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The Sexual Harassment in Employment is a labor law posters poster by the Nebraska Department Of Labor. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Labor.

This poster, in English, serves as a notice to inform employees on what to do in the event that they experience sexual harassment in the workplace. This includes answers to frequently asked questions on the subject. This includes what defines sexual harassment, who to talk to, what to do, employer retaliation, and what your rights are in the event of an incident.

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What to do About Sexual 	Harassment	 in 	
Q: What is sexual harassment? 	 	
A: Any unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment 
in employment when:	 	
 	1. It is made an implicit or explicit condition of	  your employment. 	 	
 	2. Employment decisions (transfer, promotion, dismissal, demotion, reassignment) are 	
based on your response. 	 	
 	3. It creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. 	 	
 	4. It interferes with your work performance. 	 	
Q: Do I have any rights in th	is area?	 	
A: Sexual harassment is a violation of federal and state laws. You have the right to expect your 
employer to provide a safe work environment free of sexual harassment. 	 	
If harassment occurs and adverse employment consequences follow, you have a ri	ght to have 	
those actions corrected. If you are fired, for example, you have a right to reinstatement and back 
pay if your appeal is sustained. If some situations you may be entitled to additional money 
damages. Other Possible remedies, depending upon the 	circumstances, include promotion and 	
constructive seniority. 	 	
Q: Who can I talk to about what happened?	 	
A: In spite of a strong, natural reluctance to talk to anyone about the problem	—	TALK TO 	
SOMEONE IMMEDIATELY! Discuss the problem with an objective perso	n, possibly someone 	
you work with. Perhaps they, too, might have experiences sexual harassment. If there is no one 
available, perhaps a supervisor or friend would be helpful. 	 	
Whatever you do, DO NOT IGNORE THE PROBLEM!	  If you feel strongly enough or angr	y 	
enough, contact your EEO/Affirmative action Office, your union representative or one of the 
Commission offices listed in this pamphlet.	 	
Q: Maybe it was something I did, or wore?	 	
A: It is unlikely that sexual harassment occurred because of your looks, or 	dress habits, or 	
actions. Statistics indicate that sexual harassment occurs against individuals from all economic, 
racial religious and age groups. Most victims of sexual harassment tend to be women between 
the ages of 21 and 45, but sexual harassment can 	happen to any employee.

Q: Can I do anything about it?	 	
A: Be sure to express your felling during the incident to the person harassing you indicating that	  	
you are not interested. In your report of the incident, describe the feeling you had both during 
and	 afterwards. 	 	
Immediately document in writing exactly what occurred, including verbal portions. List the 
names and job positions of witnesses, especially supervisory employees, and specify date and 
location of the incident. 	 	
Notify in writing, either YOUR 	SUPERVISOR or, if that is not practicable, the Affirmative 	
Action Officer, or the Personnel Director. Provide that person with copies of the information you 
have gathered. BE SURE TO KEEP THE ORIGINAL. Indicate your insistence that some action 
be taken. If	 you work in a union shop, duplicate the above procedures and submit the same 	
material to your union representative. Be sure to request a written response.	   	
If the problem is not corrected immediately, you should file a formal complaint with the 
Nebraska 	Equal Opportunity Commission or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity 	
Commission within 300 days of the incident. 	 	
Q: What will the State of Nebraska do about sexual 
harassment on the job? 	 	
A: State of Nebraska Personnel policy prohibits sexual harassment 	of any employee. Managers 	
are being trained to deal with sexual harassment problems and are held accountable for a work 
environment free of sexual harassment. 	 	
The State of Nebraska realizes that sexual harassment can be a very expensive problem that 
shoul	d be dealt with promptly. Statistics indicate that many individuals who experience sexual 	
harassment never made their employer aware of the problem. Once employers know of the 
problem, it is their responsibility to deal with it. 	 	
Q: Should I quit?	 	
A: No. I	t is reasonable to expect that most employers will listen seriously to your complaint. 	
Offer to help your employer deal with the problem	—	indicate that you are aware of your 	
obligations as an employee to conduct yourself properly and also that you are aware	 of your 	
employer’s obligation to provide you with a work environment free of sexual harassment. 	 	
Q: What do I do if my employer fires me for complaining?	 	
A: Firing an employee for complaining is illegal. Statistics show that only a small percentage of 
emp	loyees report harassment incidents to their employers. An even smaller percentage of them 	
are fired for doing so. 	 	
However, if you are fired, you should immediately file a formal complaint. If you have already 
filed a complaint based upon the actual harass	ment, be sure to file an amended complaint based 	
on retaliation.

Q: Can I collect unemployment if I quit or am fired because 
of sexual harassment?	 	
A: It is possible. More and more individuals are being awarded unemployment compensation 
when they lose thei	r jobs due to sexual harassment. You must file a claim at the unemployment 	
office, stating that sexual harassment is the reason you lost your job. An investigation will be 
Q: How can I keep the incident from happening again? 	 	
A: By dealing with	 the person or problem promptly and forcefully THE FIRST TIME! Never 	
make excuses or give the harasser the impression that you may be interested at a later date. 	 	
Sexual harassment is an unlawful practice and, if not immediately corrected, should be report	ed 	
to one of the agencies listed in this pamphlet. It is a problem that can be corrected only if people 
refuse to tolerate it any longer. 	 	
To File A Complaint	 	
The Complainant may state a complaint in a letter or use a complaint form. The complaint form 
may	 be obtained from the nearest NEOC office. Complaints should be notarized, if possible, and 	
must be sent to NEOC within 300 days of the alleged discriminatory act. 	 	
After A Charge Is Filed: 	 	
The Commission will review your charge and contact you by 	mail or in person. The Commission 	
will investigate your charge and if it finds it is justified, the Commission will try, by conciliation, 
to end the discrimination. If the conciliation fails, the case is sent to Public Hearing. 	 	
It Is Unlawful To Retaliate	: 	 	
It is forbidden by law to punish you for filing a charge, for acting as a witness or for assisting a 

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