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The Safety and Health Protection on the Job is a job safety law poster by the California Department Of Industrial Relations. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in California, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster talks about rights that employees have such as complying with all workplace safety and health standards, rights of employees when workplace hazards exist and a right to employees to not be discriminated against or retaliated against should they choose to report unsafe and/or unhealthful conditions.

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State of  California  
Department  of  Industrial  Relations   California law provides workplace safety and health protections for w
orkers through regulations  enforced by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA	
 ). This 
poster explains some basic requirements and procedures to comply with the state’s workplace safety and health standards and orders. The law requires that this poster be 

 Failure to do so could result in a substantial penalty. Cal/OSHA standards can be found at  	
All employers must provide work and workplaces that are safe and healthful. In 
other words, as an employer, you must follow state laws governing job safety and 
health. Failure to do so can result in a threat to the life or health of workers, and 
substantial monetary penalties. 
You must display this poster in a conspicuous  place  where notices to employees are 
customarily posted so everyone on the job can be aware of basic rights and 
You must have a written and effective I njury and Illness Prevention  Program (IIPP) 
meeting the requirements of California Code of Regulations, title 8, section 3203 
( . 
You must be aware of hazards your employees face on the job and keep records 
showing that each employee has been trained in the hazards unique to each job 
You must correct any hazardous condition that you know may result in injury to 
employees. Failure to do  so could result in criminal charges, monetary penalties, and 
even incarceration.  
You must notify  a local  Cal/OSHA  district  office of any serious injury or illness , or death, 
occurring on the job. Be sure to do this immediately after calling for emergency help to 
assist the injured employee. Failure to report a serious injury or illness, or death,  within 
8 hours can result in a minimum civil penalty of  $5,000.  
Never permit  an  employee  to do  work  that  violates  Cal/OSHA  workplace safety and 
health regulations . 
Never permit an employee to be exposed to harmful substances without providing 
adequate  protection.  
Never allow an untrained employee to perform hazardous  work.  
As an employee, you (or someone acting for you) have the right to file a  confidential 
complaint and request an inspection of your workplace if you believe conditions there 
are unsafe or unhealthful. This is done by contacting the local Cal/OSHA  district office  
(see list of offices). Your name is not revealed by Cal/OSHA, unless you request 
You also have the right to bring unsafe or unhealthful conditions to the attention of the 
Cal/OSHA investigator inspecting  your workplace.  
Any employee has  the right to refuse to perform work that would violate an occupational 
safety or health standard or order where such violation would create a real and apparent 
hazard to the employee or other employees.  
You may not be fired or punished in any way for filing a complaint about unsafe or 
unhealthful working conditions , or  for otherwise exercising your rights to a safe and 
healthful workplace. If	
 you feel that you have been fired or punished for exercising your 
rights, you may file a complaint about this type of dis crimination by contacting the 
nearest office of the California  Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor 
Standards Enforcement (Labor Commissioner ’s Office) or the San Francisco office of the 
U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. (Employees 
of state or local government agencies may only file these complaints with the California 
Labor Commissioner’s Office.) Consult your local telephone directory for the office 
nearest you.  	
To keep  the workplace  and your  coworkers  safe,  you  should  tell  your  employer  about any  
hazard  that could  result in  an  injury  or  illness  to  an employee . 
While working, you must always obey state workplace  safety and health laws.	

Employers who use any  substance that is listed as a hazardous substance in 
California Code of	

 R egulations, title 8, section 339 (,  or 
 covered by the Hazard Communication standard ( 
 provide employees  information on the hazardous chemicals  in their work areas, 
access to safety data sheets, and training on how to use hazardous chemicals  safely. 
Employers shall make available on a timely and reasonable basis a safety data sheet 

each hazardous substance in the workplace upon request of an employee, an 
’s collective bargaining representative, or an employee’s physician. 
mployees have the right to see and copy their medical records and records of 
exposure to potentially toxic materials or  harmful physical agents. 
mployers must allow ac c	ess by employees or their representatives to accurate 
 of employee exposures to potentially toxic materials  or harmful physical 
 and notify  employees of any exposures in concentration or levels exceeding 
the exposur	
e limits allowed by Cal/OSHA  standards. 
 employee or their representative has the right to observe monitoring or 
measuring of employ ee exposure to hazards conducted to comply with Cal/OSHA 


A trained Cal/OSHA  safety engineer or industrial hygienist may  visit the workplace to 
make sure your	

 company is obeying workplace safety and health laws. 

 are also conducted when an employee files a valid complaint with 

Cal/OSHA also goes  on-site to	
  the workplace to investigate a serious injury or illness, 
When an inspection begins, the Cal/OSHA investigator will show official identification. 
The employer, or someone the employer chooses, will be given an opportunity to 
ac company the investigator during the inspection. An authorized representative of the 

 will be given the same opportunity. Where there is no authorized 
employee representative,	

 the investigator will talk to a reasonable number of 
employees about safety and health conditions at the workplace. 


If the investigation shows that the employer has violated a safety and health standard 

 order, Cal/OSHA may issue a citation. Each citation carries a m onetary penalty 

d specifies a date by which the violation must be abated. A notice, which carr ies no 

 penalty, may  be issued in lieu of a citation for certain non-s erious	
P enalty amounts depend in part on the classification of the violation as regulatory, 
  serious, repeat, or willful;  and whether the employer failed to abate a 

 violation involving the same hazardous condition. Base penalty amounts, 

 adjustment fac tors, and minimum  and maximum penalty amounts  are set forth 
in California Code of	

 Regulations, ti tle 8, section 336 ( 
In addition,	

 a willful violation that causes  death or permanent impairment of the body 

 any employee can result, upon conviction, in a fine of up to $250,000 or 
imprisonment up to three years, or both, and if the employer is a corporation or limited 
liability company, the fine may be up to $1.5 million. 
The law provides that employers may appeal citations within 15 working days of 
receipt to the Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board. 
An employer who receiv es a citation, Order to Take Special Action, or Special Order 
m ust post it prominently at or near the place of the violation for three working days, or 

 the unsafe condition is corrected, whichever is longer, to warn employees of 

 that may exist there. Any employee may protest the time allowed for 
orrection of the violation to the Division of Occupational Safety and Health or  the 
Oc cupational Safety and Health Appeals B oard. 

