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The Employee Hygiene Factsheet - Food Safety is a labor law posters poster by the Wisconsin Department Of Workforce Development. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Workforce Development.

This poster provided by the Wiconsin Food Code offers a set of guidelines for employees to follow in regards to workplace hygiene and how to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses & food contamination.

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Employee Hygiene
The Importance of Proper Hygiene	 	
Employees can prevent foodborne 	illness by practicing good personal hygiene. Good personal 	
hygiene includes:  maintaining fingernails, wearing hair restraints/proper clothing, minimizing 
jewelry worn, and eating/drinking/using tobacco in designated places only.	 	
F i n g e r n a	i l s	 	
Fingernails must be kept trimmed and clean.  
Wearing fingernail polish or artificial fingernails 
when working with exposed food is not allowed 
unless the food employee is wearing gloves. 	 	
H a i r   R e s t r a i n t s	 	
Food employees are required to wear hair 
restrai	nts such as hairnets, hats, and beard nets 	
that are effective in keeping their hair in control.	 	
P r o p e r  W o r k   C l o t h i n g	 	
Food employees must wear clean outer clothing 
to prevent contamination of food, equipment, 
utensils, linens, and single	-service and single	-	
use articles.	 	
Personal clothing and other personal items must 
be kept away from food	-handling and storage 	
areas.  Use lockers, dressing rooms or dressing 
areas, or other designated places.	 	
W e a r i n g   o f   J e we l r y	 	
Jewelry should be limited to a plain	-banded ring 	
only.  Medical alert identification tags are 
permitted as necklaces.  	 	
E a t i n g ,   D r i n k i n g   &   U s i n g   T o b a c c o	 	
Employees must eat, drink or use tobacco only 
in designated areas where contamination of 
food, equipmen	t, utensils, linens, and single	-	
service and single	-use articles cannot occur.  A 	
food employee can drink from a closed beverage 
container (i.e.	, a cup with a lid and straw) if the 	
container is handled to prevent contamination.

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