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The RI-DLT Combination Poster is a labor law posters poster by the Rhode Island Department Of Labor and Training. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Rhode Island, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster, in English, serves to combine all Rhode Island Department of Labor required postings into a single posting for all employees to read.

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Enforcement	 - DLT may bring criminal action 	
against any employer who pays substandard wages 
to an employee, and may seek, upon conviction, a 
penalty up to $500 and/or imprisonment of  up to 
90 days. Each week an employer fails to pay the 
applicable minimum wage constitutes a separate 
Any employer who hinders or delays the DLT Director 
or authorized representative in the performance 
of  duties in the enforcement of  the law; refuses 
to admit the Director or said representative to 
any place of  employment; fails to make, keep, and 
preser ve, any records as required; falsifies any such 
record; refuses to make such record accessible to 
the Director or said representative upon demand; or 
refuses to furnish a sworn statement of  such record 
or any other information needed for the proper 
enforcement of  this law, shall be deemed in violation 
and subject to a fine of  up to $500. Each day such 
violation occurs constitutes a separate offense.
Visit 	www.dlt.ri.gov/ls	 or call (401) 462-WAGE 	
(9243)	 for more information.	
DLT-L-58 (Rev. 1/2019)	
Overtime Pay	 - At least 1½ times the regular rate of  	
pay for all hours worked over 40 in any one workweek. 	The 	law contains exemptions from minimum wage and/or over time pay requirements for cer tain occupations or establishments. 
Learners and handicapped workers may be paid less 
than the applicable minimum but only under cer tificates 
issued at the discretion of  the DLT Director.
Mandatory Nurse Overtime	 - a hospital may 	
not require cer tain nurses and cer tified nurse assistants 
to work over time except in an unforeseeable emergency. 
Minimum Shift Hours 	- Employees requested or 	
permitted to repor t for duty at the beginning of  a work 
shift must be provided with 3 hours work or 3 hours 
wages. Retail establishment employees must be provided 
with 4 hours work on Sundays and Holidays.
Child Labor	 - Employees must be at least 16 years 	
old to work in most nonfarm jobs and 18 to work in 
nonfarm jobs declared hazardous by the	 U.S. Secretary 	
of  Labor. Youths 14 and 15 may work, with a special 
permit issued by local school officials, in various jobs 
outside school hours under cer tain conditions. Different 
rules apply to agriculture employment.	
Employers with 50 or more employees must grant an unpaid leave of  absence upon the request of  an eligible employee, for 13 consecutive weeks in any two calendar years, under cer tain conditions. 
Employees are Eligible 	to apply for leave if  they work full-time, an average of  30 hours or more 	per week and have been employed continuously for at least 12 months.	 	
Purpose of Leave	 - Under the Act, the leave must be for one or more of  the following reasons:	1. Bir th of  a child of  an employee.2. Placement of  a child 16 years of  age or less with an employee in connection with the adoption of    such child by the employee.3. “Serious illness” of  the employee or the employee’s parent, spouse, child, mother-in-law, or father-in-law.(Serious Illness is defined to mean a disabling physical or mental illness, injury, impairment or condition that involves in-patient care in a hospital, nursing home, hospice or out-patient care requiring continuing treatment or super vision by a health care provider).	 	
Requests for Leave	 - To be entitled to the leave, the employee must give at least 30 days notice 	of  the intended date upon which the requested leave is to begin and end, unless prevented by medical emergency from doing so. Employees may be requested to provide written cer tification from the physician of  the person who is the reason for the leave request, which cer tification shall specify the probable duration of  the requested leave.	 	
School Involvement Leave	 - An employee who has been employed for 12 consecutive months is 	entitled to 10 hours of  leave during any 12-month period to attend school conferences or other school-related activities for a child of  whom the employee is the parent, foster parent, or guardian. A notice of  24 hours prior to the leave must be given to the employer by the employee. The leave is not required to be paid; however, an employee may substitute any accrued paid vacation leave or other appropriate paid leave.	 	
Use of Sick Leave by Adoptive Parent 	- Any employer who allows sick time or sick leave of  	an employee to be used after the bir th of  a child shall allow the same time to be used for the placement 
of  a child 16 years of  age or less with an employee in connection with the adoption of  the child by the employee.	 	
Continuation of Health Benefits	 - Prior to the commencement of  leave, the employee must pay his 	employer a sum equal to the premium required to maintain the employee’s health benefits in force during the period of  leave, which sum is required to be returned to the employee within 10 days following return to work.	 	
