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Arizona Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Arizona Exposure to Silica During Roof Cutting Poster

 Exposure to Silica During Roof Cutting Poster PDF

The Exposure to Silica During Roof Cutting Poster is a labor law posters poster by the Arizona Industrial Commission. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Industrial Commission.

This poster may be posted in a place that makes or repairs homes but is optional. It talks about the problem of breathing in silica and the possibility of going deaf without ear protection when roofing tiles are cut. The poster also talks about ways to protect oneself from the dangers of Silica exposure to the lungs and to have ear protection when cutting roof tiles.

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Protecting Employees from Exposure to Silica 
During Roof Tile Cutting Operations	
Unless and until proper engineering controls can be
implemented reducing employee exposures to silica
and noise below the PEL, those employees engaged
in tile cutting, as well as those employees working onthe same side of the roof as the cutting operations,
must comply with the following: 
-Wear an N-95 or more protective respirator;
-Be properly trained on the use and care of respira   
tors, the hazards associated with silica exposure and  
the methods to reduce exposure;
-Be trained on how to fit check their respirator;
-Be required to utilize effective hearing protection;
-Be included within the scope of an effective hearing 
conservation program;
-Be aware of the location of the tile cutting operations;
-Be aware of the work practices that can help mini-
mize  their exposure to noise and dust containing sili-ca.
For additional information, contact the ADOSHcon-
sultation sections at 602-542-1769 or 520-628-5478.
Recent monitoring conducted by both the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) and
the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has shown that employees cutting roofingtiles as well as employees in the vicinity of the cutting operations, can be exposed to respirable silica and
noise in amounts exceeding the OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL).
The inhalation of silica can lead to silicosis, an incurable, progressive lung disease that can be fatal.
Exposure to silica dust can cause scar tissue to form in the lungs, which reduces the lungs’ ability to extract
oxygen from the air we breathe.  There is no cure for silicosis, but it is 100% preventable if employers andemployees work together to reduce exposures.
Overexposure to noise can result in permanent hearing loss.

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