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 Handwashing Basics Factsheet PDF

The Handwashing Basics Factsheet is a labor law posters poster by the Wisconsin Department Of Workforce Development. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Workforce Development.

This official poster from the Wisconsin Food Code provides information on proper handwashing for food establishment employees. This includes bulletpoint information as well as a step-by-step process on proper handwashing.

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dfs_fs_064_1Handwashing.pdf	 	2016	 	
Handwashing Basics
Handwashing is the most effective means of 
preventing the spread of bacteria and 
viruses. Proper handwashing can prevent 
contamination of food, utensils, and 
Six Steps t	o Hand	washing	 	
1. Remove any jewelry	 and then	 wet hands 	
with warm water.	 	
2. Using soap, not a hand 
sanitizer solution, work 	up a 	
soapy lather that covers hands 
and forearms.	 	
3. Rub hands to	gether for at least 	
20 seconds.  M	ake sure to 	
wash palms, back of hands, 
between fingers, and 	up the 	
4. Use a fingernail brush to clean 
under fingernails and between 
5. Rinse hands 	and forearms in warm water. 	 	
6. Dry hands with single	-use paper towels.  	
Turn off the faucet with wrist/forearms or 
with paper towels to prevent re	-	
contamination of hands.	 	
W	hen 	to Wash Your Hands	 	
 	Before starting to work w	ith food, utensils 	
or equipment	 	
 	Befor	e putting on gloves	 	
 	During food preparation, as often as needed	, 	
and when changing task	 	
 	When switching between r	aw foods and 	
ready	-to-eat foods	 	
 	After handling so	iled 	
utensils and equipment	 	
 	After coughing, sneezing, 	or 	
using a tissue	 	
 	After eating, drinking 	or 	
using tobacco products	 	
 	After touching your skin, 	
face or hair	 	
 	After handling service 	
animals, 	fish in aquariums, or 	
molluscan shellfish or 	crustacea 	
in di	splay tanks	 	
 	After using the toilet, wash hands at a 
handwash	 sink in the restroom, and again 	
when returning to work area.	 	
Where to Wash Your Hands	 	
Only wash your hands in sinks designated for 
handwashing.   Do not wash your hands in 
utensil, food preparation, or service sinks.

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