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The Colorado Employment Security Act is a labor law posters poster by the Colorado Department Of Labor and Employment. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Colorado, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster, written in English and Spanish, must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes the rights an employee has and that employers MUST classify workers correctly as employees or risk fines of at least $5,000 per offense.

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Colorado Employment Security Act (CESA), 8-74-101(2); Regulations Concerning Employment Security 7.3.1 through 7.3.5 	
You have the right to be properly classified as an 
employee if you meet the criteria in Colorado 
Revised Statute 8-70-115.  If you believe you have 
been improperly classified as an independent 
contractor, there is a complaint process available to 
you.  On the first offense, an employer may be fined 
up to $5,000 per misclassified employee.  To file a 
complaint, call the Unemployment Insurance Audit 
section at 303-318-9100 and select Option  3, or 
You, as an employee, are  entitled to unemployment 
insurance benefits if you become unemployed 
through no fault of your  own.  Your employer 
contributes to unemployment insurance and cannot 
deduct this from your wages. 
If you become unemployed and wish to file for 
unemployment insurance benefits, go to and click on File for 
Unemployment.  You may also call one of the 
following numbers instead: 
(Denver-metro area) 
502 (R 05/2011) 
(Outside De

nver-metro area) 
TDD 303-318-9016 
(Hearing Impaired Denver-metro area) 
TDD 1-800-894-7730 
(Hearing Impaired Outside 
Denver-metro area) 
If your hours of work a nd pay are reduced, you may 
be entitled to partial  unemployment benefits. 
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Be sure to have your 
social security number and the name and address of 
your last employer available when you call to file a 
claim for unemployment insurance benefits.  	
Usted tiene el derecho de ser propiamente 
clasificado como un empleado  si se cumplen los 
criterios en Estatuto Revisado de Colorado 8-70-
115. Si cree que ha sido impropiamente clasificado 
como un contratista independiente, hay un proceso 
de queja disponible.  Por la primera ofensa, un 
empleador puede ser multado hasta $5,000 por cada 
empleado misclasificado.   Para presentar una queja, 
llame a la sección de Auditoría de Seguro de 
Desempleo al 303-318-9100, y marque Opción  3 o 
visite . 
Usted, como empleado, tiene derecho a los 
beneficios de seguro de desempleo si se encuentra 
desempleado y no es responsable por la separación.  
La compañía contribuye al seguro de desempleo y 
no puede deducirlos de su sueldo. 
Si se encuentra desempleado y desea reclamar los 
beneficios de seguro de desempleo, vaya al sitio	
 y haga click en en enlace 
File for Unemployment.  Támbien puede llamar a 
los números siguentes. 
(Área metropolitana de Denver) 
(Fuera del área metropolitana de Denver) 
TDD 303-318-9016 
(Impedimento Auditivo Área de Denver) 
TDD 1-800-894-7730 
(Impedimento Auditivo Fuera del área 
metropolitana de Denver) 
Si sus horas de trabajo y pago son reducidas, usted 
puede tener derecho a los beneficios parciales de 
seguro de desempleo. 
AVISO IMPORTANTE:  Asegúrese de tener su 
número de seguro social y el nombre y la dirección 
de su empleo mas reciente cuando llame para 
establecer su reclamo de seguro de desempleo. 	
Employers can download copies of this poster at	
, click on Forms & Publications , and then click on 
Employer  Forms . 
Additional copies can be requested by contacting the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Unemployment Insurance  Program, P.O. Box 8789, Denver, Colorado 80201- 8789 or by calling 303-318-9100 or 1-800-480-8299

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