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The Arizona Handwashing Sign is a labor law posters poster by the Arizona Industrial Commission. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including food establishments.

The Arizona Food Code requires employers in food establishments to post a sign or poster notifying food employees to wash their hands. This notice should be posted at all handwashing lavatories used by food employees and shall be clearly visible to them.

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Hand Washing          Helping Hands  Tip Sheet  
Did you  know ?  
P roper hand washing is the 
best way to reduce the 
amount of illnes s traveling 
around your program.   According to Caring for Our 
Children,  National Health and 
Safety Performance Standards, 
hands should be washed:  
Upon arrival. 2.
Before and after
preparing, handling or eating food or beverages.
3. Using the toilet/diapering.
Coming in contact with
bodily fluids or mucus. 5.
Handling animals or cleanin g up after animals.
Playing in sand, using
outdoor equipment, and
participating in outdoor
7. Handling garbage. How should ha nds be  washed?  
1. Turn on the water, wet hands, and then apply soap.
Rub hands together vigorously for about 20
seconds. Make sure all parts of hands and fingers
are cleaned.
3. Rinse hands under running water, until they are
free of soap.
4. Leave water running, dry hands on a disposable
towel, and use the towel to turn off the water. 5.
Use a towel to open the bathroom door if necessary.
Something to think about:
 Many germs are transmitted by the “fecal  – oral 
route .”   C areful hand washing after toileting or 
diapering is  crucial.  
Many germs are transmitted from human hands 
c oming in contact with raw food.  
Using gloves does not replace hand washing.  
Using hand sanitizer does not replace hand 
washing.   Important information when using hand 
Alcoho l based sanitize rs can be toxic. S tore out 
of reach of chidlren.  
In order to be effective, hand sanitizers should 
contain 60% to 95% alcohol.  
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to insure 
the effectivness of hand sanitizers.

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