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The Pregnancy Discrimination Poster is a labor law posters poster by the Connecticut Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Connecticut, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This notice is meant to protect pregnant women in the Connecticut workplace from discrimination and reasonable accommodations that may be provided. Such arrangements include light duty, breastfeeding rights, assistance with physical labor, and others listed on this poster. Employers are prohibited from denying pregnant women leave because of their disability and from retaliating against employees. The act also lists notice requirements and the complaint process should an employer be denying a worker's rights.

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Connecticut General Statutes §§ 46a -60(a), (b)(7), (d)(1)  	
Pregnancy Discrimination and  Accommodation in the Workplace  	
Covered Employers 
Each employer with more than 3 employee s must comply with 
t hese anti -discrimination and reasonable accommodation laws 
related to an employee or job applicant’s pregnancy, childbirth  
or related conditions, including lactation.  
Prohibition of Discrimination 
No employer may discriminate against an employee  or job  
applicant because of her pregnancy, childbirth or other related 
conditions ( e.g., breastfeeding or expressing milk at work).   
Prohibited discriminatory conduct includes : 
•   Terminating employment because of pregnancy, 
childbirth  or related condition                                                   
•   Denying reasonable leave of absenc e for disability due to 
p regnancy (e.g., doctor prescribed bed rest during   6-8 
week recovery period after birth)*  
•   Denying disability or leave benefits accrued under plans 
maintained by the employer  
•   Failing to reinstate employee to original job or equivalent 
position after leave  
•   Limiting, segregating or classifying the employee in a  
way  that would deprive her of employment 
•   Discriminating against her in the ter ms or conditions  
of  employment  
* Note:   There is no requirement that the employee be employed 
for a certain length of time prior to being granted job protected 
leave  of absence under this law.  
Reasonable Accommodation  
An employer must provide a reasonable accommodation to an  
e mployee or job applicant due to her pregnancy, childbirth   
or needing to breastfeed or express milk at work.    
Reasonable  accommodations include, but are not limited to:  
•   Being permitted to sit while working  
•   More frequent or  longer breaks 
•   Periodic rest  
•   Assistance with manual labor  
•   Job restructuring    
•   Light duty assignments  
•   Modified work schedules  
•   Temporary transfers to less strenuous or less  
h azardous work  
•   Time off to recover from childbirth (prescribed by a   
               Doctor, typically 6 -8 weeks 
•   Break time and appropriate facilities (not a bathroom)  
f or expressing milk  
Denial of Reasonable Accommodation  
No employer may discriminate against employee or job applicant 
by denying a reasonable accommodation due to pregnancy.   
Prohibited discriminatory conduct includes:	
•   Failing to make reasonable accommodation (and is not 
an u ndue hardship)**  
•   Denying job oppo rtunities to employee or job applicant    
                because of request for reasonable accommodation	
•  Forcing employee or job applicant to accept a reasonable  
a ccommodation when she has no known limitation related  
t o pregnancy or the accommodation is not required to perform  
t he essential duties of job  
•   Requiring employee to take a leave of absence where a reasonable  
accommodation could have been made instead  
**  Note:  To demonstrate an undue hardship, the employer must show     
that the accommodation wo uld require a significant difficulty or   
e xpense in light of its circumstances.  
Prohibition of Retaliation 
Employers are prohibited from retaliating against an employee because  
o f a request for reasonable accommodation.  
Notice Requirements  
Employers  must post or  	provide this notice to all existing employees by 	
January 28, 2018; to an existing employee within 10 days after  
she notifies the employer of her pregnancy or related conditions; and to new 
employees upon commencing employment.	
Complaint Proce ss 
Any employee aggrieved by a violation of these statutes may file a complaint 
with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities 
(CHRO).  Complainants have 180 days from the date of the alleged act of 
discrimination, or from the time that you reasonably became aware of the 
discrimination, in which to file a complaint.  It is illegal for anyone to retaliate  
against you for filing a complaint.  
CHRO main number:  860 -541- 3400 
CHRO website:	
CHRO link “ How to File a Discrimination Complaint”:  
Additionally, women who are denied the right to breastfeed or express milk 
at work, or are discriminated or retaliated against for doing so, may also file a 
complaint with the Connecticut  Department of Labor (DOL).  
DOL phone numb er:  860-263-6791 
DOL complaint form:  
For English: -80%20fillable.doc	
For Spanish : -80S%20fillable -Spa.doc

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