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The Combustible Dust Explosions Poster is an Osha workplace posters poster.

This official OSHA poster builds awareness of workplace accidents in regards to explosions that can occur from combustible dust. This poster includes a bulletpoint list of applicable materials, as well as guidelines for protective and preventive measures.

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Combu stible Dust	
Doe syour com p\fny orfirm
proce ss\fny ofthe seproducts or
m\ft eri\fls in powdere dform ?	
Ifyour comp\fny orfirm processes \fnyofthese products or
m\fteri\fls, thereispotenti\fl for\f“Combustible Dust”explosion.	
Agricult ur\fl\broducts
E gg white
Milk, powdered
Milk,nonfat, dry
St arch, corn
Starch, rice
Starch, wheat
Su gar ,milk
Su gar ,beet
Tap ioca
Wood flour
Agricult ur\flDusts
Ap ple
Beet root
Cocoa bean dust
Cocoa powder
Coconut shelldust
Coffee dust
Co rnstarch
CottonC ottonsee d
Gar lic powder
Gra ss dust
Gre en coffe e
Hops (malte d)
Lemon peeldust
Lemon pulp
Linsee d
Locust beangum
Ma lt
\fat flour
\f at grain dust
\fliv epel lets
\fnion powde r
Parsl ey (dehy drated)
Peanut mealand skins
Pota to
Pota tostar ch
Raw yucca seeddust
Rice dust
Rice flour
Rice star ch
Rye flour
Semol inaSoy bean dust
S pi ce dust
Spi ce powd er
Sug ar (10x )
Sun flowe r
Sun flowe rsee ddu st
To bacco blen d
To mato
Wa ln utdu st
Wh eat flo ur
Wh eat grain dust
Wh eat star ch
Xan than gum
C \frbo n\fc eo us Dusts
Cha rcoal ,acti vated
Cha rcoal ,woo d
Coa l,bitu mi nous
Coke ,p etr oleu m
Lamp black
Lig nite
P ea t,22% H	
Soo t,pi ne
Cel lul ose
C el lul ose pulp
Cor k
Cor nChe mic\f lDusts
Adi pic aci d
Anth raqu inon e
Ascor bic aci d
Cal ciumacetate
Cal ciumstear ate
Carboxy�meth ylcel lulose
Dextr in
Lead stearate
Me thyl �cellu lo se
Par aforma ldehy de
Sod ium ascor bate
Sod ium stear ate
Me t\fl Dusts
Alumi num
Bro nze
\bron carbonyl
Ma gnesi um
\bl\fs ticDusts
(poly) Acry lami de
(p oly) Acry lonitrile
(p oly) Ethyl ene
(lo w�pr essu reprocess)Ep oxy resi n
Mel amin e resin
Mel amin e,mo lde d
(ph enol�cel lul ose)
Mel amin e,mo lde d
(w oo dflo ur and
m in er al fill ed pheno l�
f or maldeh yd e)
(po ly)M ethyl acr ylate
(po ly)M ethyl acr ylate,
em ulsion polym er
Pheno lic re sin
(po ly)P ro pyl ene
Ter pen e�p hen olresi n
Ure a�fo rm ald ehyde/
cel lu lo se, mold ed
(po ly)Vi nyl ace tate/
ethy lene cop olym er
(po ly)Vi nyl alcoh ol
(poly)Vi nyl but yr al
(po ly)Vi nyl ch lorid e/
ethyl ene/ vinyl
ace ty le ne susp ension
copol ym er
(po ly)Vi nyl ch lorid e/
vinyl acet ylen e
em ulsion
cop olym er	
Dus tC ont rolMe\fsures
The dust�con tainingsystem s(ducts anddust collectors) are designed
inamann er(i.e.,n o lea king) that fugit ivedust sare not allowe dto
accum ulate in the workarea.
The faci lity has ahou sekeepi ngprogram withregular cleaning fre�
q uencies establish ed for floor sand horizont alsurf aces, suchasducts,
pip es, hoo ds, ledges,an dbeams, tominimiz edust accumul ations
withi nop erati ngare as ofthefacility .
The wor king surfaces aredesigne din amann ertominimi zedust
accu mula tion and facilitateclean ing.
Ign itio nCo ntr ol Me\fs ures
Ele ctri cally�po weredclea ning devices suchasvacuum cleane rs, and
el ectr ical eq uipment areappr oved forthe hazard classifica tionfor
Class \b\blocati ons.
The facility hasan igniti oncon tr ol prog ram, such asgrou nding and
b ondi ngand other method s,fo r di ssipa tin g any electro stati ccha rge that
could be ge nerated whiletra nsp orting thedust th roug hth eductwork.
The facility hasa Hot Wor kperm it p rogr am.
Areaswh ere smoking ispro hibitedare po sted with “NoSmo king” signs .
Ductsystems, dust collec tors,a n d du st�prod ucingmac hine ryare bonded
andgrou nded tomin imize accu mulatio nof sta ticelec tricalcharge.Th efa cilit yse lects and use sin dustria ltruck stha tare approv ed for the
com bustible dustlocati ons.
\b rev enti onMe\f sure s
The faci lityha sse par ato rde vices toremov efor eign materi als
ca pabl eof ign iting com bustibledusts.
MSDSsfor the chem icalswh ich coul dbe com ecomb ustible dustunder
no rm alope ra tions areavailab leto emp loyees.
Em ploy ees are tr a in ed on the explosi onhaz ardsof com bustible dus ts .
\b rot ect ionMe\fs ures
Thefa cilit yha san eme rg ency action plan.
Dust coll ect ors are not loca tedinside ofbuil ding s.(Som eexce pt ions )
Rooms, buildin gs,orothe rencl osure s(dust collectors )ha ve explos ion
rel ief vent ing distribut edove rthe exte rio rwa llof bu ildi ng s an d
enclosur es.
Explosion ven ting is di recte dto asa fe loca tion awayfrom empl oyees.
Th efa cilit yha sisola tion device sto pre ven tde flagra tion propa gation
betw ee npie cesof equ ipme ntconne ctedby ductwor k.
Th edust collector syste ms hav espa rkdete ction andexpl os io n/
de fla gr ati on suppr essio nsy ste ms.
Em erge ncy exit route sare ma intained prope rly.	
w ww.o sh\f.g ov ¥(8 00)32 1�OSH A¥TT Y(877) 889�56 27

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