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The Proper Use of Disposable Gloves is a labor law posters poster by the Wisconsin Department Of Workforce Development. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Workforce Development.

This official poster from the Wisconsin Food Code provides an overview of the usage of disposable gloves in food establishments. This includes bulletpoints on the rules of glove use, as well as a list of situations where glove usage would be necessary.

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Using Disposable Gloves	
Disposable gloves are commonly used in food 
preparation.  Many consumers now expect to see 
all employees working in a food area to be 
wearing gloves at all times, but gloves are only 
required to be worn if:  	 	
1. they  are  being  used  as  a  means  to  prevent 
direct  bare  hand  contact  with  a  ready  to  eat 
2. a  food  employee  has  a  wound  covered  with 
an  impermeable  barrier  and  will  be  working 
with food	 	
3. a  food  employee  is  wearing  artificial 
fingernails or polish and will be working with 
exposed food.	 	
In all these 	situations, gloves must be worn and 	
used properly to prevent contamination.  
Remember wearing gloves is never an 
acceptable alternative to proper hand washing.	 	
Per 3	-304.15 (A) If used, single	-use gloves shall 	
be used for only one task such as working wi	th 	
ready	-to-eat	-food or with raw animal food, used 	
for no other purpose, and discarded when 
damaged or soiled, or when interruptions occur 
in the operation.	 	
Rules of Glove Use	 	
 	Do not reuse gloves.	 	
 	Use  only  single	-use  gloves,  stored  and 	
dispensed to prevent	 contamination.	 	
 	Ensure	 gloves  are  intact,  without  tears  or 	
 	Provide gloves that fit properly.	 	
 	Gloves  must  be  changed  whenever  an 
activity  or  workstation  change  occurs,  or 
whenever they become contaminated.	 	
 	Hands  are  to  be  washed  and  dried  before 
putting  on  new  gloves.    Never  wash  hands 
with gloves on.	 	
 	Management  must  provide  education  and 
monitor employees of proper glove use.	 	
 	Gloves must be replaced after sneezing, 
coughing, or touching of the hair or face.	 	
Note:	  Workers and consumers exposed to 	
latex gloves and other products containing 
natural rubber latex may develop all	ergic 	
reactions such as skin rashes; hives; nasal, eye 
or sinus symptoms; asthma; and (rarely) 

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