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Nebraska Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Nebraska Unemployment Insurance Advisement of Benefit Rights Poster Required

 Unemployment Insurance Advisement of Benefit Rights PDF

The Unemployment Insurance Advisement of Benefit Rights is a labor law posters poster by the Nebraska Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Nebraska, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

Updated 11/2022. This poster describes who qualifies for unemployment benefits and how to apply for these benefits.

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001.	 This chapter is adopted pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §§48-
626, 48-627, 48-629, and 48-607.	
002. 	A.	 All claims shall be filed online through the Nebraska 	
Department of Labor Claims Center’s online web 
application available at www.dol.nebraska.gov unless 
a special accommodation is required or no reasonable 
access to an office maintained by the Department 
of Labor is available. Conditions requiring a special 
accommodation shall include, but not be limited to, 
language barriers and physical and mental handicaps.  If a 
special accommodation is required, claimants may file an 
application for benefits through the Nebraska Department 
of Labor Claims Center. The individual shall provide 
such information as required on the application. Each 
application shall be signed or attested to. An application 
may be signed by electronic signature or handwritten on a 
form prescribed by the Commissioner. 
B.	 When filing a new initial claim, re-opening an existing 	
claim, or filing a subsequent claim for unemployment 
benefits a claimant shall be required to register for work 
and create an active, online and searchable resume in 
the Nebraska Department of Labor’s web application for 
Reemployment services in accordance with 219 NAC 4. 
C. 	The initial application for benefits shall be effective 	
Sunday of the week in which the applicant files an 
application with the Department. The Commissioner, for 
good cause, may establish a different effective date.
D.  	A week shall be deemed to be in, within, or during that 	
benefit year which includes the greater part of such week.	
003.	 A.	 A separate claim for benefits shall be made for 	
each week of unemployment by a method of claiming 
prescribed by the Commissioner.
B.	 An individual shall be ineligible for benefits for any 	
week for which the individual fails to demonstrate that 
the individual engaged in an active and earnest search for 
work as required under 219 NAC 4.
C.	 An electronic media claim transaction shall be 	
completed by the claimant and received by the 
Department by the Saturday following the most recent 
week ending date. The failure of a claimant to timely 
complete an electronic media transaction shall be 
the basis for a denial of that week’s benefits unless 
good cause for the late transaction can be shown. Any 
intervening weeks until the week in which the transaction 
was completed and received by the Department shall 
also be denied, regardless of cause.	
D.	 A claim for benefits shall be filed for waiting week credit 	
even though benefits are not payable for that week.
E.	 A claim for benefits shall be filed for each week of 	
eligibility during the time an applicant is awaiting the 
results of an appeal hearing if the applicant intends to 
claim benefits during that time period.	
004.	 The Department may direct a claimant to contact 
one of its offices to meet eligibility or other reporting 
requirements, or to provide other information as needed in 
the administration of Nebraska Employment Security Law. 
Unless good cause is shown, failure to contact the office 
as directed may result in the denial of benefits beginning 
with the week the claimant was scheduled to report and 
ending the Saturday prior to the week in which he/she 
reports to the Department.	
005.	 In the event that wage information cannot be obtained 
from an employer, the Department may request that such 
information be provided by the claimant. The claimant may 
be required to provide payroll check stubs, W-2’s, or other 
reliable information corroborating the amount of wages 
stated by the claimant.  A failure by the claimant to comply 
with such a request by the due date on the form shall 
cause the claim to be processed without the requested 
wages and may result in a denial of benefits until the week 
in which the information regarding requested wages is 
received by the Department.	
006. 	In the event of a major disaster declared by both the 
Governor of the State of Nebraska and the President, the 
Commissioner may permit backdating of the effective 
date of unemployment insurance claims to agree with the 
effective date of the federal disaster period.  	
007.	 Each worker engaged in employment covered by the 
Nebraska Employment Security Law, including service 
covered by election of an employer, shall procure a federal 
social security account number and furnish that number 
to every employer for whom that worker performs covered 
008.	 Weeks of disqualification assessed and reductions in 
benefits determined pursuant to the Nebraska Employment 
Security Law, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§48-601 to 48-683, shall be 
determined in accordance with the number of weeks of 
disqualification in effect on the applicable date of the most 
recently filed initial, transitional or additional claim.	
Updated: 11/22/2022	
To file a claim for unemployment benefits, go to 	NEworks.nebraska.gov	.

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