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California Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters California Notice to Employees - Paid Time Off to Vote Poster

 Notice to Employees - Paid Time Off to Vote PDF

The Notice to Employees - Paid Time Off to Vote is a labor law posters poster by the California Department Of Industrial Relations. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including all employers, for at least 10 days before every statewide election.

California's Elections Code section 14001 requires that all employees be provided with paid time off to vote if they do not have sufficient time after working hours to do so.

The law requires that all employers conspicuously post this notice in their place of work no less than ten days before every statewide election.

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If you are scheduled to be at work 
during that time and you do not have 
sufficient time outside of working 
hours to vote at a statewide election, 
California law allows you to take up 	 	
to two hours off to vote, without 	 	
losing any pay.
You may take as much time as you 
need to vote, but only two hours of 
that time will be paid.
Your time off for voting can be only at 
the beginning or end of your regular 
work shift, whichever allows the most 
free time for voting and the least time 
off from your regular working shift, 
unless you make another arrangement 
with your employer.
If three working days before the 
election you think you will need time 
off to vote, you must notify your 
employer at least two working days 
prior to the election.

Employees are eligible for 
paid time off for the purpose 
of voting only if they do not 
have sufficient time outside 
of working hours to vote. 	 	
The intent of the law is to 
provide an opportunity to 
vote for workers who would 
not be able to do so because 
of their jobs.
Polls are open from 	 	
7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 	 	
each Election Day.
Employees can be given 	 	
as much time as they 	 	
need in order to vote, but 
only a maximum of two 	 	
hours is paid.
Employers may require 
employees to give advance 
notice that they will need 
additional time off for voting.
Employers may require 	 	
time off to be taken only at 
the beginning or end of the 
employee’s shift.	
State law (California Elections Code 
section 14001) requires employers to post 
a notice to their employees advising them 
of provisions for taking paid leave for the 
purpose of voting in statewide elections.
A sample of this notice has been printed 
on the opposite side of this page for your 
This notice must be posted conspicuously 
at the place of work, if practicable, or else-
where where it can be seen as employees 
come and go to their place of work, not 
less than 10 days before every statewide 
If you have any questions about this 	 	
notice or other election related informa-
tion, please contact the Secretary of State’s 
Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683).

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