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Oregon Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Oregon Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking Protections Poster

 Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking Protections PDF

The Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking Protections is a labor law posters poster by the Oregon Bureau Of Labor and Industry. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including employers with 6 or more employees.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where employees of employers with 6 or more employees will see it and talks about protection from domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault and stalking. This poster describes reasonable safety accommodations employers may give employees, who is eligible for these safety accommodations as well as when an employee may take leave. This poster also discusses when it is appropriate for an employee to give notice for leave, if leave is paid or unpaid, and how long an employee can leave.

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Oregon laws protect your right to work free from 	 	
harassment. They also require your employer to provide 	 	
supports if you are a victim of domestic violence.	
 ▶	You have the right to a workplace free from harassment, discrimination, and 
sexual assault. Your employer must have a policy to reduce and prevent 
these violations.	
 ▶	Discrimination because of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national 
origin, religion, marital status, uniformed service, disability, or age is 
 ▶	Sexual harassment can look like unwelcome sexual advances, requests for 
sexual favors, or conduct of a sexual nature (verbal, physical, or visual), 
that is directed toward an individual.	
 ▶	It can also include conduct that is not sexual but is gender-related. Sexual 
harassment can be targeted toward someone of the same or different sex or 
 ▶	If you experience domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, or stalking 
(or if you are a parent or guardian of a victim),	 your employer must make 	
reasonable changes to support your safety.	
 ▶	These changes might include: a transfer, reassignment, modified schedule, 
unpaid leave, changed work phone number, changed work station, installed 
lock, new safety procedure, or other adjustment after threatened or actual 
 ▶	You can also take protected leave to find legal or law enforcement 
assistance, get medical treatment for injuries or mental health support, 
move or change your living situation, and more.	
 ▶	Your employer must keep all documents and information confidential.	
 ▶	You can’t be fired, suspended, retaliated or discriminated against in any 
way because you are a victim.	
If your employer isn’t following 
the law or something feels wrong, 
give us a call. 	The Bureau of Labor 	
and Industries is here to enforce 
these laws and protect you.
Call:	 971-245-3844	 	
Email: 	[email protected]	 	
Web:	 oregon.gov/boli 	 	
Se habla español.	
          	OREGON LAWS
Protect You At Wo	rk	
July 	2023 - June	 2024

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