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The Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Order #15 Household Occupation is a labor law posters poster by the California Department Of Industrial Relations. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including employers in the household occupation.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees of any California household occupation will see it. Employers can also request if they need this poster in another language. This poster describes the standards and laws that must be followed in the household occupation. Such laws include minimum wage rate, working overtime, holding records, and regulations for disabled workers.

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ORDER NO . 15 -2001 
Ef fec tive J anua ry 1 , 2002 a s amended 
Sections 4(A) and 10(C)  amended and republished  by 	
the Department of Industrial 
Relations, effective January 1, 2019, pursuant to  SB 3, Chapter 4, Statutes of 2016 and 
section 1182.13 of the Labor Code
This  Order Must Be Poste d 	
Where 	Employee s Can Rea d It Easily IWC FORM 1115 (Rev. 11/2018)
OSP 06 98773

00B2 1  •Please Post With This Side Showing	• 
Effective January 1, 2002  as amended	 
4(A) and 10(C)  amended  and republished  by the  Department  of Industrial 
Relations, effective J00440051005800440055005C0003 1, 201001C, pursuant  to 0036B 0016,  Chapter 0017,  Statutes of 2010019  and

ORD ER NO. 15-2 001 
 To employers  and representativ es of  persons working  in industries  and occupations  in the  State  of California: 
The  Department  of Industrial  Relations  amends  and republishes the minimum wage and meals  and lodging  credits  in the 
Industrial  Welfare  Commission 00B6s  Orders as a  result  of legislation  enacted  (0036B  0016,  Ch. 0017,  Stats  of 2010019,  amending  section 
1182.12  of  the  California  Labor  Code ),  and 005300580055005600580044005100570003 0057005200030056004800460057004C005200510003 1182.13  00520049 the  California  Labor Code.  The  amendments  and 
republishing make  no other changes to the IWC00B6s Orders. 1.
This order shall apply  to all persons employed in household occupations whether paid  on 	
 a time, piece rate, 	 commission, or
other basis, unless such occupation is performed for an industry covered by an industry order of this Commission, except that:  (A)Provisions  of Sections 3 through  12 of this order shall  not appl	
 y to persons employ ed in administr ative	 , ex ecutive,  or pr o- 
fessional capacities. The following requirements shall apply  in determining whether  an employ ee00B6s duties meet the test  to 	
for an ex emption from those sections:  (1) Executiv
e Exemption A person employed in an  executive capacity means any employee: (a) Whose duties 
and responsibilities inv olve  the  management  of the  enterpr ise in  which he/she  is employ ed or of  a

arily recogniz ed department or subdivision thereof;  and 
(b) Who customarily and regularly directs the work of two or more other employees therein;  and
(c) Who  has the  authority  to hire or fire  other  employ ees or  whose suggestions  and recommendations  as to  the  hi ring
or  fi ring  and as to  the  advancement  and prom	
 otion or any  other  change  of status  of other  employ ees will  be given  particular weight; 
d) Who customarily and regularly  exercises discretion and independent judgment;  and
(e) Who  is primar ily engaged  in  duties which meet  the test  of the  ex emption. The activities constituting  exempt wor k
and  non-ex empt work shall  be constr ued in  the  same manner  as such items are constr ued in the  following regulations  under the 
Fair  Labor  Standards Act  effective  as of  the  date  of this order:  29 C.F.R. Sections  541.102, 541.104- 111, and	
  541.115- 116. Exempt 
work shall include, f or example, all work  that is  directly  and closely related  to exempt work  and work which  is properly view ed  as a 

f or  carrying  out ex empt functions. The work actually  performed by  the employ ee during  the course  of the  wo	
 rkweek  must, 
first  and foremost,  be examined  and the a	
 mount of time the employ ee spends  on such wor k, together  with	  the  employ er00B6s realistic 
expectations  and the realistic requirements  of the  jo b, shall  be considered  in determ	
 ining whether the employ ee satisfies this  re- 
ement.  (f) Such an  employ ee  must  also  earn  a  monthly  salary  equivalent	
  to  no  less  than  two  (2)  times  the  s	 tate  minimum
w age for full-time employment. Full-time employment is defined in Labor Code Section 515(c) as 40 hours per week.  (2) Administr
ative E xemption. A person employed in an administr ative capacity means any employ ee:(a) Whose duties and responsibilities inv
olve either:
(i) The  performance  of  office  or non- manual   work  directly  related  to  management  policies  or gener al  business
operations of his employer or his/hers employ er00B6s customers;  or 
(ii) The  performance  of functions  in the  administration  of a school system,  or educational establishment  or institu- 
tion,  or of   a  department  or  subdivision  thereof,  in  work  directly  related  to the   academic  instruction  or  training  carried  on  therein; 

Who customarily and regularly  exercises discretion and independent judgment;  and
(c) Who regular ly and directly assists a proprietor,  or an employ ee employ ed in 	
 a bona 	fide  executive  or administr ative
capacity (as such terms are defined for purposes of this section);  or 
(d) Who performs under only general supervision work along specialized or technical lines requiring special training,
experience, or knowledge;  or 
(e) Who  executes under only general supervision special assignments and tasks;  and
(f) Who  is primar ily engaged  in   duties which meet  the test  of the  ex emption. The activities constituting  exempt  wor k
and  non-ex empt work shall  be constr ued in  the  same manner  as such  terms  are constr ued in the  following regulations  under the 
Fair  Labor  Standards Act  effective  as of  the  date  of this order  29 C.F.R. Sections  541.201-205,	
  541.207 -208, 541.210,  and 541.215.