Return from Leave	 - Employees who are granted leave under the Act are entitled to be restored to 	the position held when the leave commenced, or to a position with equivalent seniority, status, employment benefits, pay and other terms and conditions of  employment, including all fringe benefits and ser vice credits that the employee had been entitled to at the commencement of  the leave.	 	
Prohibited Acts	 - It is unlawful for any employer to interface with, restrain or deny employees the rights 	provided under the Act. Any discrimination or disciplinary action taken against an employee for exercising these rights under the Act, or for opposing any practice made unlawful by the Act, is also prohibited.	 	
Enforcement	 - Alleged violations of  the Act may be complained of  (1) in a civil action brought by an 	employee, (2) by a complaint filed with the DLT Director. Civil penalties are provided for violations of  the 
Act or any order issued by the Director of  Labor and Training.   	                                   	  (Rev. 01/2018)	
Prevailing Wage for work on State/Municipal Financed Construction Project
Prevailing Wage	 - Workers must not be paid less than the Davis Bacon wage rate for each trade 	
listed on the Wage Determination schedule posted with this notice. 	Overtime	 rate applies when 	
working over 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. 	Apprentice	 rates apply only to properly registered 	
apprentices in approved state apprenticeship programs.	 	
Workers who do not receive 	Proper Pay	 may file a complaint with the DLT; claims will be investigated. 	
Contact the Prevailing Wage Unit at (401) 462-8580, option #7  for more information. RI General Law 
§37-13-17 also provides for a private right of  action to collect wages and benefits.     	DLT-L-39 (Rev. 1/2018)	
Effective JANUARY 1, 2019  -  THIS LAW PROVIDES	 	
EXCEPT: 	Full-time students under 	19	 years of  age working in a non-profit        	$9.45	
 religious, educational, librarial or community ser vices organization.        	  	(90% of Minimum Wage)	 	 
 Minors 	14	 and 	15	 years of  age working not more than 24 hours in a week. 	      	$7.88	 	                                                                        \
                     	(75% of Minimum Wage)	
 	Employees receiving gratuities (as of  Jan. 1, 2017):	        	$3.89	
Notice to All Employees - Information Employers Must Post	
Rhode Island Department of  Labor and Training (DLT) 	
Pursuant to RI General Law §28-57, you are entitled to sick and safe leave to address your own health 
and safety needs as well as those of  your family. This leave may or may not be paid depending on the size 
of  your employer and other factors as detailed in the law.  
Visit 	www.dlt.ri.gov/wrs	 or call (401) 462-WAGE (9243) for more information.	                     	(Rev. 1/2018)	

Ignoring This Poster Can Be Hazardous To Your Health	
You Are Protected under Provisions of the 	RI EMPLOYMENT SECURITY 	
If  you become totally/par tially unemployed:	 
1. File your claim for benefits with the DLT 	the same week you are unemployed or working reduced hours.	
2. File your claim online at 	www.dlt.ri.gov/ui	 or by telephone at (401) 243-9100. 	Visit 	www.dlt.ri.gov/ui	 for hours of	
    operation. For more information, visit 	www.dlt.ri.gov/ui	 or call (401) 243-9100.	
3. Monday is a high-volume telephone day; you may prefer to file your claim later in the week. You will need your
    Social Security number and name, address and telephone numbers of  your employers for the last two years. 
    If  you are not a U.S. citizen, your alien registration number is required.
4. To collect unemployment benefits, the law requires that you must:
a. Be unemployed through no fault of  your own,
b. Have earned minimum qualifying wages while you were working,
c. Be physically able to work, available for work, and actively seeking work, and
d. Register for work with DLT.	 	     	
Eligible for TDI Benefits	 - If  you have become ill or injured and meet all of  the requirements, you may be 	
entitled to receive benefits:
  1. You are unemployed due to illness, surgery, or injury for a minimum of  seven consecutive days or more, and
  2. You are under the care of  an approved Qualified Health Care Provider and
  3. You have a timely exam: an in-office physical exam the week within the calendar week in which the first day
      of  unemployment due to sickness occurs or within the calendar week prior or subsequent thereto. 
