers as well as other necessary information on wages.

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Wages In this Establishment Will Be Paid On:	 	
SUNDAY        MONDAY        TUESDAY        WEDNESDAY        THURSDAY        FRIDAY        SATURDAY	 	
PAYMENT  OF  WAGES. 	All 	wages  due  an  employee  must  be  paid 	on  a  weekly  or  biweekly  basis	. The  Labor 	
Commissioner  may,  upon  written  petition  showing  good  and  sufficient  reason,  permit  payment  of  wages  less  frequently, 
except it shall be at least once each calendar month.	 	
NOTICE  T	O  EMPLOYEE. 	Employer  must  notify  employee  in  writing  when  hiring  of  the  rate  of  pay,  or  any  changes 	
prior  to  change;  make  available  in  writing,  or  by  posted  notice,  employment  practices  and  policies  on  vacation  pay,  sick 
leave and other fringe benefits; fu	rnish employee statement of deductions each payday.	 	
LUNCH  OR  EATING PERIOD. 	An employer  may  not  require an  employee to  work  more  than  five  consecutive  hours 	
without  granting  him  a  one  half	-hour  lunch  or  eating  period,  except  if  it  is  feasible  for  the  empl	oyee  to  eat  during  the 	
performance of his/her work, and the employer permits him/her to do so.	 	
ACCESS  TO  PERSONNEL  FILE. 	Every  employer  shall  provide  a  reasonable  opportunity  for  an  employee  who  so 	
requests  to  inspect  such  employee’s  personnel  file  and  up	on  request  provide  such  employee  with  a  copy  of  all  or  part  of 	
the file.	 	
WITHHOLDING  WAGES.	 Employer  may  not  withhold  or  divert  any  portion  of  an  employee’s  wages  unless  required 	
or empowered by state or federal law; or unless by written authorization by 	the employee for a lawful purpose accruing to 	
the benefit of the employee, per regulation promulgated by the Commissioner.	 	
EMPLOYEES SEPARATED. 	When an employee quits, resigns, or is suspended because of labor dispute wages must be 	
paid not later then the	 next regular payday or by mail if the employee so requests. Employees discharged must be paid in 	
full  within  seventy	-two  hours.  Willful  failure  to  pay  as  above  subjects  employer  to  liquidated  damages  of  ten  percent  of 	
the unpaid wages for each day except 	Sunday and legal holidays. In case of dispute over amount due, employer shall pay 	
amount conceded by him to be due, leaving employee remedies of law for balance.	 	
The acceptance  of  payment  by  employee  shall  not  constitute  a  release to  the  balance  of  a  clai	m  and  any  release  required 	
by an employer as a condition of payment shall be null and void and in violation of the law.	 	
On  any  day  an  employee  reports  to  work  at  an  employer’s  request,  the  employee  shall  be  paid  not  less  than  2 
hours pay at th	eir regular rate of pay. This does not apply to employees of counties or municipalities.	 	
There may be a minimum civil penalty of $100.00 per violation of any section of the New Hampshire Labor Laws.	 	
INSPECTION 	DIVISION	  	 	 	 	Rudolph W. Ogden, 	III	 	 	Ken Merrifield	 	
P.O.	 BOX 	2076	   	 	 	 	 	Deputy 	Commissioner	  	         	 	Commissioner	 	
CONCORD	, NH	 03302	-2076	 	
TELEPHONE 	– (603)	 271	-1492	 & 271	-3176	  	
Rev.	 02	-01-18

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