California Free Printable General Labor Law Poster Posters California Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Order #3 Canning, Freezing, and Preserving Industry Poster

The Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Order #3 Canning, Freezing, and Preserving Industry is a general labor law poster poster by the California Department Of Industrial Relations. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including employers in the canning, freezing, and preserving industry.

This poster, written in Spanish, must be posted in a conspicuous place where all Spanish speaking employees will see it for any Canning, freezing, and preserving Industry employers. This poster describes the standards and laws that must be followed in the Canning, freezing, and preserving industry.

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ORDER NO. 3- 2001 
Ef fective Ja nua ry 1, 2001 as amended 
Sections 4(A) and 10(C) amended and republ ished by t	he Depart ment of Industrial 
Relations, ef	
fe ct	ive January 1, 2017, pursuant to SB 3, C hapter 4,Statutes of 2016 and 
 section 1182.13  of the Labor Code  
This O rder M ust	
 Be P osted Where E mployees Can R ead It Easily  IWC 
FORM  1103 (Rev.  12/2016) 	

SP 06 98761

language, as well as  in  English,  if at  least  five  (5)  percent  of  the  affected  employees  prima rily  speak  that  non- English  language . 
The  empl oyer shall  mail the wr itten disclosure  to employees  who  do not attend the meeting. F ailure to comply with this para graph 
shall ma ke the election  null and v oid. 
(4) Any  election  to esta blish  or  repeal  an  alter native  workw eek schedule  shall be  held  at  the  work  site of  the  affect	

ploy ees.  The empl oyer shall  bear the  costs  of  conducting  any  election held pursuant  to this  section.  Upon  a complaint   by an 
af fected  employee,  and after an  inv estigation  by  the labor  commissione r, the  labor  commissioner   may require  the empl oyer to 
select a neut ral third par ty to conduct the election.  
(5) Any  type  of alter native  workw eek schedule  that is autho rized  by  the Labor  Code  may  be repealed  by  the affect	

ploy ees.  Upon  a petition  of one- third  (1/3) of  the  affected  employees, a new  secret ballot election  shall be  held  and a two- thirds 
(2/3)   vote  of the  affected  employees  shall  be  required  to  rev erse the  alter native  workw eek schedul e. The  election  to  repeal  the 
alter native workw eek schedule  shall be  held  not more  than  30 da ys after  the  petition  is submitted  to the  empl oyer, e xcept that the 
election shall be held not less than 12 months after the date that the same  group of empl oyees  voted in an election held to adopt 
or  repeal  an  alter native  workw eek schedul e. The  election  shall  take  place  dur ing  regular   working hours  at  the  empl oyees’  wor k 
sit e.  If the  alter native  workweek  schedule  is  revoked, the  empl oyer shall  comply  within  60  days.  Upon proper  sh owing  of  undue 
hardshi p, the Division of Labor Standards Enf orcement may  gr ant an e xtension of time  for complianc e. 
(6) Only  s	
ecret  ballots may be cast  by affected  employees  in  the work  unit at  any  election  held  pursuant  to this  section.
The  results  of any election  conducted pursuant to this  section shall be repor ted by the employer to the  Office of Policy, Research 
and  Legislation  within 30  da ys after  the  results  are  final,  and the report  of election  results  shall  be  a  public document.  The 
repor t shall include the final tally of the  vot e, the si ze of the unit, and the nature of the  business of the empl oyer. 
(7)  Empl oyees  af fected by a  change in the work  hours resulting  from  the  adoption  of an  alter native workw eek schedule ma	

 be required to  work those ne w wor k hours f or at least 30 da ys after the announcement of the final results of the election.  
(8) Empl oyers  shall  not  intimidate  or coerce  employees  to   v ote  either  in  support  of or  in  opposition  to  a  proposed
alternati ve  workw eek. No empl oyees  shall  be  discharged  or discr iminated  against  for   e xpressing  opinions  conce rning  the 
alter native  workw eek election  or for  opposing  or suppor ting its adoption  or repeal.  However,  nothing in this  section  shall  prohibit  
an  empl oyer  from  expressing  his/her  position  concerning  that  alternative workw eek to  the  affected  employees. A  violation  of this  
para graph  shall be subject to Labor Code Section 98  et 
(D) On
e and	
one- half (1	1/2) times  a minor ’s regular  rate  of pay  shall be  paid  for  all  work ov er 40  hours  in  any workw eek except
minors 16 or 17  years old who are not required  by l aw to attend school and m ay theref ore be empl oyed  for the same hours as an 
adult are subject to subsection (A) or (B) and (C) above.  (VIOL ATIONS  OF  CHILD  LABOR  LA WS are  subject  to civil  penalties  of  from  $500  to  $10,000  as  w ell as  to  cr iminal  
pen alties.  Refer  to  Cali fornia  Labor  Code  Sections  1285  to  1312  and  1390  to  1399  for  additional  restr ictions  on  the 
empl oyment  of  minors  and  for  desc riptions  of  cr iminal  and  civil  penalties  for  violation  of the  child  labor  laws.  Employers  
should ask school dist ricts about an y required wor k permits.)  
(E) An empl oyee  may  be empl oyed  on sev en (7) wor kdays  in  one workw eek when  the  total  hours  of  empl oyment  during suc	