  4. You earned enough qualifying wages during the base period to be monetarily eligible.
Eligible for Temporary Caregiver Insurance Benefits	 - If  you are caring for a seriously ill: child, spouse, 	
parent, parent in-law, grandparent, domestic par tner or you are bonding with a newborn child, adopted child or foster child 
within the first 12 months of  parenting; you may be eligible to receive benefits if  you meet the following requirements:
  1. You are unemployed because you are caring for a seriously ill family member or bonding with a child and
  2. You provide the depar tment with the required medical evidence of  the seriously ill family member and your
       need to care for him/her or the required proof  of  parent child relationship for bonding claims and                 
  3. You earned enough in qualifying wages to be monetarily eligible.
To Apply	 - Complete a TDI/TCI application. TDI claims must be filed within 90 days of  the first	  week out of  work due 	
to illness. The DLT Director may extend this period up to 26 weeks if  the individual can show a good medical reason 
for the delay in filing. TCI claims must be filed within	 30 days after the 	first day of  leave is taken for reasons of  bonding 	
or caregiving. TDI/TCI application may be obtained online at 	www.	dlt.ri.gov/tdi.	 or call (401) 462-8420, Option #1 to 	
request an application be mailed to you. For more information, visit 	www.dlt.ri.gov/tdi	 or call (401) 462-8420.	
NOTE: You may be entitled to a refund of  a por tion of  your contributions if  during the calendar year TDI contributions were 
deducted from your pay by more than one employer. Information may be obtained regarding a refund by calling (401) 574-
8700 or writing to the RI Division of  Taxation, Employer Tax Section, One Capitol Hill, Suite 36, Providence, RI 02908-5829.	
If  you need help finding a job, DLT offers free employment and training related ser vices including:   1. Job referral and placement ser vices.   2. Resource rooms with a wide range of  employment and training resources.   3. Career counseling and testing to help assess aptitudes and interests.   4. Internet access for employment and training information.   5. Job Search workshops to help you develop inter viewing skills.
   6. Résumé writing seminars to help you create an effective résumé and cover letter.
Visit 	www.networkri.org	 for a location near you. You can access many ser vices online at 	www.employri.org	. 	
 DLT-TX-6  (Rev.  1/2019)    	
Visit 	www.networkri.org	  	
to find a career center 	 	
near you.	
WORKERS’ COMPENSATION ACT of the State of Rhode Island
In accordance with RI General Law §28-32-1, employers must repor t to the DLT Director every personal 
injury sustained by an employee if  the injury incapacitates the employee from earning full wages for at 
least 3 days or requires medical treatment, regardless of  the period of  incapacity. If  the injury proves 
fatal, the repor t must be filed within 48 hours. If  not fatal, the repor t shall be made within 10 days of  the 
An injured employee shall have freedom to choose medical treatment initially. The employee’s first visit to 
any facility under contract or agreement with the employer or insurer to provide priority care shall not be 
considered the employee’s initial choice. For more information, call the Education Unit at (401) 462-8100, 
press #1. If  you suspect fraud, contact the Fraud Prevention Unit at (401) 462-8100, press #7.	  	DWC-8 (Rev. 1/2013)	
Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company:
Adjusting Company:
Telephone:               Policy Effective Date:	
Pursuant to RI General Law §28-6.14-1, it is unlawful for an employer to include on a job application 
any questions regarding whether an applicant has ever been arrested, charged with or convicted of  any 
crime. Limited exceptions exist for law enforcement agencies and related positions. Employers in violation 
of  this law may be fined between $100-$500 per offense. 
Visit 	www.dlt.ri.gov/ls	 or call (401) 462-WAGE (9243) for more information. 	                           	(Rev. 1/2018)	
Under the RI Right-To-Know Law, your employer must tell you about the dangers of any 
hazardous substances in your workplace. You have a right to know:	 	
 • the common name or trade names of  the substance, including the chemical name;
 • the level at which exposure to the substance is hazardous, if  known;
 • the effects and symptoms of  exposure at hazardous levels;
 • the potential for flammability, explosion and reactivity of  the substance;
 • appropriate emergency treatment;
 • proper procedures for the safe use of  and exposure to the substance;
 • proper protective equipment for safe use; and
 • procedures for clean-up of  leaks and spills.
Your employer must provide you with the above information. If  he or she has not, make sure you ask 
about it. Your company representative is: ________________________________________ 
The Right-To-Know Law was created to protect you.	 Visit 	http://www.dlt.ri.gov/	
occusafe	 or call (401)462-8570, option #4 for more information.	
“Because not knowing about the hazardous substances you work with is the greatest hazard of  all.”	DLT-L-47 The RI Right-To-Know Law (Rev. 1/2018	
RI General Laws  §28-29-13,  §28-44-38 and §28-41-15 state that these notices 	must be posted and maintained in conspicuous places where workers are employed	. Fines may be imposed for noncompliance. 	 	
DLT is an equal oppor tunity employer/program, auxiliary aids and ser vices are available on request to individuals with disabilities.  TTY via RI Relay 711                                                                   \
                   1/2019 MDF

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