00B2 2  Exempt work shall include, f
or example, all work  that is directly  and closely related  to exempt work  and work which  is properly vi ewed 
as  a means f or carrying  out exempt functions. The work actually  performed by  the employ ee during  the course  of  the  workweek 
must, first  and foremost,  be examined and the 	
 amount of time  the employ ee spends  on such wor k, together  wi	 th the employer00B6s 
realistic expectations and the realistic requirements of the job, shall be considered in determining whether the employee satisfies 
this requirement.  (g) Such employ ee must also earn	
  a monthly salary  equivalent  to no less  than two (2) times  the 	 state minimum wage
for full-time employment. Full-time employment is defined in Labor Code Section 515(c) as 40 hours per week.  (3) Professional Exemption A person employ
ed in a professional capacity means any employ ee who	
  meets all ofthe
 fol - lowing requirements:  (a) Who 
is licensed  or ce rtified by  the State  of California  and is  primar ily engaged  in  the  practice  of one  of the  following
recognized professions: law, medicine, dentistry, optometry, architecture, engineering, teaching, or accounting;  or 
(b) Who is  primarily engaged  in an occupation commonly recogniz ed as a lear ned	
  or artistic profession. F or the  pur- 
poses of this subsection,  00B3rned or artistic prof 00480056 means an employee who is primarily engaged in the performance of: 
(i) Work requiring  knowledge  of an  advanced type  in a	
  field or science  or learning customar ily acquired by a pro- 
longed course  of specializ ed intellectual instruction  and study, as distinguished from a  general academic education  and from an 
apprenticeship,  and from training  in the  per formance  of routine mental,  manual,  or physical processes,  or work  that is  an essential 
part of or necessarily incident to any of the abov e w	
 ork; or  
(ii) Work  that is original  and creative  in character  in a recogniz ed field of artistic  endea	
 vor  (as opposed  to work
which can  be produced by a person  endowed	
  with gener al ma nual  or  	 intellectual ability and training), and the result  of which de- 
pends  primar ily on the  invention, imagination, or  talent of the employ ee or  work that  is an essential pa rt of or necessar ily incident 
to a ny of the abov e work; and 
(iii) Whose work  is predominantly intellectual  and varied in character (as opposed  to routine mental,  manual, me- 
chanical,  or physical wor k) and  is of such character  that the  output  produced  or the  result accomplished cannot  be standardized 
in relation to a giv en period of time. 
(c) Who customar ily and  regular ly ex ercises  discretion  and  independent  judgment  in the  per formance  of  duties  set
forth in subpara graphs (a) and (b). 
(d) Who  earns a monthly salary  equiv	
 alent to no less  than two (2) times the state minim um 	 wage  for  full-time employ- 
ment.  (e) Subpara
graph (b)  above is 	
intended  to be constr ued in 	 accordance with  the following  provisions  of feder al law  as
they  existed  as of  the  date  of  this  order:  29  C.F.R. Sections  541.207, 541.301(a) -	
 (d), 541.302,  541.306,  541.307,  541.308,  and 
(f) Notwithstanding  the pr ovisions  of this subpara graph,  pharmacists employ ed to engage  in  the  	
 practice of pharmacy ,
and registered nurses employ ed to 	
engage  in the  practice  of nursing, shall  not be considered  exem	 pt professional employ ees, nor 
l  th ey  be  considered  exem	
 pt  from  coverage  for the  pu rposes  of  this  subpara graph  unless  they  individually  meet  the  criteria 
established for  exemption as  executive or administr ative employ ees. 

Subpara graph (f) above shall not apply to the following advanced practice nurses:
(i) Ce rtified  nurse  midwiv es  who  are  primar ily engaged  in   performing  duties  f or  which  certification  is  required
pursuant to Article 2.5 (commencing with Section 2746) of Chapter 6 of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code.  (ii)Certified nurse anesthetists who are primar ily engaged  in  per forming duties f or which ce rtification  is required
pursuant to Article 7 (commencing with Section 2825) of Chapter 6 of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code.  (iii)Certified nurse practitioners who are primar ily engaged  in  per forming duties f or which  certification  is required
pursuant to Article 8 (commencing with Section 2834) of Chapter 6 of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code. 
(iv) Nothing in this subpara graph shall  exempt  the occupations set for th in clauses (i), (ii), and (iii) from meeting
the  requirements of subsection 1(A)(3)(a)-(d) above. 
(h) Except,  as pr ovided  in subpara graph (i),  an employ ee in the  computer software field who  is 	
 paid on an  hour ly 	basis
shall be  exempt, if all of the following apply: 
(i) The employ ee is 	
primar ily engaged  in work  that is  intellectual  or creative  and requires the  exercise  of discretion
and independent judgment. 
(ii) The employee is primarily engaged in duties that consist of one or more of the following:00B1The application of systems analysis techniques and procedures , including consulting with users, to deter- 

ine hardw are, softw are, or system functional specifications. 
00B1 The design, development, documentation, analysis, creation, testing,  or modification  of computer systems
or pro gram s, including prototypes, based on and related to user or system design specifications. 
00B1 The documentation, testing, creation,  or modification  of computer pro grams related  to the design  of software
or hardware for computer operating systems.  (iii) The employee is highly skilled  and is proficient  in the  theoretical  and practical application  of highly specialized
in formation  to  computer  systems  analysis,  pro gramming,  and  software  engineering. A  job  title  shall  not be deter	
minative  of the 
applicability of this  exemption. 
(iv) The employ ee00B6s hourly rate of pay is not less than for ty-	
 one dollars ($41.00). The Office of Policy, Research
and  Legislation  shall  adjust  this  pay  r ate on  October  1  of  ea	
 ch  year to  be  effective  on	   January  1  of the   f	 ollowing  year  by  an 
 equal to the percentage increase in the California Consumer Price Inde x for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Work ers.*   * Pursuant 
to Labor   Code  section  515.5,  subdivision  (a)(4),  the  Office  of  Policy,  Research  and  Legislation,  Department  of
Industrial Relations,  has adjusted  the minim um hou rly  rate  of pay specified  in this subdivision  to be $49.77,  ef fective Jan uary 1,

This hour ly rate  of pay  is adjusted  on October 1  of eac	
 h year  to  be  effective  on 	 January  1, of the  	 following year, and 	may
be obtained  at www.dir or by mail from the Department of Industrial Relations.

