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The Hand Antiseptics is a labor law posters poster by the Wisconsin Department Of Workforce Development. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Workforce Development.

This official posters from the Wisconsin Food Code, provides guidelines on the proper use of hand antiseptics in food establishments.

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Hand Antiseptics
Hand antiseptics are not substitutes for 
handwashing	. Hand antiseptics should be used 	
only 	after	 proper hand washing has been 	
completed.  Handwashing with soap and water is 
the single most effective way to prevent the 
spread of bacteria and viruses	-the maj	or causes 	
of foodborne illness. 
Hand antiseptics are 
effective in killing 
bacteria and some 
viruses on 	clean	 hands.  	
If hand antiseptics are 
used incorrectly they can 
become another source 
of food contamination.	 	
Hand antiseptics are 
not intended to replac	e 	
soap in the 
handwashing station.	  	
They are not effective in 
removing dirt or other 
organic materials.  	The 	
hands of food workers are often wet; often 
contaminated with fatty material or with food 
high in proteins. The presence of water, food, 
fatty 	materials, feces and blood on the hands can 	
significantly reduce the effectiveness of hand 
Hand antiseptics are considered to be a food 
additive.  	The hand antiseptic or its ingredie	nts 	
need to be approved by FDA.  H	owever, if a 	
hand antise	ptic that does not meet FDA criteria 	
is used, it should be used a	fter proper 	
handwashing.  It should also be:	 	
1. 	Followed by a 	
thorough han	d rinsing 	
in clean water prior to 
hand contact with food 
or by the use of 
gloves; or	 	
2. 	Limited to 	
situations that involve	 no 	
direct contact with food 
by bare hands.

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