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New York Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters New York Minimum Wage Poster Required

 Minimum Wage Poster PDF

The Minimum Wage Poster is a labor law posters poster by the New York Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in New York, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster, written in both English and Spanish, must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes the minimum wage for both tipped and untipped employees, the rate at which employers must pay their employees overtime as well as other wage requirements. This poster also lists where to file a complaint should any of this law be violated.

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From 1/1/2024 to 12/31/2024, the New York State basic 
minimum wage is: 
• $16.00 per hour in New York City
• $16.00 per hour in Long Island and Westchester County
• $15.00 per hour in the Remainder of New York State
And, the minimum wage for fast food workers* is:
• $16.00 per hour in all of New York City, Long Island and 
Westchester County
• $15.00 per hour in the rest of New York State
Private sector employees in the state, including domestic 
workers (in most cases), must receive the basic minimum 
The basic rate may change under rules known as “wage 
orders” that set minimum pay for jobs in:
• The hospitality, building service and farming industries 
• All other industries and occupations 
The wage orders set:
• Hourly rates
• Overtime rates
• Credits for meals and lodging, if supplied by 	 	
the employer
The Hospitality wage order sets lower hourly minimum pay 
rates if workers regularly receive tips. Wage orders are 
published on the Department of Labor website at 	 	
www.labor.ny.gov/minimumwage	.	
When workers take care of their own required uniforms, 
they must be paid an added amount over minimum wage.
Employees who do piecework should be paid at a rate that 	
brings them to at least the basic minimum wage.
A standard work week is 40 hours. If employees work any 
hours beyond that, then the employer must pay them at 1 ½ 
times the regular wage.
The Labor Department helps collect back wages for 
workers who have not received the minimum wage. 
Employers that break the Minimum Wage Law may be 
subject to orders to pay:
• Back wages
• Interest
• Liquidated damages
• Fines
They may also be subject to criminal prosecution and 
penalties. The fines for violations can total up to 200 
percent of the missing wages. They may also have to pay 
16 percent interest on the unpaid wages.
Employers must place a Minimum Wage poster in their 
place of business where workers can see it.
Employers with questions or concerns about obeying the 
Minimum Wage Law can contact the Labor Department at 
888-469-7365	 for help, between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday 	
through Friday.
*A fast food worker is any person employed or permitted 
to work at, or for, a fast food establishment by any 
employer where such person’s job duties include at least 
one of the following: customer service, cooking, food or 
drink preparation, delivery, security, stocking supplies or 
equipment, cleaning, or routine maintenance.	
P700 (11/23)	The New York State Department of Labor is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. 	 	Auxiliary aides and services are available upon request and free of charg\
e to individuals with disabilities TTY/TDD 711 or 1-800-662-1220 (English) / 1-877-662-4886.

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