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Utah Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Workplace Safety and Health in the State of Utah Poster Required

 Workplace Safety and Health in the State of Utah PDF

The Workplace Safety and Health in the State of Utah is a labor law posters poster by the Utah Labor Commission. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Utah, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

Updated 1/2019. This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place by all employers so that all employees can see it. This poster describes the responsibilities of employees and employers to comply with state rules and regulations regarding workplace safety and health rules, the rights of employees to request an inspection if they believe they are working under unsafe or unhealthful conditions, the right of employees to file complaints against employers if employers retaliate against an employee for requesting an inspection, and penalties employers can pay if they are not up to safety and health standards.

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Workplace Safety and Health in the State of Utah 	
The Utah Occupational Safety and Health Act of  1973 requires Utah employers to provide a safe and healthful workplace , free from 
recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees.  The Utah Occupational Safety and Health  
(UOSH) Division of the Utah Labor Commission, has the responsibility  to administer the Utah Occupational Safety and Health  Act.  
You have the obligation to comply with all workplace safety and health rules established by your employer.  
You have the rig ht to notify your employer or  UOSH about workplace h azards . You m ay ask to keep your na me confidential.   
You have the right to request and to participate in a UOSH  inspection  if you believe that there are unsafe or unhealthful conditions in 
your workplace.    
You have the right to  file a complaint with UOSH  if you feel that your e mployer has retaliated against you for m aking safety or 
health co mplaints , or for exerc ising your rights under the Utah Occupational Safety and Health  Act. Such whistleblower 
co mplaints m ust be filed within 30 days  of the retaliation. 
You have a right to see all UOSH  citations issued to your employer . Your e mployer must  post the citations at or near the place  of the 
alleged violation. You m ay request an informal review  of the abatem ent period granted to the employer.  
You have the right to know your em ployer is obligated to correct workplace hazards  by the date indicated on the citation and 
m ust certi fy that these hazards have be en reduced or eli minated.  
You have the rig ht to copies of your m edical records or records of your exposure to toxic and harmful substances or c onditions.  
Employers  are required to notify UOSH  at (801) 530- 6901 within 8 hours of occurrence of all fatalities, disabl ing, significant, and 
serious inju ries or illnesses to workers .  You can call in your report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Tools, equipm ent, materials, or 
other evidence that m ight pertain to the cause of such accid ent s shall not be re moved or destroyed until authorized by  UOSH.   You are 
also requir ed to investigate a ll incidents of worker injuries and occupational illnesses.   
“Disabling and serious ” includes, but is not li mited to any  injury or illness res ulting in imm ediate ad mittance to the hospit al, per manent 
or te mpora ry i mpair ment  where part of the b ody is made functiona lly useless or is substantially reduced in efficiency  and which would 
require t reat ment by a medical do ctor , such as a mputation, fracture, deep cuts, severe burns, electric shock, sight impair ment, loss of 
consciousness, and concussions; illnesses that could shorten life  or sign ificantly reduce physical or m ental efficiency inhibiting the 
nor mal function of a part of the body , such as cancer, silicosis,  asbestosis, hearing i mpai rm ent and vis ual impai rm ent.  
UOSH m ay enter  at reasonable  times without delay any work place under its jurisdiction to conduct an inspe ction, i nvesti gat ion, or 
inter view a r easonable n umber of employees to deter mine c omplian ce with  the Utah Act , rules and standards.   If an  em ployer is  in 
violation of any of those  rules or standards  UOSH will promptly issue a Citation to notify them of the violation .  A serious violation may 
be asses sed a proposed penalty of up to $7,000.   W illful or Repeated violations may be assessed a proposed pe nalty up to $70,000.  
Failure to correct or abate a violation m ay result in additional penalties not to exceed $7,000 for each day  each violation is not corrected.  
The Utah  Labor Commission will pr ovide an adjudicative formal hearing with its Division of Adjudication, when an em ployer files a 
written notice of contest within 30 days of recei pt of the citation.  Upon expiration of that 30 day period, the c itation and proposed 
penalties are final and  not subject to review by any court or a gency.   Employers m ay also request an infor mal review of any citation, 
proposed penalty or abate ment p eriod.  Infor mal reviews do not extend the 30 days in which an e mployer must file a written notice of 
c ontest for a f ormal heari ng.  
To report a workplace fatality or injury, file a  workplace safety complaint, or for assistance please call (801) 530-6901 or (800) 530- 5090. 
To file a safety complaint online or obtain m ore information about UOSH please visit our website  
at:  www.laborcommission.utah.gov. 	
To obtain more information about safety and health in the workplace, please contact the 	
Consult ation Program at (801) 530- 6855.  Employers and employees may file a complaint about state program administration with the 
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at 1244 Speer  Blvd., Suite 551 Denver, CO 80204.  
State of Utah Labor Com mission  
Utah Occupational Safety and Health  
160 East 300 South,  Third  
PO Box 146650  
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114- 6650 
(801) 530- 6901 
Fax (801) 530 -7606  
Toll -Free   1 -800- 530- 5090 
www.laborcommission.utah.gov    	 Reporting 
Injuries        (801) 530 -6901  
  Compliance Program   (801) 530 -6901  
  Consultation Program (801) 530- 6855 
“Helping  t o  ensure a safe and healthy workplace for every worker in the State of Utah ” 	
Rev. 01.15.19

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