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The Practicing A-Grade Food Safety Poster is a labor law posters poster by the New York Department Of Labor. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Labor.

This poster provides guidelines for food establishment employees as to how to uphold A-grade sanitary standards.

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Avoid Common Sanitary Violations	
Follow the steps below to practice A-grade food safety  
and keep your customers safe from food-borne illness.  
Avoid the most commonly cited violations and improve  
your chances to achieve an “A.”  
Be sure employees are trained in basic food  
safety and supervised by someone who has   
a food protection certificate.
n Arrange work schedules so that a supervisor with a food 
protection certificate is on duty whenever your restaurant 
is receiving or preparing food, or is open to the public.
n Train supervisors to use the Self-Inspection Worksheet to  regularly evaluate and improve the restaurant’s condition 
and employees’ food safety practices.
n Provide food safety training for all employees who  
handle food. 
Hold food at the proper temperature. 
n Review Health Department rules for temperature- holding requirements.
n Be sure equipment used to hold hot and cold food  is working properly.
n Use thermometers to monitor the temperature of foods  in hot or cold storage.
n Track food taken from hot or cold storage, and record  how long it is out.
Control conditions that promote pests.
n Seal all cracks, crevices and holes in walls, cabinets and doors to prevent rodents, cockroaches and flies from entering. 
n Install rodent-proof door sweeps on outside doors.
n Store food and garbage in pest-proof containers. 
n Clean grease, oil and food particles from all surfaces  and equipment, including the floor underneath.
n Keep range hoods clean and grease-free. 
n Contract with a pest contr ol professional licensed to work  
in restaurants.	
Protect food from contamination during storage, 
preparation, transportation and display.
n Keep food covered until served.
n Keep food separated by temperature and type.   Avoid cross-contamination by separating potentially 
hazardous foods (like raw poultry) from ready-to-eat  
items (like salad mix).
Maintain all food surfaces.
n Clean and sanitiz e all food-preparation surfaces after  
each use; remove caked-on food.
n Repair or replace deeply-grooved cutting boards   and chipped or broken surfaces so they can be  
properly sanitized.
Maintain all non-food surfaces.
n Review Health Department rules on acceptable  materials; surfaces should be smooth and cleanable.
n Keep all surfaces clean.
Maintain all plumbing and check it frequently.
n Monitor all plumbing fixtures and make needed  repairs immediately.
n Be sure plumbing is fitted with approved devices  (valves, anti-siphonage pieces, vacuum breakers)  
to prevent backflow.
n Clean and maintain gr ease traps. 	
Michael R. BloombergMayor 
Thomas Farley, M.D., M.P.H.
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