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The Fringe Benefits Notice is a labor law posters poster by the New York Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in New York, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster, in English, serves as a notice to inform employees about New York's labor provisions in regards to employee fringe benefits.

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Division of  Labor  S tandards  
Harriman State Office Campus   
Building 12, Albany, NY 12240 
Guidelines for Employers:  
Requirements to Notify Employees About Time Off and Work Hours  	
Section 195.5 of the  New  York  S tate  Labor  Law  e ffective  December  12,  1981  provides  as follows:  
“Every  employer  shall  notify  his  employees  in  writing  or  by  publicly  posting  the employer ’s  policy   
on  sick  leave,  vacation,  personal  leave,  holidays  and  hours.”  	
T o  assist  employers  in complying  with this  provision,  the  Division  of  Labor  S tandards  has issued 
the following  guidelines: 
1.  An  employer  shall  distribute  in  writing  to  each  employee,  the  employer ’s  policy  on  the  above-  enumerated  
items . Th e employer  upo n th e reques t o f th e De partment  mus t b e abl e to af firmativel y demonstrat e that  
suc h writte n notificatio n wa s provided  t o  employee s by means, whic h ma y include , but  not  b e limite d to , 
distributio n throug h com pan y news paper s or newsletter s or b y inclusion  in  a  com pan y p ayroll.  
O r 
An  employer  shall  post  and  keep  posted  in  each  es tablishment  in  a  conspicuous  place  where  notices to  
employees  are customaril y posted , a  notic e that  st ates  wher e o n th e employer ’s  premises  they ma y se e 
suc h information  in  writing . Suc h information  ma y b e cont aine d in  a  union  contract , employee  handbook , 
personnel  manual , o r in  other  writte n form . Deviation s for an  employee  fro m suc h st ated  polic y mus t b e 
give n t o  sai d employe e in  writing.  	
2.  A s  used  in  th e provisio n above,  “hours ” means  the hour s whic h constitut e a  s tandar d workday an d 
workwee k fo r th e es tablishment , and  any  other  regular  schedule,  suc h a s  fo r p art -time  employees.  
Deviations  should  be given  to  the  a ffected  employee  in writing.  
F or more information,  call or write the nearest  office of the Division of Labor Standards,   
of the New York State  Department of Labor ,  listed below : 	
Alban y District  
S tat e O ffic e Campus   
Bldg .  12  Roo m 185A   
Albany ,  N Y  12240  
(518)  457-2730    
Binghamto n  
Sub -District            
4 4 Hawle y S treet  
Binghamton,  N Y  13901  
(607)  721-8014    
        New Y or k Cit y District  
  7 5 V aric k S treet  
  7t h Floor   
  Ne w Y ork ,  N Y   10013   
   (212) 775-3880    
Garde n City District  
400  Oa k S treet  
Suit e 101  
Garde n Cit y,  N Y 1 1530   
(516)  794-8195  
Buffal o District  
6 5 Cour t  S treet  
Roo m 202  
Bu ffalo ,  N Y   14202  	
(716) 847-7141   Rochester
Sub -District  
276 Waring Road   
Roo m 104  
Rochester ,  N Y 14609  
(585)  258-4550   S yrac us
e District  
333  Eas t  W ashington  S treet 
Roo m 121  
Syracuse ,  N Y   13202  
(315)  428-4057          Whit
e Plains  District    
120  Bloomingdal e Road 
Whit e Plains ,  N Y 10605   
(914)  997-9521  
LS  606  ( 8 /19)

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