00B2 3  (i) The 
exemption provided in subpara graph (h) does not apply to an employee if any of the following apply:
(i)  Th e employee is a trainee or employee in an entry-level position  who is learning to become proficient in  the theoreti- 
cal  and  practical application  of highly specialized information  to computer systems analysis, pro gramming,  and software engineering. 
(ii) The employee is in a computer-related occupation but has not attained the level of skill and expertise neces- 
sa ry to work independently and without close supervision. 
(iii) The  employ ee is  engaged  in the  ope ration  of  computers  or in  the  ma nufacture,  repair,  or  maintenance  of
computer hardware and related equipment.  (iv) The employee is an engineer, drafter, machinist, or  	
other professional whose work is  highly dependent upon
or   facilitated  by  the  use  of  computers  and  computer  software  pro grams  and  who  is  skilled  in  computer-aided  design  softw are, 
including CAD/CAM, but who is not in a computer systems analysis or pro gramming occupation. 
(v) The employee is a writer engaged in writing material, including box labels, product descriptions, documenta- 
tion, promotional material, setup  and installation instructions, and other  similar written  information, either f or print  or for  on screen 

edia  or who writes  or pr ovides content material intended  to be read by customers, subscribers,  or 	
 visitors to computer-related 
media such as the  World Wide Web or CD-R OMs. 
(vi) The  employ ee is	
 engaged  in  any  of the   activities  set  for th in   subpara graph  (h)  f or  the  purpose  of 	creating
imager y for effects used in the motion picture , television, or theatrical industry. 
(B) Except as  provided in  Sections 1, 2, 4, 10, and 15, the  provisions of  this order shall not apply to personal attendant s. The
pr ovisions of  this order shall  not apply to any person under the  age of 18 who  is employ ed as a	
 baby sitter f or a minor child of  the 
employer in the employ er00B6s home. 
(C) The  provisions  of this order  shall  not apply to any individual who  is the  parent, spouse, child,  or legally  adopted child of
the employer.  (D) The  provisions  of  this  order shall  not  apply to  any  individual  participating in 	
 a  national service  pro gram,  such  as  Ameri-
Co rps, carried  out using assistance  provided  under Section  12571 of Title  42 of the  	
United States Code. (See Stats.  2000, ch. 365, 
amending Labor Code Section 1171.)  2.
(A) An 00B3 rnati ve workw eek 0056  means any regular ly scheduled workw eek requiring  an employ ee to	
 work more  than
eight (8) hours in a 24-hour period.  (B)00B3  means the Industrial W elfare Commission of the State of California.
(C) 00B3  means the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement of the State of California.
(D) 00B3  means an unpredictable or unavoidable occurrence at unscheduled intervals requiring immediate action.
(E) 00B3 o005C00B4  means to engage, suffer, or permit to wor k.
(F) 00B3 oy00480048  means any person employ ed by an employer.
(G) 00B3 oy0048  means any person  as defined in  Section 18 of the  Labor  	
 Code, who directly  or indirectly,  or through  an agent
or a	
ny other person, employs or  exercises control over the w ages, hour s, or working conditions of any person. 
(H) 00B3   work0048004700B4 means  the  time  during  which  an  employee is  	
 subject to the  control  of an  employer,  and	   includes  all  the
time the employee is suffered or permitted to work, whether or not required to do so.  (I)00B3  0032   all services  related  to  the  care  of  persons  or  maintenance  of  a  priv ate  household  or  its
premises by  an employee of 	
a priv ate householder. Said occupations shall include b ut not  be limited  to the  	 following: butlers, chauf- 
f eur s,  companions,  cooks,  day  work ers,  gardeners,  graduate  nurses,  grooms,  house  cleaners,  housek eepers,  maids,  practical 
nurses , tutors, valets , and ot	
 her similar occupations. 
(J) 00B3Personal  00440057005700480051004700440051005700B4  includes baby sitters  and means any person employ ed by a private householder  or by any third  party

ploy er recogniz ed in the  	
health care industry  to work in a priv ate household,  to supervise, feed, or dress a child  or person who 
by  reason  of advanced  age,  physical  disability,  or 	
 mental  deficiency needs  supervision. The  status  of 00B3  00440057005700480051004700440051005700B4  shall 
apply when no significant amount of work other than the foregoing is required. 
(K)00B3  means , for the purpose of this order , a	
 ny person under the age of 18 y ears.
(L) 00B30033rimar 004C as used in Section 1, Applicability, means more than one-half the employ ee00B6s  work time.
(M) 00B3 means designated hours of wor k by an employee, with a designated beginning time and quitting time.
(N) 00B3  0056  means  a  work  schedule,  which  is interrupted  by  non-paid  non-working  periods  established  by  the 	
other than bona fide rest or meal periods. 
(O)00B3T 004800440046  means,  f or  the  purpose  of  Section  1  of  this  Order,  the  profession  of  teaching  under  a certificate  from  the
Co mmission f or Teacher Preparation and Licensing or teaching in an accredited college or university. 
(P) 00B3W 0044004A0048   includes  all  amounts  f or  labor  performed  by  employ ees of   every  description,  whether  the  amount  is fixed  or
as certained by the standard of time, task, piece, commission basis, or other method of calculation. 
(Q) 00B3Wor kda005C00B4  and  00B30047a005C00B4  mean any consecutiv e 24-hour period beginning at the same time each calendar day.
(R)  00B3Workw 00480048004E and  00B3w 00480048004E  mean any sev en (7) consecutive days, starting with  the 	
 same calendar day each week. 00B3Workw 00480048004E
is a fix ed and regula rly recurring period of 168 hours , seven (7) consecutiv e 24-hour periods. 3.
(A) A LIVE- IN employ ee shall have at least 12  c	
onsecutive hours free of  duty during each wor kday of  24 hour s, and the  total
span of hours for a day of work shall be no more than 12 hours , except under the following conditions: 

