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The Employee Health - Sick Employee Poster is a labor law posters poster by the Florida Department Of Economic Opportunity. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Economic Opportunity.

This poster from Florida Health provides awareness about Employee Health, encouraging employees to stay home when they are sick.

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SEND >>> Salmonella*SICK >>> ShigellaEMPLOYEES >>> E. coliHOME >>> Hepatitis ANOW >>> NorovirusAny associate displaying the following symptoms cannot work with or around food:PIC: For additional information, refer to the decision charts on the back of this document* Nontyphoidal Salmonella and Typhoid fever (Salmonella Typhi)Employee HealthAny associate diagnosed with or exposed to the following cannot report or return to work until authorized by a Health Practitioner or the Person In Charge (PIC):SENDSICKEMPLOYEESHOMENOW[Diarrhea]If they are presenting any of the following:[Jaundice][Sore Throat with Fever][Vomiting][Unprotected & Infected Wounds]

2-201.11/2-201.12 Decision Tree 1 and 2Key: (HSP) Highly Susceptible Population; (Gen. Pop.) General Population; (V) Vomiting; (J) Jaundice; (D) Diarrhea;(ST with F) Sore Throat with Fever ; (EHEC) Enterohemorrhagic E. coli; (STEC) Shiga toxin - producing E. Coli; (HAV) Hepatitis A Virus.  (NTS) = Nontyphoidal SalmonellaAdditional information can be found in Annex 3 of the FDA Food Code (2.201.11/2.201.12).EMPLOYEE HEALTH DECISION TREEIs the Food Employee reporting listed symptoms?Is the Food Employee reporting listed symptoms?If reporting a diagnosis with Hepatitis A virus, NTS, or typhoid feverIf reporting a diagnosis with Shingellosis, Norovirus, EHEC/STEC and symptoms of V or DIs the Food Employee reporting diagnosis with infection due to …Is the employee reporting exposure to Norovirus, E. Coli O157:H7 or other STEC/EHEC, HAV, Shigella, or Typhoid Fever (S. Typhi)?Educate on symptoms; reinforce requirement to report listed symptoms; ensure compliance with good hygienic practices, hand washing, and no bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food.Symptoms of  V,J,DS. Typhi or Hepatitus A Virus?Shigella sop. or EHEC?Norovirus?Symptoms of  infected wound or cutSymptoms of  ST with FYe sNoYe sYe sNoNoNo Action NecessaryNoYe sNTSYe sNo(exposure only)RestrictYe sNoHSPHSPHSPHSPExcludeExcludeExcludeExcludeExcludeExcludeExcludeRestrictRestrictRestrictRestrictRestrictGen Pop(Non-HSP)Gen Pop(Non-HSP)Gen Pop(Non-HSP)Gen Pop(Non-HSP)

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