orkw eek do not  exceed 30 and the total hours of empl oyment in an y one workday thereof do not  exceed six (6).  
(F) If dur ing any wor kday  an  empl oyer declares  a work recess of  one- half (1/2)  hour  or  mor e, other  than  a meal  per iod,  and
the  empl oyer notifies  the  empl oyees  of  the  time  to report  back for work  and permits  them  to  le ave  the premises,  such recess  need 
not  be  treated  as hours   worked provided  that there  shall  not  be  more  than two  (2) such  recess  per iods  within  one shift  and  the 
total  dur ation  does not   exceed  two  (2) hour s. Work  stoppages  of  less  than  one-half (1/2)  hour   may  not be  deducted  from hours 
work ed. 
(G) If  	
a  meal per iod  occurs  on  a  shift beginning  or ending  at or  bet ween  the  hours  of  10  p .m. and  6  a.m.,  facilities  shall be
av aila ble  for  secu ring  hot  food  and dr ink or  for  heating f ood or  dr ink,  and a  suitable sheltered  place shall be  provided  in which  to 
consume such  food or dr ink. 
(H) The  pr ovisions  of Labor  Code  Sections  551  and 552 regarding  one (1)  day’s  rest in   sev en (7)  shall  not  be  constr ued 	

v ent  an  accu mulation  of da ys of  rest  when  the nature  of the  empl oyment  reasonab ly requires  the  empl oyee  to work sev en (7) 
or  more  consecuti ve days; pr ovided,  however,  that in each  calendar  month,  the empl oyee  shall  recei ve the  equi valent  of one  (1) 
day’ s rest in s even (7).  
(I) The pr ovisions of  this section are not applicab le to employees whose hours of ser vice are regulated by:
(1) The  United  States Depar tment  of  Tr anspor tation Code of  F eder al Regulations,  Title 49,  Sections  395.1  to 395.13,
Hours of Ser vice of Drivers;  or  
(2) Title  13  of the  California  Code  of  Regulations,  subchapter 6.5,  Section  1200 and the  foll owing  section s, regulating
hours of driv ers. 
(J) Except  as pr ov
 ided in subsections  (D)  and  (H), this  section  shall not  apply  to any  employee  cov ered by a v alid collecti v	e	

gaining  ag reement if  the   ag reement   expressly  pr ovides   for  the  w ages,  hours of   wor k, and  wor king conditions  of  the  
empl oyees,  and if the  ag reement  pr ovides  premium   wage  r ates  for  all   over time hours   worked and  a  regular  hour ly  rate  of  pay 
f or  those empl oyees of not less than 30 percent more than the state mini mum  wage. 
(K) Notwithstanding  subsection (J) above,  where the empl oyer and   a labor  organization  representing  employees  of  the
em ploy er  have  entered  into  a  v alid collective  bargaining  ag reement per taining  to the  hours  of   work  of the  empl oyees,  the 
requirement  regarding  the equi valent  of  one  (1)  day’s  rest in   sev en (7)  (see  subsection  (H) abov e) shall  appl y, unless  the 
ag reement  expressly pr ovides otherwis e. 
(L) If an  empl oyer appr oves   a  wr itten request  of an  empl oyee  to  ma ke up  work  time that  is or  w ould  be  lost  as   a  result  of 	

sonal  obligation  of the  empl oyee,  the hours  of  that  makeup work  time, if per formed  in  the  same  workw eek in  which  the work  time 
w as  lost, may  not be  counted toward  computing  the total  number  of  hours  worked in a day f or pu rposes  of  the over time require - 
ment s, except f or hours  in  excess  of 11  hours  of  work  in one  (1) day  or 40  hours  of  work  in one  (1) workw eek. If an  empl oyee  knows 
in  adv ance  that he/she  will be requesting  makeup  time for  a  personal  obligation  that will recur  at  a  fixed  time  over a succession  of  	

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