1) The employ ee shall have at 	
 least three (3) hours free  of duty  during  the 12 hours span  of 	 work. Such off- duty hours
need not be consecuti ve, and the schedule for same shall be set b y mutual agreement of employer and employee , provided that 
(2) An employ ee who  is	
 required  or permitted  to	 work during scheduled off- duty 	 hours or du ring  the 12 consecutive off-

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 004B00520058004C00510003 004E00470044 005200550003 0057004B00440051000300170013 0003 004C00510003
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 005200510056005200490003 004C00510003
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 0058004F 004800480003004500480003
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0051005200550056 0014001900030044005100470003 0014001A0003 0051005200570003	
 00480047005700520003004400570057004800510047 0003 0044005100470003 0045004800030048004700030052005500030057004B0048 0003 004400560003
000B VIOLATIONS  OF  CHILD  LABOR  LA WS 004400550048 005700520003 005200490003 005700520003000700140013000F001300130013 000300440056 0003 004400560003005700520003
0053004800510044 004800550003005700520003 002F00440045005200550003 0057005200030014001600140015 000300510047000300140016001C00130003 00570052000300140016001C001C0003 005200550003	
00480050 005200490003	
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 0057004B005100520003 0057004B00480003
004B0052005800550056 005200490003	
0050 004700580055 00480048004E0003004700520003 0051005200570003 0016001300030044005100470003 0057004B004800030057005200570044004F 0003 005200490003	
 0048	0052004C00510003 0052005100480003 004E00470044
0051005200570003 0048
000B0029000C 0037 005300550052 005200490003002F0044004500520055 0003 001800180014000300440051004700030018001800150003 0052005100480003 004C00510003 004800510003 0051005200570003004500480003 005800480047	
00530055 0048 004800510057 0003004400510003	
0058 005200490003 005C0056000300520049 0003	
 005A004B004800510057004B00480003 0052004900030057004B0048 0003 004F005C0003 0057004B00480003 004800480003005700520003 004800510003
00520055 0003	
0059 005300550052 0057004B004400570003004C0051 0003 0057004B00480003 004800480003 0057004B00480003004800540058004C 0059 0052004900030052005100480003	
000B 00440056000300530055 0052 004C00510003 0044005100470003000B0029000C000F0003 0051005200570003005700520003 004800480003 0048
004500440055004A0044004C 004C004900030057004B0048 0003 005300550052 0052005500030057004B0048 00030044004A0048 0056 005200490003 004E000F00030044005100470003 0052004900030057004B0048 0003 004800480056000F0003
0044005100470003 004C004900030057004B0048 0003	

0003 00530055 0052 0044004A004800030044005700480056000300520055 0003 0048004700030044005100470003 004B005200580055004F005C0003 0044005700480003 005200490003	
0048 0053004F0052 0044004A0048

0003 0044004500520057004B00480003 004800550003004400510047 0003	
 0003 004800480056000300520049 0003
0053004F 0052 004800550003 0053004800550057005200030057004B0048 0003 005200490003	
 004E005200490003 0057004B0048 0003 0048004800560057004B00480003
00550057004B0048 0003004800540058004C0059	
0044004F00520049 00030052004C0051 00030056004800510003000B000B0029000C0003004400450052 0048000C00030056	
00530055 0052
000B 002C00490003004400510003 004800550003 004800560003	
 0057005700480051005200490003004400510003 004800480003005700520003 00500044 004E005800530003	 00550057004B004400570003004C00560003 005200550003 004500480003	 004F004400560003 0052004900030044
004C 0052004900030057004B0048 0003 0057004B00480003 0052004900030057004B00440057 000300500044 004E0048005800530003 004C00490003005300480055 0049 004C005100030057004B0048 0003 00480048004E0003004C0051 0003 0057004B00480003 004E0003
0057004C 004400560003 00510052005700030045004800030052005A 004400550047 0057004B004800030057005200570044004F 0003 005200490003 004800470003004C0051 0003 00520055000300530058 0055 0052004900030057004B0048 0003 005500480010
00540058004C 005200550003 004C00510003 005200490003001400140003 005200490003 004C00510003005200510048 0003	
 005C00520055 0003001700130003 005200490003 004C00510003005200510048 0003	 004E002C00490003004400510003 004800480003
004E0051 0052005A0056 0003004C0051 0003004400470059 0057004B004400570003 004500480003	
 0051004A00500044 004E0048005800530003	 004900520055 0003 004400570003 0049004C005B004800470003 004800550003
0056 005200490003 00480048004E 00560057004B0048 0003	
00480050 004800480003 00570052000300500044 004E005800530003 00520055000300580053 0003005700520003 005200580055 0003	
 00480048004C00510003004400470059 005300550052 0057004B0044005700030057004B00480003
00500044 004E004800580053 0003	
0050 004500480003 004C005100030057004B0048 0003 00480048004E00030057004B00440057 0003	
 0048004400560003 002400510003 004800480003 005300550052
0049 00520055 0003 0057004B0044005700030057004B0048 0003 00480048000300500044004E00480056 0003 00570052000300500044 004E005800530003	
 0055005700520003 00440051000300480050004800550003 005C0003
004C0051 0049 004400510003	
0048 004800480003005200490003 00500044004E0048005800530003	
 005200530057004C0057004B00480003 004800550003004C00560003 005200550003 004400510003004800480003
005700520003 0057004B00480003	
00480050 0048005500B6 0044005300530055 00520044004F0003005700520003 00570044004E 00520049004900030044005100470003 00500044004E005800530003 0057004B00480003 0057004B00480003	
0057004B004C 00170011
000B0024000C 0028005900480055005C0003004800500053004F0052005C0048005500030056004B0044004F004F000300530044005C0003 005700520003004800440046	
000B0014000C 00240051005C0003 004800500053004F0052005C004800550003 005A004B00520003004800500053004F0052005C00560003 00150019000300520055000300500052005500480003 004800500053004F0052005C0048004800560003 s004B0044004F004F000300530044005C0003005700520003004800440046004B0003 004800500053004F0052005C004800480003 005A0044004A0048005600030051005200570003004F0048005600560003 0057004B004400510003 0057004B0048000300490052004F004F0052005A004C0051004A001D
000B0044000C 0037004800510003 00470052004F004F0044005500560003 00440051004700030049004C00490057005C0003004600480051005700560003 000B000700140013001100180013000C0003 0053004800550003004B0052005800550003 00490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003 005A00520055004E00480047000F0003 004800490049004800460057004C005900480003 002D00440051005800440055005C00030014000F0003001500130014001A001E0003
000B0045000C 0028004F00480059004800510003 00470052004F004F0044005500560003000B000700140014001100130013000C0003 0053004800550003004B0052005800550003 00490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003 005A00520055004E00480047000F0003 004800490049004800460057004C005900480003 002D00440051005800440055005C00030014000F0003001500130014001B001E
000B0046000C 0037005A0048004F00590048000300470052004F004F0044005500560003000B000700140015001100130013000C00030053004800550003004B005200580055000300490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003005A00520055004E00480047000F0003004800490049004800460057004C005900480003002D00440051005800440055005C00030014000F0003001500130014001C001E0003004400510047
000B0047000C 0037004B004C00550057004800480051000300470052004F004F0044005500560003000B000700140016001100130013000C00030053004800550003004B005200580055000300490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003005A00520055004E00480047000F0003004800490049004800460057004C005900480003002D00440051005800440055005C00030014000F00030015001300150013 0011
000B0015000C 00240051005C0003 004800500053004F0052005C004800550003 005A004B00520003004800500053004F0052005C00560003 00150018000300520055000300490048005A004800550003 004800500053004F0052005C0048004800560003 0056004B0044004F004F000300530044005C0003005700520003004800440046004B0003 004800500053004F0052005C004800480003 005A0044004A0048005600030051005200570003004F0048005600560003 0057004B004400510003 0057004B0048000300490052004F004F0052005A004C0051004A001D
000B0044000C 0037004800510003 00470052004F004F0044005500560003 000B000700140013001100130013000C0003 0053004800550003004B0052005800550003 00490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003 005A00520055004E00480047000F0003 004800490049004800460057004C005900480003 002D00440051005800440055005C00030014000F000300150013001400190003 0057004B005500520058004A004B0003 002700480046004800500045004800550003 00160014000F0003001500130014001A001E0003
000B0045000C 0037004800510003 00470052004F004F0044005500560003 00440051004700030049004C00490057005C0003004600480051005700560003 000B000700140013001100180013000C0003 0053004800550003004B0052005800550003 00490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003 005A00520055004E00480047000F0003 004800490049004800460057004C005900480003 002D00440051005800440055005C00030014000F0003001500130014001B 001E
000B0046000C 0028004F0048005900480051000300470052004F004F0044005500560003000B000700140014001100130013000C00030053004800550003004B005200580055000300490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003005A00520055004E00480047000F0003004800490049004800460057004C005900480003002D00440051005800440055005C00030014000F0003001500130014001C001E0003004400510047
000B0047000C 0037005A0048004F00590048000300470052004F004F0044005500560003000B000700140015001100130013000C00030053004800550003004B005200580055000300490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003005A00520055004E00480047000F0003004800490049004800460057004C005900480003002D00440051005800440055005C00030014000F0003001500130015001300110003

