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The Minimum Wage Poster is a labor law posters poster by the Florida Department Of Economic Opportunity. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Florida, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This Florida poster describes what the minimum wage is for tipped and untipped employees and rights employees have to protect their right to get at least the minimum wage.

As of September 30th, 2022, all Florida employees (excluding tipped) must be paid no less than $11.00 per hour. Tipped employees must be paid no less than $7.98 per hour along with tips.

The notice details how the Florida Minimum Wage will be raised by $1.00 per year with a target of $15.00 per hour in 2026. From 2027 on, the Consumer Price Index may increase the minimum wage rate based on its yearly recalculation. It is also noted how employees may file a complaint should an employer retaliate against this law.

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N o t i c e   t o   E m p l o y e	e	s	 	
M i n i m u m   W a g e   i n   F l o r i d a	 	
Effective  September  30,  202	2,  the  Florida  minimum  wage  will  be  $	11	.00 	
per  hour,  with  a  minimum  wage  of  at  least  $	7.98  per  hour  for  tipped 	
employees, in addition to tips	, through September 29, 202	3. 	
On November 3, 2020, Florida voters approved a 	state 	constitutional 	
amendment 	to gradually increase	 the state's minimum wage 	each year	 until 	
reaching $15	.00	 per hour 	on September 	30, 	2026.  	On September 30, 	2022	, 	
Florida’s mini	mum wage will increase to $1	1.00 per hour. Each year 	
thereafter, Florida’s 	m	inimum 	w	age will increase by $1.00 until the 	m	inimum 	
w	age reaches $15.00 per hour on 	Sept	ember	 30, 2026.	  Resuming in	 2027, the 	
minimum wage will be adjusted annually for inflation.	 	
An  employer  may  not  retaliate  against  an	 employee  for  exercising  his  or  her 	
right  to	 receive  the  minimum  wage. 	 Rights  protected  by	 the  State 	of  Florida 	
Constitution include the right to:	 	
▪ 	Fil	e  a  complaint  about  an  employer’s  alleged  noncompliance  with  lawful	 	
minimum wage requirements.	   	
▪ 	Inform any person about an employer’s alleged noncompliance with lawful 
minimum wage requirements.	 	
▪ 	Inform any person of his or her potential rights under Secti	on 24, Article X 	
of the State Constitution and to assist 	the individual	 in asserting such rights.	 	
An  employee  who  has  not  received  the  lawful  minimum  wage  after  notifying 
his or her employer and giving the employer 15 days to resolve any claims for 
unpaid wages may bring a civil action in a court of law against an employer to 
recover back wages plus damages and attorney’s fees.	 	
An  employer  found  liable  for  intentionally  violating  minimum	 	wage 	
requirements is subject to a fine of $1,000 per violation,	 payable to the 	State	. 	
The Attorney General	, or other official designated by the Legislature	, may bring 	
a civil action to enforce the minimum wage.	 	
For 	additional 	details,  see  Section 24, Article X of  the  State 	of Florida 	Constitution	, and 	
section 	448.110, Florida Statutes.

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