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The New Hampshire Minimum Wage Law is a minimum wage law poster by the New Hampshire Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in New Hampshire, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes the minimum wage employees can receive, how to deal with overtime pay, and how to deal with the employment of minors.

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                               Revised Statutes Annotated Chapter 279, as amended 
Unless  otherwise  provided  by  statute,  no  person,  fi rm,  or  corporation  shall  employ  any  employee  at  an  hourly 
rate lower than that set forth in the federal minim um wage law, as amended.
Exempt from RSA 279 are:    
Employees  engaged  in  Household  Labor,  Domestic  Labo r,  Farm  Labor,  Outside  Sales  Representatives,  Summer  Camps 
for Minors, Newspaper Carriers, Non-Professional Sk i Patrol and Golf Caddies. 
OVERTIME  PAY.  Those  employees  covered  by  RSA  279,  with  the  follow ing  exceptions,  shall  in  addition  to  their 
regular compensation, be paid at the rate of time a nd one-half for all time worked in excess of 40 hou rs in any one week: 
      (a) Any employee employed by an amusement, se asonal, or recreational establishment if: 
              (1) it does not operate for more than  7 months in any calendar year; or 
              (2) during the preceding calendar yea r, its average receipts for any 6 months of such ye ar were 
                not more than 33 1/3 percent of its  average receipts for the other 6 months of such ye ar. 
      (b) Any employee of employers covered under t he provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards A ct. 
Tipped employees of a restaurant, hotel, motel, inn  or cabin, who customarily and regularly receive mo re than $30 a 
month  in  tips  directly  from  the  customers  will  rece ive  a  base  rate  from  the  employer  of  not  less  than 45  percent  of 
the  applicable  minimum  wage.  Restaurant  shall  inclu de  an  establishment  in  a  temporary  or  permanent  bui lding, 
kept,  used,  maintained,  advertised,  and  held  out  to   the  public  to  be  a  place  where  meals  are  regularly  prepared  or 
served  for which  a  charge  is  made  and  where  seating   and  table  service  is  available  for  customers  or  where  delivery 
services  are  available.  The  term  does  not  include  e stablishments  which  do  not  primarily  prepare  and  se rve  food. 
Tipped  employees  shall  also  include  employees  who  d eliver  meals  prepared  in  a  restaurant  to  the  customer's  home, 
office,  or  other  location.  If  an  employee  shows  to  the  satisfaction  of  the  commissioner  that  the  actua l  amount  of 
wages  received  at  the  end  of  each  pay  period  did  no t  equal  the  minimum  wage  for  all  hours  worked,  the  employer 
shall pay the employee the difference to guarantee  the applicable minimum wage. 
RECORDS.  Every employer of employees shall keep a true and a ccurate record of the hours worked by each, wages paid 
to each, and classification of employment when nece ssary. 
No youth under the age of 16 shall be employed or permitted to work without first obtaining a New Hamp shire 
Youth  Employment  Certificate  except  for  his/her  par ents,  grandparents,  guardian,  or  at  work  defined  as  casual 
or  farm  labor.  Certificates  shall  be  obtained  by  an  employer  withi n  3  business  days  of  the  first  day  of 
employment.   Copies  of  certificates  shall  be  kept  on  file  by  al l  employers  of  youths.  An  employer  shall  not 
employ  a  youth  16  or  17  years  of  age,  unless  the  em ployer  obtains  and  maintains  on  file  a  signed  written 
document from the youth's parent or legal guardian  permitting the youth's employment. The parental per mission 
shall be on file at the establishment’s worksite pr ior to the first day of employment. Written parenta l permission 
is  not  required  for  a  16  or  17  year  old  youth  who  h as  graduated  from  high  school  or  obtained  a  general 
equivalency diploma.     
INSPECTION DIVISION                  Kathryn J. Barger             James W. Craig 
P.O. BOX 2076           Deputy Labor Commissioner               Commissioner of Labor 
CONCORD, NH 03302-2076   
(603) 271-1492 & 271-3176

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