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The Rhode Island Child Labor Laws is a labor law posters poster by the Rhode Island Department Of Labor and Training. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including employers of minors.

This poster describes the restrictions in hours and jobs that minors can work and where to get permits so minors can work.

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What You Should Know	
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training	
Both Rhode Island State and Federal laws regulate the employment of minors. 
These laws were written to protect younger workers from long hours and hazardous jobs.
By following the laws, younger workers can 	
DLT is an equal opportunity employer/program.   Auxiliary aids & services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.  TTY via RI Relay 711 	
Jobs in which youth CANNOT be employed  include:		
Manufacturing Various Products	
		Mining	
						Logging and Sawmilling	
						Wrecking Demolition and Shipbreaking	
						Any job requiring Operating  
             Power-driven Machines	
						Roofing	
						Excavating	
						and more	
Jobs in which youth CAN be employed include:
Office and Clerical Work	
			Retail and Sales	
			Advertising	
			Price Marketing and Tagging	
			Bagging and Carrying Out Orders	
			Errand and Delivery Work	
			Cleanup Work	
			Ground Maintenance	
			Kitchen Work and Wait Staff 	
			and more	
You must be 14 years old to work legally in Rhode Island	
You MUST have a
Special Limited  Permit to Work 
form to be employed   if you’re 14-15
You MAY need a 
Certificate of Age form  to be employed  if you’re 16-17 	
Hours that Youth  CAN Work:
Up to but not exceeding 48 hours per week / 9 hours
  per day for 16-17 year olds; Up to but not exceeding 40 
  hours per week/8 hours per day  for 14-15 year olds	
		Not before 6:00 AM or after 11:30 PM on School Days,
  or after 1:30 AM the night before a school day for 
  16-17 year olds. There is no curfew for non-students. 
  Not before 6:00 AM or after  7:00 PM for 14-15 year 
  olds.  The curfew is 9:00 PM during school vacations. 	
		Must have an 8-hour rest between the end of one 
  shift and the start of the next shift	
To Get Working Papers: 
Visit your local school department  with proof of your age  	
(Birth or Baptismal Certificate, Driver’s 
License, Passport, School Records) 
They will issue your Certificate of Age  or Special Limited Permit to 
Work form depending on your age	
For More Information:	
Phone: (401) 462-8550 | Fax: (401) 462-8530 
Web:  www.dlt.ri.gov/ls/childlabor.htm | E-mail: D LT. [email protected]	
For Federal Information: US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour | Phone: (866) 4US-WAGE | Web: www.youthrules.gov

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