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 Wage and Hour PDF

The Wage and Hour is a labor law posters poster by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Kentucky, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. It describes the Minimum Wage Law with regard to tipped and untipped employees, how overtime pay is calculated, information on payment of wages and information on rest and lunch breaks. The poster has been updated for the 2019 year.

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MINIMUM WAGE¹ = $7.25 per hour 	
(Effective July 1, 2009)	  	 	
Any employee who leaves or is discharged from employment shall be paid in full all wages or salary earned not later than the next normal pay period 
following the date of dismissal or voluntary leaving or fourteen (14) days following such date of dismissal or voluntary leaving whichever last 	
No employer shall withhold  from any employee's wages any part of the 
agreed wage rate; unless  
 	the employer is required to do so by local, state, or federal law; or  	
b) 	when  a  deduction  is expressly  authorized  in  writing  by  the 
employee  to  cover  insurance  premiums,  hospital, or  medical 
dues; or	
c) when  a  deduction  is expressly  authorized  in  writing  by  the 
employee  for  other  deductions  not  amounting  to  a  rebate  or 
deduction  from  the  standard  wage  arrived  at  by  collective 
bargaining or pursuant to wage agreement or statute; or  
 Deductions for union dues where such deductions are authorized 
by  joint  wage  agreements  or  collective  bargaining  contracts 
negotiated  between  employers  and  employees  or  their 
representatives.  No employer shall deduct the following from the wages of employees:  
 Cash shortages in a common money till, cash box or register used by 
two (2) or more persons;  
 Losses  due  to  acceptance  by  an  employee  of  checks  which  are 
subsequently  dishonored  if  such  employee  is  given  discretion  to 
accept or reject any check; or  
 Losses  due  to  defective  or  faulty  workmanship,  lost  or  stolen 
property,  damage  to  property,  default  of  customer  credit  or 
nonpayment  for  goods  or  services  received  by  the  customer  if  such 
losses  are  not  attributable  to  employee's  willful  or  intentional 
disregard of employer's interest.  
No  employer  shall  employ  any  employee  for  a  workweek  longer  than 
forty  hours  unless  such  employee  receives  compensation  for 
employment in excess of forty hours in a workweek.  The rate of pay for 
time in excess of forty hours shall be not less than one and one-half the 
hourly rate employed. 	
Any  employer  who  permits  any  employee  to  work  seven  days  in  any 
one workweek shall pay the rate of time and a half for the time worked 
on  the  seventh  day.    This  shall  not  apply  where  an  employee  is not 
permitted to work more than forty (40) hours during the workweek.   	
Any employee engaged in an occupation in which more than $30 dollars per month is customarily and regularly received in tips, the employer may pay 
a minimum of $2.13  per hour if the employer' records can establish for each week where credit is taken, when adding the tips received to wages paid, 
not less than the minimum wage is received by the employee.  No employer shall: 
 	Use all or part of any tips or gratuities received by employees toward the payment of the minimum wage.  	
 	Require an employee to remit to the employer any gratuity, or any portion thereof, except for the purpose of withholding amounts required by 
federal or state law.  	
 	Require an employee to participate in a tip pool whereby the employee is required to remit to the pool any gratuity, or any portion thereof, for 
distribution among employees of the employer. Employees may voluntarily enter into an agreement to divide gratuities among themselves. The 
employer  may  inform  the  employees  of  the  existence  of  a  voluntary  pool  and  the  customary  tipping  arrangements  of  the  employees  at  the 
establishment. Upon petition by the part	
ici	pants in the voluntary pool, and at the employer’s own option and expense, an employer may provide 
custodial  services  for  the  safekeeping  of  funds  placed  in  the  pool  if  the  account  is  properly  identified  and  segregated  from  the  other  business 
records and open to examination by pool participants	
PERFORMANCE BONDS:  	Performance Bonds must be kept on file for employers in the construction and mining industries (including the transportation 
of minerals) who have conducted business within the Commonwealth for less than five (5) consecutive years. For more information, see KRS 337.200.	
¹ Certain exemptions from minimum wage and overtime apply. For questions, please call (502)564-3534. 	
No  employer  shall  require  any  employee  to  work 
without a rest period of at least ten (1	
0) 	minutes during each four (4) 
hours  worked.  This  shall  be  in  addition  to  the  regularly  scheduled 
lunch period. No reduction in compensation shall be made for hourly 
or salaried employees. 	
Employers  shall  grant  their  employees  a 
reasonable  period  for  lunch,  and  such  time  shall  be  as  close  to the 
middle of the employee's scheduled work shift as possible. In no case 
shall an employee be required to take a lunch period sooner than three 
(3) hours after the work shift commences, nor more than five (5) hours 
from  the  time  the  work  shift  commences.  This  section  shall  not be 
construed to negate any provision of a collective bargaining agreement 
or mutual agreement between the employee and employer. 	
Every  employer  subject  to  the  provisions  of  the  Kentucky  Minimum 
Wage  Law  shall  make  and  preserve  records  containing  the  following 
(a) Name, address, and Social Security Number of each employee;  
(b) Hours worked each day and each week by each employee;  
(c) Regular hourly rate of pay;  
(d)  Overtime  hourly  rate  of  pay  for  hours  in  excess  of  forty  hours  in  a 
(e) Additions to cash wages at cost, or deductions (meals, board, lodging, 
etc.) from stipulated wages in the amount deducted, or at cost of the item 
for which deductions are made;  
(f) Total wages paid for each workweek and date of payment. 	
PAID FOR WITH STATE FUNDS                  PRINTED 2/8/2019 
“No  individual  in  the  United  States  shall,  on  the  grounds  of  race,  color,  religion,  sex,  national 
origin, age, disability, political affiliation or belief, be excluded from participation in, or denied 
the  benefits  of,  or  be  subjected  to  discrimination  under  any  program  or  activity  under  the 
jurisdiction of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet.”	
Kentucky Labor Cabinet 
Division of Wages and Hours 
657 Chamberlin Avenue 
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-4381 
Phone (502) 564-3534

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