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Iowa Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Iowa Safety & Health Protection on the Job Poster Required

 Safety & Health Protection on the Job PDF

The Safety & Health Protection on the Job is a labor law posters poster by the Iowa Department Of Workforce Development. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Iowa, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This Iowa poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. It contains information about standards employers need to keep for maintaining workplace safety as well as rights employees have to complain should the workplace not meet safety regulations. If employers do not correct workplace hazards in a certain time frame they can suffer consequences such as fines and penalties.

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Job Safety
and Health	
• You		have		the		right		to	notify		your		employer		or	Iowa	
OSHA		about		workplace		hazards.		You		may		ask		Iowa	
OSHA		to	keep		your		name		confidential.	
• You		have		the		right		to	request		an		OSHA		inspection		if	
you		believe		that		there		are		unsafe		and		unhealthful	
conditions		in	your		workplace.		You		or	your	
representative		may		participate		in	that		inspection.	
• You		can		file		a	complaint		with		OSHA		within		30		days	
of	retaliation		or	discrimination		by		your		employer	
for		making		safety		and		health		complaints		or	for	
exercising		your		rights		under		the		OSH		Act.	
• You		have		a	right		to	see		OSHA		citations		issued		to	your	
employer.		Your		employer		must		post		the		citations		at	
or	near		the		place		of	the		alleged		violation		for		at	least	
3	working		days.	
• Your		employer		must		correct		workplace		hazards		by	
the		date		indicated		on		the		citation		and		must		certify	
that		these		hazards		have		been		reduced		or	eliminated.	
• You		have		the		right		to	copies		of	your		medical		records	
or	records		of	your		exposure		to	toxic		and		harmful	
substances		or	conditions.	
• Your		employer		must		post		this		notice		in	your		workplace.	
• You		must		comply		with		all		occupational		safety		and	
health		standards		issued		under		the		OSH Act that	
apply		to	your		own		actions		and		conduct		on		the		job.	
• You		must		furnish		your		employees		a	place		of	
employment		free		from		recognized		hazards.	
• You		must		comply		with		the		occupational		safety		and	
health		standards		issued		under		the		OSH Act	.	
• Iowa		OSHA		Consultation		can		help		you		identify		and	
correct		hazards		without		citation		or	penalty. 70-8025 (0
Complaints About the Iowa OSHA Program	
You		may		file		a	complaint		about		the		Iowa		Division		of	Labor’s			
operations		or	administration		of	the		OSH		Act		by		contacting:	
OSHA		Regional		Office	
2300		Main		Street,		Suite		1010	
Kansas		City,		MO		64108-2447	
816-283-8745 To report a workplace fatality, hospitalization, 
amputation or the loss of an eye,  
visit www.iowaosha.gov or call 877-242-6742.
For assistance and information contact:  
Iowa Division of Labor Services 150 Des Moines Street Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1836
Phone : 515-242-5870 

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