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Nebraska Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Nebraska 3-In-One Labor Poster (OUTDATED) Required

 3-In-One Labor Poster (OUTDATED) PDF

The 3-In-One Labor Poster (OUTDATED) is a labor law posters poster by the Nebraska Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Nebraska, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

Note this poster is outdated. This poster contains all of the required Nebraska labor law postings and can be used instead of individual posters. The notice for minimum wage covers the current rate that can be used as of the 2019 year and must be applied in business with 4 or more people. It also details requirements as well as exceptions under the Wage and Hour Act for both employer and employee to follow. The Equal Opportunity Commission of Nebraska notifies all workers of discrimination being prohibited in the workplace and what is considered a unlawful practice relating to discriminatory behavior. The Unemployment Insurance section details when and how employees can file a claim for benefits under this law.

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001. This chapter is adopted pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §§48-626, 
48-627, 48-629, and 48-607.
002.  A. For benefi t years beginning prior to October 1, 2015, an 
individual who wants to make a claim for unemployment 
benefi ts shall fi le his or her application for benefi ts through 
the Nebraska Department of Labor Claims Center’s online web 
application available at www.dol.nebraska.gov. The individual 
shall provide such information as required on the application. 
Each application shall be signed by electronic signature or 
handwritten on a form prescribed by the Commissioner.
     For benefi t years beginning on or after October 1, 2015, all  claims for unemployment benefi ts, except claims involving 
either wages paid by the military or federal government or 
combined with wages from state(s) other than Nebraska, shall 
be fi led online through the Nebraska Department of Labor 
Claims Center’s online web application available at 
www.dol.nebraska.gov unless a special accommodation is 
required or no reasonable access to an offi ce maintained by the 
Department of Labor is available. Conditions requiring a special 
accommodation shall include, but not be limited to, language 
barriers and physical and mental handicaps. If a special 
accommodation is required, claimants may fi le an application 
for benefi ts through the Nebraska Department of Labor Claims 
Center. The individual shall provide such information as required 
on the application. Each application shall be signed or attested 
to. An application may be signed by electronic signature or 
handwritten on a form prescribed by the Commissioner.
B. When fi ling a new initial claim, re-opening an existing claim, or 
fi ling a subsequent claim for unemployment benefi ts a claimant 
shall be required to register for work and create an active, online 
and searchable resume in the Nebraska Department of Labor’s 
web application for Reemployment and Benefi t services in 
accordance with 219 NAC 4. 
C. The initial application for benefi ts shall be effective Sunday 
of the week in which the applicant fi les an application with the 
Department. The Commissioner, for good cause, may establish 
a different effective date.
D.  A week shall be deemed to be in, within, or during that benefi t 
year which includes the greater part of such week.
003.  A. A separate claim for benefi ts shall be made for each week 
of unemployment by a method of claiming prescribed by the 
B. An individual shall be ineligible for benefi ts for any week for 
which the individual fails to demonstrate that the individual 
engaged in an active and earnest search for work as required 
under 219 NAC 4.
C. If prescribed by the Commissioner, a claim form will be 
mailed by the Department and shall be completed by the 
claimant and returned to and received by the Department within 
ten days of the later of the date mailed or the week ending date 
which will be stated on the form. A claimant who fails to timely 
return the claim form shall be ineligible for that week’s benefi ts 
unless good cause for the late return can be shown. If found 
ineligible, such applicant shall also be ineligible for benefi ts for 
any intervening weeks until the week in which the claim form is 
returned, regardless of cause. D.
 An electronic media claim transaction shall be completed 
by the claimant and received by the Department by the Friday 
following the most recent week ending date. The failure of a 
claimant to timely complete an electronic media transaction 
shall be the basis for a denial of that week’s benefi ts unless good 
cause for the late transaction can be shown. Any intervening 
weeks until the week in which the transaction was completed and 
received by the Department shall also be denied, regardless of 
E.  A claim for benefi ts shall be fi led for waiting week credit even 
though benefi ts are not payable for that week.
F.  A claim for benefi ts shall be fi led for each week of eligibility 
during the time an applicant is awaiting the results of an appeal 
hearing if the applicant intends to claim benefi ts during that time 
004.  The Department may direct a claimant to contact one of its 
offi ces to meet eligibility or other reporting requirements, or 
to provide other information as needed in the administration 
of Nebraska Employment Security Law. Unless good cause is 
shown, failure to contact the offi ce as directed may result in 
