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The Oregon Employee Work Schedules Law is a labor law posters poster by the Oregon Bureau Of Labor and Industry. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including retail, hospitality, and food services.

This poster, to be posted conspicuously, informs employers and employees of work schedules laws and provisions, such as who is covered, compensation, good faith estimates, advance notice, changes, rest, and other important provisions.

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▶	Your employer must give you a work schedule in writing at least 14 calend\
ar days in 
advance.	 It must be posted and easily visible and include all work shifts/on-ca\
ll shifts. You may 	
decline shifts that are not included in the written work schedule.
 ▶	You have the right to rest between shifts.	 Unless you request or agree to it, you can’t be 	
scheduled to work during the first 10 hours after the previous calen\
dar day’s work or on-call 
shift OR the first 10 hours following the end of work that spanned two calendar days. 	If you are 	
scheduled for a back to back shift within 10 hours, your employer must pay you ti\
a-half your regular pay rate.
 ▶	Your employer must pay you additional compensation if they change your sc\
hedule less 
than 14 days ahead the start of the schedule.	 If you request to work additional shifts or 	
make changes, this extra pay is not required. Other exceptions include c\
hanges of less than 30 
minutes, disciplinary suspensions, staff shortages, if you agree to be\
 on the voluntary standby 
list, and a few others. Learn more at	
 »	You must get an extra hour of pay at your regular rate plus wages earned \
if your employer	 adds 	
more than 30 minutes of work to your shift, changes the date, start time, or end time of your shift 
with no loss of hours, or schedules you for an extra work or on-call shift
 »	You must get one-half of your regular rate of pay, per hour, for each scheduled hour that you 
do not work if your employer 	subtracts hours from your shift before or after you report for duty, 	
changes the date or start time/end time of your shift resulting in a loss of hours, cancels your shift, or 
does not ask you to work when you are scheduled for an on-call shift	
 ▶	You have the right to provide input into your schedule. 	You may identify limitations or 	
changes in your availability including child care needs. You may request not to be scheduled for 
work shifts during certain times or at certain locations. Your employer is not required to grant 
your requests, but they may not retaliate against you for making them.
 ▶	When you’re hired:	 Your employer must give you a written estimate of your work schedule that\
includes the average number of hours you can expect to work and if/how y\
ou will be expected to 
work on-call shifts.
 ▶	Voluntary standby list:	 Your employer must give you information about their voluntary standby 	
list, which is an opt-in list they can keep of people willing to work ad\
ditional hours due to 
unanticipated customer needs or unexpected absences.	 	
Retail, hospitality, and food services employers must follow predictive work schedule rules if they employ 
at least 500 workers worldwide. This law applies to workers whose work is related to retail, hospitality, and 
food service. Temporary or leased workers and exempt salaried workers are not covered by this law.	
          	OREGON LAWS
Protect You At Wo	rk	
July 	2022 - June	 2023	
If your employer isn’t following 
the law or something feels wrong, 
give us a call. 	The Bureau of Labor 	
and Industries is here to enforce 
these laws and protect you.
Call:	 971-245-3844	 	
Email: 	[email protected]	 	
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