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The Minimum Wage Poster is a labor law posters poster by the California Department Of Industrial Relations. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in California, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted next to the establishment's IWC or the Industry Occupation Order. As of 2022, businesses with 26 or more employees must pay their workers no less than $15.00 per hour, or $14.00 per hour for any smaller businesses. The poster also displays the history of previous rates in the state of California. This ordinance does not apply to outside salespersons or individuals who are directly related to the employer (includes spouses). It also displays a table listing the meal and lodging rates as part of the minimum wage obligation. The poster includes information on the separability of provisions as well.

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Amend s Genera  l   PL
    	California Minimum  Wage  	
MW-2 021 	
EFF	ECTIV	E D	ATE 	Employ	ers with 	25	 or Fewer	 Emp	loyees	* 	Emp	loyers with 2	6 or More	 Employ	ees * 	
January 1, 2	021	 	$13	.00	 	$14	.00	 	
January 1, 2022	 	$14	.00	 	$1	5.00	 	
January 1, 2023	 	$15.00	 	$15.00	 	
January 1, 2020	 	$12	.00	 	$13.00	 	
* Employees treated as employed by a single qualified taxpayer pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 23626 are treated  as employees of that single taxpayer. To 
emp loyers and representatives of persons working in industries and occupations in the Sta te of California: 
T A KE NOTIC E that on  April 4, 2016, the  Governor of California si gned legis lat ion  passed  by the Cal iforn ia L egisl ature , ra is ing t he minimum wag e for a ll ind ustries . (S B 3 , 
S ta ts o f 2

016, amend ing section 118 2.1 2. of the Cal ifornia Labor Cod e.)  Pur suant to its  authority  und er  Labo r Code sec ti on  1182 .13, t he D epartm ent  of I ndustria l R ela tions 
a m ends  and r epublishes Sect io n s  2, 3,  and  5 of the Gen era l Mi nimum Wag e Orde r, MW -20 19. Sec ti o n 1, Applica bility, a nd Section  4,  Se para bility,  have not  been ch an ged . 
C onsiste nt with t his  enactmen t, amendm ents  are mad e to the mi nimu m wage,  and the m eals an d lodgi ng cred its sect ions of a ll of the  IWC's  ind ustry a nd occup ation or ders . 
Thi s summary must  be made available to employees i n acco rdance  with the IWC's wag e orders . Copies of the fu ll text of the amended wage orders may be o btai ned by 
 nloading on li n e at
 o r  b	y  contacting you r local Division of  Labor Standards Enforcement office.  	
The  provisions  of this O rde r shall  not app ly to  outs ide salespers ons  and  individuals who are the parent, spouse , or  child ren of t he employer  previous ly  conta ined in th is  Order 
  the  IWC's  in dust ry and  occu pation orders.  Exceptions and  m odifications  provided  by  statute  or  i n  Section 1,  Applicabil ity ,  and  in  other sect ions of the IWC's i ndustry 
and oc cupa tion orders may be used whe re any suc h prov isions are en forceab le and app lic ab le  to  the  em ploye r. 
2.  	M INIMUM W AG  E S 
E very employe r shall pay to each employee wages n ot l ess  than those stated above, on each  effective date, per hour for all  ho urs  wo rked.  	
W hen  credit  for meals  or lodging is  used  to meet part of the employer 's minimum  wage obligation, the a mounts so credited  pursuant  to a voluntary written agreement may not be 
 e than t he follow ing  	
 	EFFECTIVE:	 	JANUARY 1, 20	20 	JANUARY 1, 202	1 	JANUARY 1, 202	2 	JANUARY 1, 202	3 	
For an 	employer who employs:	 	26 or More Employees  	25 or Fewer Employees 	26 or More Employees 	25 or Fewer Employees 	26 or More Employees 	25 or Fewer Employees 	All Employers regardless of number of Employees  	LODGING	 	
Room occupied alone 	$61.13	 	/week	 	$56.43 	 	/week	 	$65.83	 	/week	 	$61.13	 	/week	 	$70.53	 	/week	 	$65.83	 	/week	 	$70.53	 	/week	 	
Room shared 	$50.46 	 	/week	 	$46.58	 	/week	 	$54.34	 	/week	 	$50.46	 	/week	 	$58.22	 	/week	 	$54.34	 	/week	 	$58.22	 	/week	 	Apartment 	? two thirds (2/3) of the 	ordinary rental value, and in no event  more than:	 	
$734.21	 	/month	 	$677.75	 	/month	 	$790.67	 	/month	 	$734.21	 	/month	 	$847.12	 	/month	 	$790.67	 	/month	 	$847.12	 	/month	 	
Where a couple are both employed by the employer, two thirds (2/3) of the ordinary  rental value, and in no event more than:	 	
$1086.07	 	/month	 	$1002.56	 	/month	 	$1169.59	 	/month	 	$1086.07	 	/month	 	$1253.10	 	/month	 	$1169.59	 	/month	 	$1253.10	 	/month	 	
Breakfast 	$4.70	 	$4.34	 	$5.06	 	$4.70	 	$5.42	 	$5.06	 	$5.42	 	Lunch	 	$6.47	 	$5.97	 	$6.97	 	$6.47	 	$7.47	 	$6.97	 	$7.47	 	Dinner	 	$8.68	 	$8.01	 	$9.35	 	$8.68	 	$10.02	 	$9.35	 	$10.02	 	
 	Meals or lodg ing may not be c redited aga inst t he  mi nimum wage w ithou t a voluntary wr itten agreement between  the emp loyer and t he em ployee . When  credit fo r meals  or 
l odging  is used to  meet part of the emp loyer's  min imum wage ob li gation, the amounts so  cred ited  may not be m ore than the amoun ts stated  in the t able above . 
If  the app lication  of an y p rovision of th is Order , or  any section, subsection, subdivi sion, sente nce,  clause,  phrase, word or port ion of th is O rde r should be he ld  invali d, 
 onst itut iona l, unauthor ized,  or prohib ited by statute, t he re m aini ng p rovisions thereof  shall  not be affected thereby, but s hall  co ntinue  to be given fu ll  fo rce  and effe ct as  if 
t h e pa rt so held  invalid  or unconstit utio nal had not  been in cluded herein.  
Th is Order amends the m inimu m wage and m eals and lo dging cred its  in MW -201 9, as wel l as in the IWC’s industry and occupation orders . (See  Orders  1-15, Secs . 4 and 10; 
  Orde r 16, Secs . 4 and 9 .) This Orde r ma kes no other changes t o the IWC’s industry and occupation orders . 
These Am en d ments to the Wage Orders shall be in effect as of Jan uary 1 , 2021 . 	
Q ue stion s abou t enforcemen t sho uld  be  dir ected to th e Labor  Commiss ione r's Office . For  the address a nd tel eph one n umbe r of the office nea res t yo u, i nfo rmat ion can be fo und 
on th e in tern et a t	 o r  under  a search  for “ Cali forni a Labor Comm issi oner's O ffice” o n th e int ernet  or any ot her directory.  The La bor Commissioner 
h as offices i n	  t h e f ollow ing cities : Ba kers field,  El Ce ntro, Fresno,  Long Beach, Los  Angeles,  Oak la n d , R edding, Sacram ento, Sa lin as, San  Berna rd in o, San Die go, San Francisco, 
S an  Jose, Santa A na, Santa Barbar a, Santa Rosa,  Stockton, and Va	n Nuys.

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