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The Rhode Island Unemployment Insurance and Temporary Disability Insurance Law is an unemployment law poster by the Rhode Island Department Of Labor and Training. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Rhode Island, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place by all employers so that all employees can see it. This poster describes how to file a claim for unemployment, how to get employment and training services from the government and how to get temporary disability insurance benefits.

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Notice to All Employees
You are protected under provisions of the Rhode Island  
Employment Security Act and the Temporary Disability Insurance Act.
Unemployment Insurance Benefits
If you become totally/partially unemployed: 
1. File your claim for benefits with the RI Dept. of Labor and Training (DLT)
    within seven days of your layoff date.
 You may file your claim online at www.dlt.ri.gov/ui or by telephone at (401)
    243-9100. Please visit www.dlt.ri.gov/ui 
for hours of operation. For additional
    information, visit  www.dlt.ri.gov/ui or call (401) 243-9100.
3. Monday is a high-volume telephone day; you may prefer to file your claim
    later in the week. You will need your Social Security number and name,
    address and telephone numbers of your employers for the last two years. 
    If you are not a U.S. citizen, your alien registration number is required.
4. To collect unemployment benefits, the law requires that: a. You must be unemployed through no fault of your own,
b. You must have earned minimum qualifying wages while you were
c. You must be physically able to work, available for work and actively
    seeking work, and
d. You must register for work with the RI Dept. of Labor and Training.
Temporary Disability Insurance Benefits
Who is Eligible for TDI Benefits? 
If you have become ill or injured and meet all of the following requirements, 
you may be entitled to receive benefits:
  1. You are unemployed due to illness, surgery, or injury for a minimum of
      seven consecutive days or more, and
2. You are under the care of an approved Qualified Health Care Provider and
  3. You have a timely exam: an in-office physical exam the week within the
      calendar week in which the first day of unemployment due to sickness
      occurs or within the calendar week prior or subsequent thereto. 
  4. You earned enough qualifying wages during the base period to be
      monetarily eligible.
Who is Eligible for Temporary Caregiver Insurance Benefits?  
If you are caring for a seriously ill: child, spouse, parent, parent in-law , 
grandparent, domestic partner, or you are bonding with a newborn child, 
adopted child or foster child within the first 12 months of parenting; you may 
be eligible to receive benefits if you meet the following requirements:
  1. You are unemployed because you are caring for a seriously ill family
      member or bonding with a child and
  2. You provide the department with the required medical evidence of the
      seriously ill family member and your need to care for him/her or the
      required proof of parent child relationship for bonding claims and                  
  3. You earned enough in qualifying wages to be monetarily eligible.
How to Apply: 
You can apply for benefits by completing a TDI application. The application 
form may be obtained from one of the following sources: 
  1. Visit www.dlt.ri.gov/tdi  to file online.   
  2. Visit the web site to download a TDI application.
  3. Call (401) 462-8420, Option #1 to request that an application be mailed to you.
For additional information, visit  www.dlt.ri.gov/tdi or call (401) 462-8420.  
NOTE: You may be entitled to a refund of a portion of your contributions if 
during the calendar year TDI contributions were deducted from your pay by 
more than one employer. Information may be obtained regarding a refund by 
calling (401) 574-8700 or writing to the RI Division of Taxation, Employer 
Tax Section, One Capitol Hill, Suite 36, Providence, RI 02908-5829.
Employment and Training Services
If you need help finding a job: 
The RI Dept. of Labor and Training offers free employment and training 
related services including:
   1. Job referral and placement services.
   2. Resource rooms with a wide range of employment and training resources.
   3. Career counseling and testing to help assess aptitudes and interests.
   4. Internet access for employment and training information.
   5. Job Search workshops to help you develop interviewing skills.
   6. Résumé writing seminars to help you create an effective résumé and cover  
Visit www.networkri.org for a location near you. You can also access many 
services on the Internet at  www.employri.org.
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program, auxiliary aids and services are available uponrequest to individuals with disabilities. TTY via RI Relay 711
RI Department of Labor and Training • 1511 Pontiac Avenue •  Cranston, RI 02920

Rule 5
Posting of Notices
(Adopted under Section 28-44-38 of the Employment Security Act and Section 28-41-15  
of the Temporary Disability Insurance Act)
Every employing unit in the State of Rhode Island shall post and maintain printed notices of such form and design and in such numbers containing such information as the Director, Department of Labor and Training, may
determine to be necessary to administer the Employment Security  Act and Temporary Disability Insurance Act.
Such notices shall be posted in conspicuous places where the workers’  services are performed.
Rev. 01/2014

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