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The Reemployment Assistance Fraud Notice is a labor law posters poster by the Florida Department Of Economic Opportunity. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Florida, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster is mandatory for any employer who obtains benefits from Reemployment Assistance. It serves as a notice to employees about Florida's reemployment anti-fraud laws and lists the penalties if someone commits anti-fraud.

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[Type text]	 	
W	h	a	t is 	
R	ee	mp	lo	y	m	e	n	t 	
Assistance 	F	ra	ud	?	 	
If you 	think	 you	 m	ay 	
have co	mm	itted	 R	A	 	
fr	aud,	 let	 us he	lp you 	
to add	ress 	the 	issue.	 	
D	on’t de	lay	 – ask a 	
R	A	 rep	resen	tative 	for	 	
he	lp 	toda	y. 	
D	id you k	now	? 	
If you knowingly collec	t bene	fits bas	ed 	on fals	e or inacc	urate 	
information tha	t you intentiona	lly provided when claiming your 	
benefits	, you are 	comm	itting fraud	. Re	emplo	ymen	t Assistance 	
frau	d is punis	hab	le by law an	d viola	tors could fac	e a nu	mbe	r of 	
ser	ious pen	alties an	d consequ	enc	es. 	
Exam	ple	s of RA frau	d could inc	lude:	 	
• 	An 	ind	ividua	l returns to work but continue	s to collec	t RA 	
bene	fits. 	
• 	An 	ind	ividua	l works a pa	rt-tim	e job bu	t doe	s no	t repo	rt his or 	
he	r ea	rning	s to the state, the	reb	y collec	ting more 	bene	fits than 	
he or she 	is all	owed. 	
• 	An 	ind	ividua	l performs tem	po	rary work while collec	ting R	A 	
bene	fits, bu	t doe	s no	t repo	rt the ea	rnings when filin	g his or her 	
week	ly claim. 	
• 	An 	ind	ividua	l hold	s ba	ck information or gives false information 	
to the state R	A agency	. 	
If you co	mm	it RA fraud	, the	n you 	could face a variety of 	
ser	ious pen	alties	. Thes	e inc	lude: 	
• 	Pr	os	ecution by governmen	t au	tho	rities	. 	
• 	Poss	ible jail or prison sentenc	es	. 	
• 	Rep	aying the R	A bene	fits collec	ted	, plu	s pe	nalties an	d fines	. 	
• 	Forfeiting future 	federal 	inc	om	e tax refunds	. 	
• 	Lo	sing elig	ibility to collec	t RA bene	fits until all debts have been	 	
 	repaid	. 	  
Anyone who collec	ts Reem	plo	ym	en	t Assistance 	bene	fits is legal	ly 	
res	pons	ible for mak	ing sure 	he or she 	foll	ows the r	equi	remen	ts set 	
by state law. Failu	re 	to foll	ow the r	ules can r	es	ult in ser	ious 	
cons	equenc	es. 	
ASSISTANCE	 AGENCY BY CA	LL	ING 1-800	-342	-99	09 	O	R VISIT:	 	
www.floridajobs.org/job	-seekers	-community	-services

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