00B2 5  w
age for that wor kday, except when the employee resides at the place of employment. 
(D) The  provisions  of this section shall  not apply to apprentices regular ly indentured under  the State Division  of Apprentice- 
ship Standards.  5.
(A) Each wor kday an employ ee is required to report f or wo	
 rk and  does  repor t, b ut  	 is not put to work or  is	 furnished less than
half  said  employ ee00B6s  usual  or 	
scheduled  day 00B6s  wor k, the   employ ee  shall  be  paid  f or  half  the 	 usual or  scheduled  day 00B6s  wor k,  but 
in  no ev ent for less  than 	
 two (2) hours  nor more  than four  (4)  hour s, at the  employ ee00B6s regular r ate of pay, which shall  not be less 
than the mini mum wage. 
(B) If an  employ ee is required  to r	
 eport for work a second time  in any  one wor kday  and  is furnished less  than 	 two (2) hours
of  work  on the second reporting, said employ ee	
  shall be paid f or two (2) hours  at the  employ ee00B6s regular r ate of pay, which shall 
not be l	
ess than the mini mum wage. 

The foregoing reporting time pay provisions are not applicable when:
(1) Operations  cannot  commence  or  contin ue due  to  threats  to  employees or   p	
 roperty; or  when  recommended  by  civil
authorities;  or 
(2) Pub	

lic utilities fail to supply electr icity, w ate	
 r, or gas, or there is a failure in the public utilities, or sewer system;  or
(3) The interruption of work is caused by an Act of God or other cause not within the employ er00B6s control.
(D) This section shall  not apply to an 
 employee on paid standby status who  is called to per f	 orm assigned work  at a time other
than the empl oyee00B6 s scheduled reporting time.  6.
(A) A license may  be issued by the Division  authorizing employment of a	
  person whose earning capacity  is impaired byph
ysical  disability  or mental  deficiency  at less than the minim um wage. Such  licenses  shall  be granted only  upon joint 
application  of  employer  and employ ee and empl oyee00B6 s representative if  any. 
(B)0003 A  special  license  may  be issued to a  nonprofit  organization  such  as a  sheltered  workshop or rehabilitation  facility fixing0003
special  minimum  rates  to enable the  employment of  such  pers ons without requiring individual  licenses  of such employ ees. 
(C)0003 All  such  licenses  and special  licenses  shall  be renewed on a  yearly basis  or more  frequently  at the discretion of the0003
Division.  000B00360048004800037.
(A) Every employer shall keep accurate information with respect to each employee including the following:
(1) Full name, home address, occupation and social security number.
(2)Birth dat e, if under 18 y ears, and designation as a  minor.

