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 State Minimum Wage Poster PDF

The State Minimum Wage Poster is a labor law posters poster by the Oregon Bureau Of Labor and Industry. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Oregon, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where employees other then those of agricultural employers will see it. This poster describes what the Minimum wage is, information on general working conditions and the restrictions that minor employees must follow.

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B   U   R   E   A   U       O   F       L   A   B   O   R       A   N   D       I   N   D   U   S   T   R   I   E   S	 	
 	 	O R E G O N	
 	Val Hoyle, Commissioner	 	      
 	Effective July 1, 201	9	 to	 June 30, 20	20	 	
An employer shall pay an employee no less than the minimum wage rate for the 
region in which the employer is located.	 (See region descriptions below.)	 	
Standard	: 	$11.25 per hour	 	
Portland Metro	: 	$12.50 per hour	 	
Nonurban Counties	: 	$11.00 per hour	 	
All employers must 
comply with state laws 
regulating payment of 	
minimum wage, 
overtime 	and general 	
working conditions.	 	
The 	“Standard	’ rate  applies  to  the  following 	
counties, with the exception of those areas located 
within  the  urban  growth  boundary  of  a 
metropolitan  service  district:  Benton,  Clackamas, 
Clatsop,  Columbia,  Deschutes,  Hood  River, 
Jackson,  Josephine,  Lane,  Lincoln,  Linn,  Ma	rion, 	
Multnomah,  Polk,  Tillamook,  Wasco, 
Washington, and Yamhill.	 	
The  rate  for  “	Portland  Metro	”  includes  areas 	
located  within  the  urban  growth  boundary  of  a 
metropolitan service district.	 	
The rate for “	Nonurban 	Counties	” applies to the 	
following  counties: 	Baker,  Coos,  Crook,  Curry, 	
Douglas,  Gilliam,  Grant,  Harney,  Jefferson, 
Klamath,  Lake,  Malheur,  Morrow,  Sherman, 
Umatill	a, Union, Wallowa, and Wheeler.	 	
Employer Location	 	
Employers  are  required  to  pay  their  employees  at 
least  the  minimum  wage  rate  in  effect 	for  the 	
region where the employer is located.	  Employees 	
who  perform  more  than  50%  of  their  work  in  a 
pay  period  at  the  employer’s  permanent  fixed 
business  location  in  Oregon  must  be  paid  at  least 
the  minimum  wage  rate  for  the  region  in  which 
the  employer’	s  business  is  located.    Employees 	
who  make  deliveries  as  a  part  of  their  job  and 
who start and end their workday at the employer’s 
permanent fixed business location must be paid at 
least  the  minimum  wage  rate  for  the  region  in 
which  the  employer’s  business	 is  located.  	
Employees who do not perform more than 50% of 
their  work  in  a  pay  period  at  the  employer’s 
permanent fixed business location in Oregon must 	 
be  paid  at  least  the  minimum  wage  rate  for  the 
region in which the employee performs work.	 	
General Wo	rking Conditions	 	
Overtime: 	Unless  exempt,  employees  must  be 	
paid  time  and  one	-half  the  regular  rate  of  pay  for 	
any  time  worked  over  40  hours  a  week  or,  for 
domestic  workers  residing  in  the  home  of  the 
employer, over 44 hours a week.	  	
Tips: 	Employers  may  no	t  use  tips  as  credit 	
toward minimum wages owed to an employee.	 	
Deductions: 	Employers  may  make  deductions 	
from  wages  that  are  required  by  law;  authorized 
by  a  collective  bargaining  agreement;  are  for  the 
fair  market  value  of  meals  and  lodging  provide	d 	
for t	he private benefit of the employee; are for the 	
employee’s  benefit  and  are  authorized  in  writing; 
or  for  an  item  in  which  the  employer  is  not  the 
ultimate  recipient  and  the  employee  has 
voluntarily  signed  an  authorization.  An  itemized 
statement  of  deductio	ns  made  from  wages  must 	
be provided with each paycheck.	  	
Time  records 	must  be  kept  by  employers  for  at 	
least two years.	  Payroll records	 must be kept by 	
employers for at least three years.	  	
Regular  paydays 	must  be  established  and 	
maintained.  A  pay  period 	may  not  exceed  35 	
Meal periods 	of not less than 30 minutes must be 	
provided  to  non	-exempt  employees  who  work  six 	
or  more  hours  in  one  work  period.  Ordinarily, 
employees are required to be relieved of all duties 
during  the  meal  period.  Under  exception	al 	
circumstances, however, the law allows an 	 	
employee  to  perform  duties  during  a  meal  period 
so  long  as  they  are  paid.  When  that  happens,  the 
employer  must  pay  the  employee  for  the 	entire	 	
meal period.	 	
Paid rest periods 	of at least 10 minutes for adults 	
(15  minutes  for  minors)  must  be  provided  during 
each  four	-hour  work  period  or  major  part  of  four 	
hours  worked.  (There  are  narrow  exceptions  for 
adult  employees  working  alone  in  retail/service 
establishments.)  Certain  employers  are  required 
to provide  addit	ional  rest periods  to  employees  to 	
express  milk  for  a  child.	 With  the  exception  of 	
certain tipped food and beverage  service  workers, 
meal  and  rest  periods  may  not  be  waived  or  used 
to  adjust  working  hours;  however,  meal  and  rest 
period  provisions  may  be  mo	dified  by  the  terms 	
of a collective bargaining agreement.	  	
Final  paychecks: 	 When  an 	employee  is 	
discharged  by  an  employer  or  the  employee  and 
employer  mutually  agree  to  the  termination	,  the 	
final  paycheck  is  due  no  later  than  the  end  of  the 
first  business	 day  after  the  discharge.  If  an 	
employee  quits  with  48  hours  or  more  notice, 
wages are due 	on 	the last working day (excluding 	
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). If an employee 
quits  without  at  least  48  hours  notice,  wages  are 
due  in  five  days  (excluding  Sat	urdays,  Sundays 	
and  holidays)  or  on  the  next  payday,  whichever 
occurs  first.  (There  are  some  exceptions.  Contact 
the  nearest  Bureau  of  Labor  and  Industries  office 
for information.) 	 	
Domestic  Service  Employment:	 Special  rules 	
apply  to  persons  employed  as  do	mestic  workers. 	
Contact  the  Bureau  of  Labor  and  Industries  for 
more information.	 	
Employees	 may be eligible for the 	Earned Income Tax Credit	 (EITC or EIC), a benefit for working people with low to moderate income, particularly those 	
with chi	ldren. EITC reduces the amount of 	tax 	owe	d and may 	provide	 a refund. Visit these websites for additional information about how to qualify	: 	
Federal:	-deductions/individuals/earned	-income	-tax	-credit	 	
For Additional Information	 	
Contact  the Bureau of Labor and Industries: 	 	
Online:	  •  Email:  	[email protected]	 	
Eugene	 	541	-686	-7623	 	Technical Assistance for Employers Program:  971	-673	-0824	 	
Portland	 	971	-673	-0761	 	TTY: 	 711	 	
Salem	 	503	-378	-3292	 	 	
This is a summary of Oregon’s laws relating to minimum wage and working conditions. It is not a complete text of the law.	 	
PENALTIES: Willful failure to 
pay wages due to an employee 	
upon termination may be 	
penalized by continuation of the 	
employee’s wages up to a 
maximum of 30 days.

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