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Wisconsin Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Wisconsin Public Employee Safety and Health Poster

 Public Employee Safety and Health PDF

The Public Employee Safety and Health is a labor law posters poster by the Wisconsin Department Of Workforce Development. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including public sector employers.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place by all public sector employers so employees can see it. This poster describes the health and safety regulations in the public sector and describes when an inspection can be requested, when this law is enforced, and what happens to employers who discriminate against employees for exercising their rights in accordance with this law.

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SBD	-9301P (0	4/17) 	
Pu	b	li	c	 Empl	oy	e	e	 Sa	fet	y	 an	d	 Health	 	
Wisconsin	 statu	te section	 101.055	 requires	 the	 Wisconsin	 Department	 of Safety	 and 	
Professional	 Services	 to adopt	 and	 enforce	 safety	 and	 health	 standards	 that	 will	 provide 	
protection	 to public	 employees	 at least	 equal	 to that	 provided	 to private	 sector	 employees	 under 	
standards	 promulgated	 by	 Federal	 Occupational	 Safety	 and	 Health	 Administration	 (OSHA).	 	
A public	 employee	 or public	 employee	 representative	 who	 believes	 that	 a safety	 or health 	
standard	 is being	 violated,	 or that	 a situation	 exists	 which	 poses	 a recognized	 hazard	 likely	 to 	
cause	 death	 or serious	 physical	 harm,	 may	 request	 the	 department	 to conduct	 an	 inspection.	 If 	
the	 requestor	 so	 designates,	 the	 identity	 of the	 requestor	 will	 be	 kept	 confidential. If	 the 	
department	 decides	 not	 to make	 an	 inspection,	 the	 requestor	 will	 be	 notified.	 	
A representative	 of the	 employer	 and	 a public	 employee	 representative	 will	 be	 permitted	 to 	
accompany	 the	 department	 inspector	 during	 the	 inspection.	 The	 employee	 shall	 not	 be 	
discriminated	 against	 with	 respect	 to either	 pay	 received	 or withheld	 for	 time	 spent	 on	 the 	
If the	 department	 finds	 a violation	 of state	 standards,	 abatement	 orders	 will	 be	 issued	 to the 	
employe	r. The	 employer	 shall	 post	 a copy	 of the	 orders	 at or near	 the	 site	 of the	 violations	 for	 3 	
days	 or until	 the	 violation	 is corrected,	 whichever	 is longe	r. Copies	 of the	 order	 will	 be	 sent	 to the 	
top	 elected	 official,	 the	 bargaining	 unit	 and	 to the	 person	 requesting	 the	 inspection.	 	
If the	 department	 decides	 not	 to issue	 orders	 in response	 to a request,	 a written	 notice	 of that 	
decision	 shall	 be	 sent	 to the	 public	 employee	 who	 requested	 the	 investigation.	 If decisions	 are 	
disputed	 they	 will	 be	 reviewed.	 	 	
Disc	rimination	 	
No	 public	 employer	 may	 discriminate	 against	 or discharge	 any	 public	 employee	 for	 exercising 	
any	 right	 afforded	 by	 his	 section.	 A state	 employee	 who	 believes	 he	 or she	 has	 been 	
discriminated	 against	 may	 file	 a complaint	 with	 the	 personnel	 commission	 within	 30	 days	 of 	
employee	’s receipt	 of knowledge	 of the	 discrimination.	 A public	 employee,	 other	 than	 a state 	
employee,	 may	 file	 a complaint	 with	 the	 state	 Division	 of Equal	 Rights	 within	 30	 days.	 	
 	Fo	r mor	e information	, contact: Wisconsi	n 	
Departmen	t of Safet	y and 	Professiona	l Services	 	
Industry Services	 Division 	 	
PO Box 	7302	 	
1400 E Washington Ave.	 	
Madison	, WI 5370	7-7302	 	
608	-266	-2112	 	

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