3) Time records  showing when  the employ ee begins  and ends  each work  period. Meal  periods, split shift intervals and
total  dai	

ly hours work ed shall also be recorded. Meal  periods during which  operations cease  and autho rized rest  periods  need not 
be recorded.  (4)	
 Total  wages  paid each payroll  period, including value  of board, lodging,  or other compensation actually  furnished to
the employee.  (5) Total hours work ed in the  payroll  period and applicab le rates  of	
  pay. This info	 rmation shall  be made readily availab le to
the employ ee upon reasona ble request. 
(6) When a piece r ate or incentive plan  is in operation, piece r ates or  an explanation  of the  incentive plan formula shall be
pr ovided to employ ees. An accurate production record shall be maintained by the employer. 

) Every employ er shall semimonthly  or at  the  time  of each payment  of w ages  fu rnish each employee, either  as a detachable
part  of the  chec k, 	
 draft, or voucher paying  the employ ee00B6s w ages,  or separ ately, an itemiz ed statement  in writing  showing: (1) all 
deductions; (2)  the inclusive  dates of  the  period f or which  the employ ee is paid; (3) the name  of the  e	
 mployee or the employ ee00B6s 
social security number;  and (4) the name  of the  employer,  provided all deductions made  on written orders of the  em	
 ployee may  be 
aggregated and shown as one item.  (C) All required records shall  be in the  English language  and in ink  or other  indelib le for m, proper ly dated,  sh owing month, da y
and y ear, and  	
shall  be kept on file by  the employ er for  at  least three years  at the  place  of employment  or at  a centr al location within 
the State of California. An employ ee00B6s records shall be available for inspection by the employ ee upon reasonable request. 
(D) Clocks shall be provided in all major work areas or within reasonable distance thereto insofar as practicable. 8.
No  employ er shall  make any deduction from  the wage  or require any reimbursement from  an	
  employee 	f or any cash shor tage,
breakage,  or loss  of equipment, unless  it can  be shown  that  the shor tage, breakage,  or loss  is caused by a dishonest  or willful act, 
or by the gross negligence of the employee.  9.
(A) When  unifor ms  are  required by  the  employ er to  be  worn  by  the  employ ee as  a  condition  of  employment,  such  uniforms
shall  be pr ovided  and  maintained  by  the  employer. The  term  00B3 for005000B4 includes  w earing  apparel  and  acces	
 sories of  distinctiv e 
design or color.  000B0025000C
0028005900480055005C0003004800500053004F0052005C0048005500030056004B0044004F004F000300530044005C0003005700520003004800440046004B0003004800500053004F0052005C00480048000F00030052005100030057004B0048000300480056005700440045004F004C0056004B00480047000300530044005C00470044005C000300490052005500030057004B00480003005300480055004C005200470003004C005100590052004F005900480047000F00030051005200570003004F00480056005600030057004B0044005100030057004B0048 0003
004400530053004F004C004600440045004F004800030050004C0051004C0050005800500003005A0044004A0048000300490052005500030044004F004F0003004B00520058005500560003005A00520055004E004800470003004C005100030057004B0048000300530044005C00550052004F004F0003005300480055004C00520047000F0003005A004B00480057004B0048005500030057004B00480003005500480050005800510048005500440057004C005200510003004C005600030050004800440056005800550048004700030045005C00030057004C00500048000F00030053004C004800460048000F 0003
000B0026000C When  an 	

employee works a split shift,  one (1) hour00B6s pay  at the minimu m wage shall  be paid in addition  to the minimu m 002800500053004F0052005C0048004800560003


