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South Dakota Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters South Dakota Wearing Disposable Gloves Responsibly Poster

 Wearing Disposable Gloves Responsibly PDF

The Wearing Disposable Gloves Responsibly is a labor law posters poster by the South Dakota Department Of Labor and Regulation. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Labor and Regulation.

This poster from the South Dakota Department of Health provides basic guidelines on safe disposable glove use. This data is conveyed in paragraphs, and bulletpoints with basic images. This also includes tips on allergies as well as warnings for those with infected wounds.

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Wearing Disposable Gloves Responsibly 	
South Dak	ota Office of Health Protection 	
ing, etc. 	 
ƒ 	Gloves 	m	
Food Code Fa	ct Sheet #6 	
Disposa	ble glove us	e in food pr	ocessing 	
perations is bec	om	ing a necessity. 	 	
gloves ha	ve been reported to c	ause 	
Hands must be carefully 
washed with soap and 	
e suitable for 	
ixing, deli sandw	ich 	
fected (red, swollen,	 warm	 or pus-	
Rules of G	love Use	
Many oper	ators and t	he Depart	m	ent of 	
Health feel that wear	ing gloves preve	nts 	
the transm	ission of foodbor	ne	 related 	
pathoge	ns.  However, wearing gloves is	 	
not a substitute for appropriate, effective, 
thor	ough and freque	nt hand-washing. 	
ALLERGI	ES:	  Natural 	rubber 	late	
allergic reactions in some individuals. 	 	
Consider t	his w	hen deciding w	hether 	
single-use latex gloves will be used 
duri	ng f	ood preparation.   	
warm	 water, then dried 	
before and after gloves 
are worn. 
Gloves ar	
assem	bly, 	prep 	work, 	
vegetable	 and m	eat 	
handling, covering non-
infected hand abrasions, clean	
WARNING:	 	Indi	viduals 	with	
form	ing) wounds on their ha	nd(s) 	
m	ust cover the infected area with an 	
im	perm	eable cover and we	ar 	a 	
single-use glove. 	
ƒ 	Do not reus	e
ƒ 	Use only single-us	e gloves, 	
pensed to preve	nt 	
contam	ination. 	
ƒ 	Ens	ure gloves are intact, 	
ƒ 	hat fit properly. 	
workstation change occurs, or 	
ƒ    Han	
before putting on 
ƒ 	Managem	ent	
prov	n 	
and e	nforc	em	ent of 	
l	u	
hing, touching of t	he 	
hair or face, or whe	n contam	inated. 	
iene and ha	nd 	
stored and dis	
without tears or imperfections. 
Provide gloves t	
ƒ 	Gloves m	ust be change	d 	
whenever 	an 	activity 	o	
whenever they becom	e	
ds 	are 	to 	be 	
ed 	and dried 	
 	m	ust 	
ide an educatio	
proper g	ove se. 	
be 	replaced 	after 	
sneezing, c	oug	
Glove wearing is not a substitute 
for prope	r 	hyg 	 	June 30, 2004

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