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Tennessee Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Tennessee Unemployment Insurance Poster for Employees Required

 Unemployment Insurance Poster for Employees PDF

The Unemployment Insurance Poster for Employees is a labor law posters poster by the Tennessee Department Of Labor and Workforce Development. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Tennessee, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place by all employers so that all employees can see it. This poster describes how to qualify for unemployment and where to file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits.

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            POSTER  FOR EMPLOYEES  	
Authorization. No. 337386	 	
_________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _______ 
Your employer provides insurance to help protect you when you become unemployed  through no fault of your 
own. Tennessee employers pay the full cost of unemployment insurance for their employees. Nothing is deducted 
from your pay to cover the cost of this insurance nor does any money come from State of Tennessee funds.   
To be eligibl e for benefits you must   •
Be separated from employment through no fault of your own.
• Have qualifying wages in the base period.
• Be able and available for work.
• Search for work by making a minimum of three tangible job contacts and documenting during weekly  
certification process. You may log in to www.Jobs4tn.gov to search for work online. Failure to make three weekl
y work searches will result in a loss of benefits unless you are job attached, a member of 
a hiring union,  or attending training approved by the Commissioner. 
If you become unemployed you may file for benefits at www.Jobs4tn.gov. 
Before beginning the claim filing process, you should have your 	
• Social  Security Number
• Telephone Number
• Address
• Name of county of residence
• Employment data for the last 18 months including employer name and address, and
• Bank routing number and bank account number if you elect to receive benefits by direct deposit; otherwise,
you will receive benefits on the  Way2Go MasterCard. You must keep your address current with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. 
Go  to www.Jobs4tn.gov  to apply  for unemployment  benefits, to file  a wage  protest,  to file  an appeal  of an 
agency  decision,  to view/update  information,  and to view  and update  your choice  of type  of 
unemployment benefit payment. 
You  may  log in to  www.Jobs4tn.gov  to register  and search  for work  by using  services  offered by our  Tennessee 
American  Job Centers.  The Tennessee Department of L	
abor and Workforce Development has staff available to help 
you find a job or pursue training opportunities. 
You may go to the Department’s we bsite at www.tn.gov/workforce/jobs-and-education/job-search1/find-local-
american-job-center.html to find the location of the most convenient Tennessee American Job Center. 
lease post in a conspicuou	s place. 
The TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development is committed to principles of equal opportunity, equal access, 
and  affirmative  action.  Auxiliary  aids and services  are available  upon request  to individuals  with disabilities.  
Tennessee Relay Service is 711.  (REV. 2/23)

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