To learn more about workplace safety rules, you may contact Cal/OSHA Consultation Services for free information, required forms, and publications. You can also contact a local 

t office of Cal/OSHA. If you prefer, you may retain a competent private consultant, or  ask your workers’ compensation insurance carrier for guidance in obtaining information. 	
Call the FREE Worker Information Helpline – (866)  924 -9757  	
HEADQUARTERS:  1515  Clay Street, Ste.  1901,  Oakland, CA 94612 –  Telephone (510) 286 -7000	
District  Offic es 
American Canyon	 3419 Broadway St., Ste. H8, American Canyon 94503	 	(707) 649	-3700	
Bakersfield	 	7718 Meany Ave., Bakersfield 93308	 	(661)	588	-6400	
Foster	 City	 	1065 East Hillsdale Bl., Ste. 110, Foster City 94404	 	(650)	573	-3812	
Fremont	 	39141 Civic Center Dr., Ste. 310, Fremont	 94538	 	(510)	794	-2521	
Fresno	 	2550 Mariposa St., Rm. 4000, Fresno	 93721	 	(559)	445	-5302	
Long Beach	 	3939 Atlantic Ave., 	Ste. 212, Long Beach 90807	 	(562)	506	-0810	
Los	 Angeles	 	320 West Fourth St., Rm. 820, Los Angeles 90013	 	(213)	576	-7451	
Modesto	 	4206 Technology Dr., Ste. 3, Modesto	 95356	 	(209)	545	-7310	
Monrovia	 	800 Royal Oaks Dr., Ste. 105, Monrovia	 91016	 	(626)	239	-0369	
Oakland	 	1515 Clay St., Ste. 1303, Box 41, Oakland 94612	 	(510)	622	-2916	
Redding	 	381 Hemsted Dr., Redding	 96002	 	(530)	224	-4743	
Sacramento	 	2424 Arden Way, Ste. 160, Sacramento	 95825	 	(916)	263	-2800	
San	 Bernardino	 	464 West Fourth St., Ste. 332, San Bernardin	o 92401	 	(909)	 383	-4321	
San Diego	 	7575 Metropolitan Dr., Ste. 207, San Diego	 92108	 	(619)	 767	-2280	 	
San	 Francisco	 	455 Golden Gate Ave., Rm. 9516, San Francisco	 94105	 (415)	 557	-0100	 	
Santa Ana	 	2000 E. McFadden Ave., Ste. 122, Santa Ana 92705	 	(714)	 558	-4451	 	
Van Nuys	 	6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Ste. 405, Van Nuys 91401	 	(818)	 901	-5403	 	
Regional  Offices
San Francisco	 	
455 Golden Gate Ave., Rm 9516, San Francisco	 94102	 (415)	 557	-0300	 	
Sacramento	 	2424 Arden Way Ste. 300, Sacramento	 95825	 	(916)	 263	-2803	 	
Santa Ana	 	200	0 E. McFadden Ave. Ste. 119, Santa Ana 92705	 	(714)	 558	-4300	 	
Monrovia	 	750 Royal Oaks Dr., Ste. 105, Monrovia 91016	 	(626)	 470	-9122	  Enforcement of Cal/OSHA workplace safety and h
ealth standards is carried out by the Division of Occupational Safety and He alth, under the California Department of Industrial Relations, which has 
primary responsibility for administering the Cal/OSHA program. Safety and health standards are promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board. Anyone desiring to re gister a 
complaint alleging inadequacy in the administration of the California Occupational Safety and Health Plan may do so by contacting the San Francisco Regional Office of the Occupational Safety 
and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Department of Labor Tel: (415) 625-25 47. OSHA monitors the operation of state plans to assure that continued approval is merited.               November 2017 	
Cal OSHA Consultation Services	 	
Field	 / Area	 Offices	 	
 •Fresno	 / Central	 Valley	 	2550 Mariposa Mall, Rm. 2005
Fresno 93721	 	
(559)	445	-6800	 	
•La Palma	 / Los Angeles	 /	Orange County	1 Centerpointe Dr., Ste. 150	 	
La Palma 90623	 	
(714) 562	-5525	 	
•Oakland/ Bay Area	1515 Clay St., Ste 1103	 	
Oakland 94612	 	
(510) 622	-2891	 	
•Sacramento	 /	
Northern CA	
2424 Arden Way, Ste. 410	 	
Sacramento 95825	 	
(916	) 263	-0704	 	
•San Bernardino	464 West Fourth St., Ste. 339	 	
San Bernardino 92401	 	
(909) 383	-4567	 	
•San Diego	 /	
Imperial County	
7575 Metropolitan Dr., Ste. 204	 	
San Diego 92108	 	
(619) 767	-2060	 	
•San Fernando Valley	6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Ste. 307	 	
Van Nuy	s 91401 	
(818) 901	-5754	 	
Consultation Region Office	 	
•Fresno	 	550 Mariposa Mall, Rm. 3014	 	
Fresno 93721  	
(559) 445	-6800

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