00B2 6       NOTE:
 This section shall not apply to protective apparel regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board.                                                   
        (B)  When  tools  or  equipment  are  required  by  the  employer  or  are  necessary  to  the  performance  of  a  job,  such  tools  and  equipment  shall be provided  and  maintained  by  the  employer,  except  that an  employe e  whose  wa ges  are at  least  two  (2)  times 
the  minimum  wa ge provided  herein  may  be  required to provide  and  maintain  hand  tools and  equipment  customari ly  required  by 
the  tra de or  craft.  This  subsection  (B)  shall  not  apply  to  apprentices  regularly  indentured  under  the  State  Division  of 
Apprenticeship Standards. 
NOTE:  This section shall  not apply to protective  equipment and safety devices  on tools regulated  by the Occupational  Safety 
and Health Standards  Board. 
 A reasonabl
e deposit may  be required as security fo r the return of the items  furnished by  the employer under  provisions 
 subsections  (A) 
and  (B) of  this  section  upon  issuance  of  a  receipt to the  employe e  for  such  deposit.  Such  deposits  shall  be 
made  pursuant  to  Section 400 and  following  of the  Labor  Code  or an  employe r  with the  prior  written  authorization of the 
employe e  may deduct  from  the  employee00B6s  last  check  the  cost of an  item  furnished  pursuant  to  (A) and  (B)  above in the  eve nt 
said item  is not return ed. No deduction shall be made at any time for normal wear and tear. All items furnished by  the employer 
shall be return ed by the employe e upon completion of the job. 10.
(A) 00B3  means an adequate , well-balanced serving of a variety of wholesome , nutritious f oods.
(B) 00B3  means  living  accommodations  availab le to  the   employ ee  for  full-time  occupancy  which  are  adequat e,  decent,
and s	
anitary  according to  usual  and  custom	
 ary standards. Employees  shall  not be required to  share a bed	 . 
(C) M	
eals  or  lodging  may not 	
be  credited against the  minimum  w	 age without  a voluntary  written agreement  bet	 ween the
em ploy er and  the  employee. When credit  f or  meals  or  lodging  is  used  to  meet  part of the   employ er00B6s	
   minimum  wage  obligation, 
the amounts so credited may not be more than the following:  (D) Meals  evaluated 
as part  of the   minim um 	
 wage  must  be bona   fide  meals  consistent  with  the  employ ee00B6s  work  shift.
tions shall not be made for meals not received or lodging not used. 
(E) If,  as a condition  of employment,  the employ ee must  live at the  place  of employment  or occupy  quarters owned  or under
the control of the employer, then the employer may not charge rent in excess of the values listed herein.  11.
(A) No employer shall employ any person for a work period of more than five (5) hours without a meal period of not less than
30  minute s, except  that when a work  period  of not more  than six  (	
 6) hours will complete  the day 00B6s work  the meal  period may  be 
w ai ved  by  mutual consent of the employer and the employee. 
(B) An  employ er  may  not  employ  an  employee 	
f or  a  work  period of  more  than ten   (10)  hours  per  day  without  providing  the
employ ee with a second meal  period of not less  than 30  minutes, except  that if  the  total hours work ed is  no 	
more than  12 hour s, 
the sec	
ond meal period may be w aived  by  mutual consent of the employer and the employee only if the first meal period was not 
w ai ved.  
(C) Unless  the employ ee is reliev ed of  all  duty  du	
 ring a 30 minute	  meal per	iod,  the meal  period shall  be considered  an 00B3  004700580057005C
meal  period  and counted  as time work ed. An 00B3  004700580057  meal  period shall  be permitted only when  the nature  of the  work  prevents 
an employ ee from being reliev ed of all  duty  and when by written agreement  between the  parties an on-the -	
 job paid meal period is 
agreed to. The written agreement shall state that the employee may, in writing, revoke the agreement at any time.  (D)If an  employ er fails  to provide  an employ ee a  meal  per	
 iod in accordance with  the applicab le pr ovisions  of this order,  the
employ er  shall  pay  the  employ ee one  (1)  hour of   p	
 ay at  the  employ ee00B6s 	 regular  rate of  compensation  f or  each  wor kday  that   the 
meal period is not provided.  12.
(A) Every employ er shall  authorize  and pe	
 rmit all employ ees to  take rest  periods, which insof ar as  practicab le shall  be in the
middle  of each work  period. The  authorized rest  period time shall  be based on the total  hours work ed daily  at the  rate  of ten  (10) 
mi nutes  net rest time  per four  	
 (4) hours or major fraction thereof. However, a rest  period need not be autho rized f or employ ees whose 
total daily work time is less than three and one-half (3 1
/2 ) hours. A
uthorized rest period time shall be counted as hours work ed for
00520046004600580053004C0048004700030044004F0052005100480003 0003 0007001800140011
005A00480048004E0003 0007
005A00480048004E0003 0007001800190011001700160012
00350052005200500003 0056004B0044005500480047	
0003 00110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011 0003 0007001700150011001A00130012
005A00480048004E0003 0007001800130011001700190012
005A00480048004E0003 00070017001900110018001B0012
0024005300440055005700500048005100570003 00B200030057005A0052

0003 0057004B004C0003 000B001500120016000C0003	
 0052004900030057004B00480003 005200550047004C0003 00550048005100570044004F000300590044004F0003 004400510047	 0003004C0051 005100520003
 more than   ...................................................0011............. 
003A004B0048005500480003 004400030046005200580053004F0003 0044005500480003004500520057004B	
 0003004800500053004F0003 0045005C00030057004B0048	 0003004800500053004F0052005C00480055000F0003 0057005A005200030057004B004C	-2971.50003000B001500120016000C 0003
of the ordi ental  value, and	
  in n o event  more	  than ..0011	 0011001100110011001100110011
Breakfast  ........................................................................\
....   000700160011
001C001B0003 00070017	
0003 000700170011001600170003
0003 0011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110003 0007001800110017001A0003
0027004C00510051004800550003 001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011	
00110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011 0003 0007001A001100160017
0003 0007001B	
 00110019001B0003 0007001B	 0011001300140003
0050005200510057004B 00070019001A001A0011001A00180012
000700140013001B001900110013001A0012 0050005200510057004B
0003 J	

AN 1, 001500130014001A
26 or More 	

25 or Fewer 
Employees Employees 

0029005200550003 00440051	

0003 004800500053004F0052005C004800550003 005A004B00520003004800500053004F0052005C0056001D 00070017001C00110016001B0012
0007001700130011001A0019 0012
0007 0016	

0011001B0013 0003

001100150015 0003
0007001A00110013001C 0003



001100190015 0003
000700170011001C001A 0003
0007001900110019001B 0003



0011001C001B 0003

00110017001A 0003
0007001A001100160018 0003

0012 00070017001C00110016001B0012


0011001B0013 0003

001100150015 0003
00190012 00070017001100160017
000700180011001C001A 0007001B001100130014 JAN 1, 001500130014001B
26 or More  

25 or Fewer 
Employees Employees  J
 1, 001500130014001C
2 or Mor 2 or  Fe 

m E  J
ANUARY 1, 0015001300150013  

 or Mor 2 or Fe 

00B2 7  which there shall be no deduction from w
(B) If an  employ er  fails  to  pr ovide  an  employ ee  a  rest period  in 	 accordance  with  the  applicab le pr ovisions  of  this  order,  the
employ er shall pay  the employ ee one  (1)  hour  of  	
 pay at the  employ ee00B6s regular r ate of  compensation f or each wor kday  that  the  rest 
period is not provided.  13.
(A) Employers shall  provide suitab le lo cker s, closets,  or equivalent f or the  sa fekeeping  of employ 004800480056 outer  clothing  during work- 

  hour s, and when required, f or their work clothing  during non-	
working  hours. When  the occupation requires a change  of clothing, 
change rooms  or equi valent space shall  be provided  in 	
 order that employ ees may change their clothing  in reasonab le privacy and 
comfor t. These rooms or spaces may be adjacent to but shall be separate from toilet rooms and shall be kept clean. 
 E: This section shall  not apply to change  rooms  and  storage facilities regulated by  the  Occupational  Safety  and Health 
Standards Board.  (B) Suitab le resting facilities shall  be provided  in an	
  area separate f	 rom the toilet rooms and shall  be available to 	 employees
during work hours.  14.
(A) All  working  employ ees  shall  be pr ovided  with  suitab le  seats  when  the  nature  of the   work  reasonab ly permits  the  use  of

