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The Employee Hygiene in Food Establishments is a labor law posters poster by the South Dakota Department Of Labor and Regulation. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Labor and Regulation.

This poster from the South Dakota Department of Health provides a set of proper hygiene guidelines for food establishment employees to follow in order to maintain a clean and safe workplace.

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Employee Hygiene 	
South Dak	ota Office of Health Protection 	
Food Code Fa	ct Sheet #7 	
The Importance of Proper Hygiene  	
or sm	oking. 	
Em	ployees are the m	ost im	portant 	
preventing foodborne illn	ess.  Good 	
link in 	
hygiene, i	ncluding pr	oper a	nd f	reque	nt ha	nd-	
washing, i	s one	 of	 the best w	ays to pre	vent	 	
foodborne illness.	       	
Hand-was	hing 	 
Always 	m	ake 	sure 	that 	
shed 	and 	hands 	are 	wa	
thor	oughly 	dried 	before 	
starting wor	k, be	tween 	
tasks, before working with 
food products, equipment, 
utensils 	and 	linens, 	and 	
after using the restroom	, 	
coughing or sneezing in 
your ha	nds, eating, drinki	ng, 	
Cuts, Wounds, and Sores  
Any c	uts, wounds, or	 open	
an	d arms mu	st b	e co	mp	le
 sores on the ha	nds	 	
tely co	vered by	 a 	
waterproof bandage.  	Wear single-use gloves 	
over any banda	ges on the ha	nds and fingers. 	
Hair Restraints  
Food em	ployees are required to wear hair 	
s hairnets, hats, scarves, or	 	restraints such a	
beard nets that are effec	tive in keeping their hair 	
in control.  This does not	 appl	y t	o counter staff 	
who serve	 only dri	nks	 or w	rappe	d f	ood 	
products, and wait staff or hostesses/hosts if 	
they present a minimal risk of contamination.	 	
All em	ployees m	ust wear clean outer clothing 	
o prevent contam	ination of food, equi	pm	en	
Proper Work Clothing 
t	t, 	
tensils, linens, single-service and single-use 	
er personal items must 	
gs.  If em	ployees r	out	inely c	hange	 	
ent, a room	 or area 	
Personal clothi	ng a	nd oth	
be ke	pt aw	ay from	 food ha	ndli	ng and stor	age 	
areas.  Em	ployers m	ust provide ade	quate 	
storage areas for em	ployee’s personal	 	
belongi	n	
clothing at the establishm
m	ust be de	signated a	nd 	used f	or that pur	pose. 	
Suc	h changing areas m	ust be separate from	 	
food, clean equi	pm	ent and line	n. 	
Wearin	g of Jew	elry 	 
Jewelry shoul	d be lim	ited 	to plain-ba	nde	d rings	 	
onl	y.  Necklaces, bracel	ets, earrings, and other 	
ewelry should not be wo	rn w	he	j	n preparing or 	
erving food (excluding m	edical alert jewelry). 	s
Eating, Drinking, & Using Tobacco  
All em	ployees m	ust eat, drink, or 	
use tobacco onl	y i	n designated 	
reas 	where 	contam	ination 	to 	a
food, 	equipm	ent, ut	ensils and 	
other m	aterials cannot occur.	 	 	June 30, 2004

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