the denial of benefi ts beginning with the week the claimant was 
scheduled to report and ending the Saturday prior to the week in 
which he/she reports to the Department.
005.  In the event that wage information cannot be obtained from an 
employer, the Department may request that such information 
be provided by the claimant. The claimant may be required to 
provide payroll check stubs, W-2s, or other reliable information 
corroborating the amount of wages stated by the claimant. A 
failure by the claimant to comply with such a request by the due 
date on the form shall cause the claim to be processed without 
the requested wages and may result in a denial of benefi ts until 
the week in which the information regarding requested wages is 
received by the Department. 
006.  In the event of a major disaster declared by both the Governor 
of the State of Nebraska and the President, the Commissioner 
may permit backdating of the effective date of unemployment 
insurance claims to agree with the effective date of the federal 
disaster period.  
007.  Each worker engaged in employment covered by the Nebraska 
Employment Security Law, including service covered by election 
of an employer, shall procure a federal social security account 
number and furnish that number to every employer for whom that 
worker performs covered employment.
008.  Weeks of disqualifi cation assessed pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. 
§48-628 and reductions in benefi ts determined pursuant to Neb. 
Rev. Stat. §48-626 shall be determined in accordance with the 
number of weeks of disqualifi cation in effect on the applicable 
date of the most recently fi led initial, transitional or additional 
Updated: 9/21/2016	
To   le an a claim for unemployment bene  ts, go to dol.nebraska.gov	
Notice to Employees
Except as provided below, every employer of four or more persons at any one time shall pay its employees a minimum wage of 
nine dollars per hour.
• 	If the employee is compensated by way of gratuities, the employer shall pay wages at the minimum rate of two dollars and 
thirteen cents per hour, plus all gratuities given to them for services rendered. The sum of wages and gratuities received by 
each person compensated by way of gratuities shall equal or exceed nine per hour. 	
• 	Any employer employing student-learners as part of a bona fi de vocational training program shall pay such student-learners’ 
wages at a rate of at least seventy-fi ve percent of the minimum wage rate.	
• 	An employer may pay a new employee younger than 20 who is not a seasonal or migrant worker, a training wage of at least 
seventy-fi ve percent of the federal minimum wage for ninety days from the date the new employee was hired, subject to the 
terms and conditions described in Neb. Rev. Stat. §48-1203.01. 	
48-1202.	  For purposes of the Wage and Hour Act, unless the context otherwise requires:
1.  Employ shall include to permit to work;
2.  Employer shall include any individual, partnership, limited liability company, association, corporation, business trust, legal 
representative, or organized group of persons employing four or more employees at any one time except for seasonal em-
ployment of not more than twenty weeks in any calendar year, acting directly or indirectly in the interest of an employer in 
relation to an employee, but shall not include the United States, the state, or any political subdivision thereof;
3.  Employee shall include any individual employed by any employer but shall not include:
a. Any individual employed in agriculture; 
b.  Any individual employed as a baby-sitter in or about a private home; 
c.  Any individual employed in a bona fi de executive, administrative, or professional capacity or as a superintendent or 
d.  Any individual employed by the United States or by the state or any political subdivision thereof; 
e.  Any individual engaged in the activities of an educational, charitable, r eligious, or nonprofi t organization when the em-
ployer-employee relationship does not in fact exist or when the services rendered to such organization are on a voluntary 
f.  Apprentices and learners otherwise provided by law;
g.  Veterans in training under supervision of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs; 
h.  A child in the employment of his or her parent or a parent in the employment of his or her child; or 
i.  Any person who, directly or indirectly, is receiving any form of federal, state, county, or local aid or welfare and who is 
physically or mentally disabled and employed in a program of rehabilitation, who shall receive a wage at a level consis-
tent with his or her health, effi ciency, and general well-being;
4.  Occupational classifi cation shall mean a classifi cation established by the Dictionary of Occupational Titles prepared by the 
United States Department of Labor; and
5.  Wages shall mean all remuneration for personal services, including commissions and bonuses and the cash value of all 
remunerations in any medium other than cash.	
Effective January 1, 2016
$9.00 per Hour	
For further information regarding the Nebraska Wage and Hour Act, 
contact the Nebraska Department of Labor	
Updated: 10/5/2016	
Minimum Wage in Nebraska	
PHONE 402-471-2239	
This poster is designed to fulfill three state workplace posting requirements. It does not necessarily fulfill ALL workplace posting requirements. 	 	
Check 	dol.nebraska.gov/LaborStandards/RequiredPosters	 periodically for poster updates. 	
Updated: 9/21/16

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