eats.  (B) When employ ees are  not engaged  in  the  active duties  of their employment  and the nature  of the  work requires standing,
an adequate  number of suitable seats shall be placed in reasonable proximity to the work area and employees shall be permitted 
to use such seats when it does not interfere with the performance of their duties.  15.
(See California Labor Code, Section 1199)
(A) In addition to  any other civil penalties pr ovided by law, any employ er or  any other  person acting on  behalf of the em	
who violates, or causes to be violated, the provisions of this order, shall be subject to the civil penalty of:  (1) Initial Violation  00B2 $50.00 	
f or each  underpaid employ ee for each pay  pe	 riod during which  the e	 mployee was unde rpaid
n addition to the amount which is sufficient to recover unpaid w ages. 
(2) Subsequent Violations  00B2 $100.00	
  for  each  underpaid employ ee for each pay  pe	 riod during which  the 	 employee was
paid in addition to an amount which is sufficient to recover unpaid w ages. 
(3) The affected employee shall receiv e payment of all wages recovered.
(B) The labor commissioner may also issue citations pursuant  to California Labor  Code  Section  1197.1 for non-payment of
wages for overtime work in violation of this order.  16.
Adequate  elev ator, escalator  or similar  service consistent with industry-wide standards f or the  nature  of the  process  and the
work performed shall be provided when employees are employ ed four floors or more above or below ground level.  17.
If,  in the  opinion  of the  Division after  due investigation,  it is  found  that the  enforcement  of 	
any provision contained  in Section  7,
Records; Section  12, Rest Periods; Section  13, Change Rooms and Resting Facilities; Section  14, Seats; or Section 16,  Elev ator s, 
would  not  materially  affect  the  welfare  or  comfort  of  employees  and  would  work  an  undue  hardship  on the  employer,  exe	
may  be made  at the  discretion  of the  Division. Such  exemptions shall  be in  writing  to be  ef fective  and may  be revoked after reason- 
ab le noti	

ce is  given in  writing. Application f or 	
 exemption shall be  made by the em	 ployer or  by the  employ ee and/or  the employ ee	 00B6s 
entative  to the  Division  in writing. A  copy  of the  application shall  be posted at 	
the place  of employment  at the time the ap- 
plication is filed with the Division.  18.
(See California Labor Code, Section 1174(a)) 19.
(See California Labor Code, Section 1174) 20.
If  the  application  of any  provision  of this order,  or any section, subsection, subdivision, sentence, clause,  phrase, word,  or 	
tion  of this order should  be held invalid or unc	
 onstitutional or unauthoriz ed or prohibited by statute,  the 	 remaining provisions thereof 
shall  not be  affected thereby, b ut	
  shall continue to be  given  full force  and ef f	 ect as if  the  part  so held invalid  or 	 unconstitutional had 
not been included herein.  21.
Every employ er shall k eep a copy  of this order posted  in an  area frequented by employ ees where  it may  be easily read  during
the  w	

or kd ay. Where  the location  of work  or other  conditions  make this impractical, every employ er shall k eep a copy  of this order 
and make it available to every employ ee upon request.

00B2 8  Q
UESTIONS  ABOUT  ENFORCEMENT  0052004900030057004B00480003 002C0051 0055004C0003
003A0048004F 004800030026005200500050004C00560056004C005200510003 0052005500470048005500560003004400510047000300550048005300520055005700560003 0052004900030059004C0052004F00440057004C0052005100560003 0056004B00520058004F00470003004500480003
0003 005700520003 0057004Be  Labor  Commissioner's  Office. 00240003004F004C00560057004C0051004A0003 005200490003005200490049004C0046004800560003 004C00560003005200510003
0057004B00480003 004500440046004E0003 0052004900030057004B004C00560003 005A0044004A00480003 0052005500470048005500110003 For the address and telephone number 
of the office nearest you, information can be found on the internet at or under a search for 
"California Labor Commissioner's Office" on the internet or any 
other directory. 	

0003 0037004B00480003 Labor Commissioner0003 004B004400560003005200490049004C0046004800560003 004C005100030057004B00480003 00490052004F004F0052005A004C0051004A0003
0046004C0057004C00480056001D00030025 0044004E0048005500560049004C0048004F0047000F0003 0028004F0003002600480051005700550052000F0003 000300290055 0048005600510052000F0003002F 00520051004A00030025004800440046004B000F0003 002F00520056000300240051004A0048004F00480056000F0003
00320044004E004F004400510047000F00030035 004800470047004C0051004A000F00030036004400460055004400500048005100570052000F00030036 0044004F004C005100440056000F000300360044005100030025004800550051 004400550047004C00510052000F0003 0036004400510003
0027004C0048004A0052000F0003 0036004400510003002900550044 00510046004C005600460052000F0003003600440051	
 0003002D005200560048000F0003 00360044005100570044000300240003 003600440051005700440003002500550044 000F0003003600440051005700440003
0035005200560044000F000300360046004E 005700520051000F0003003900440051000300310058005C005600110003 SUMMARIES I
T he 	

Depar tment o f Industria l Relation s will  mak e summarie s of wa ge 
and  hour  requirements  in this  Order  availab le in  Spanish,  Chinese 
and  certain  other  languages  when  it is  feasi ble  to  do  so.  Mail  your 
request fo r such summaries to  the Department at:0003
P.O. Box  420603, San Francisco,  CA 94142-0 603.0003
El  Depart amento  de Relaciones  Industriales  confeccionará  un  re- 
sumen  sobre los requisitos  de salario  y horario  de esta  Disposición 
en  español,  chino  y algunos  otros idiomas  cuando sea posibl e 
hacerlo.  Envíe  por correo  su pedido  por dicho s resúmenes  al  De- 
part amento a : P.O. Box 4 20603, San Francisco, C A 94142-0 603.0003 Depart
ment of Industrial  Relations0003
P.O. Box  4206030003
San F rancisco,  CA 94142-06030003

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