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Louisiana Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Louisiana Genetic Information and Privacy Poster Required

 Genetic Information and Privacy PDF

The Genetic Information and Privacy is a labor law posters poster by the Louisiana Office Of Human Resources. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Louisiana, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster discusses the rights of employees with regard to being discriminated against due to their genetics. Additional information includes exceptions to this policy.

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Genetics	 in t	he	 Workplace	 	
Louisiana  law  forbids  genetic  discrimination  and 
limits  genetic  testing  in  the  workforce.	 Employers 	
also	 must	 grant	 one	 day's	 leave	 of  absence  from	 work	 	
to  obtain  genetic  testing  or  preventative  cancer 
screening.	 Employees	 mus	t provide	 at least	 15	 days 	
notice	 prior	 to the	 leave	 and	 make	 a reasonable	 effort 	
to schedule	 the	 leave	 so	 as not	 to unduly	 disrupt	 the 	
employer's  operations.	 An  employee  shall  not  be 	
required  to  share  the  results  of  genetic  testing  or  a 
preventative  cance	r  screening  with  the  employer. 	
The	 employer	 is not required	 to provide	 paid	 time	 off 	
for  the  leave,  but  shall  permit  the  employee  to  use 
any accrued vacation or other appropriate leave.	 	
Key  terms  are  used  to  establish  specific  genetic 
discrimi	nation  and  privacy  protections.  They  are  as 	
1. "Genetic  monitoring" 	is the	 periodic	 exam	ination 	
of  employees  to  evaluate  changes  to  their  genetic 
material  that  may  have  developed  in  the  course  of 
employment	 due	 to  exposure	 to  toxic	 substances	 in 	
the 	workplace.	 	
2. “Genetic  services" 	are  defined  as  the  health 	
services  provided  to  obtain,  assess,  or  interpret 
genetic  information  for  diagnostic  or  therapeutic 
purposes, or	 for	 genetic education or	 counseling.	 	
RNA,  chromosomes,  and  those  proteins  and 
metabol	ites  used  to	 detect  heritable  or	 some  somatic 	
disease	 related  genotypes  or  karyotypes  for  clinical 	
purposes.  It  must  be  generally  accepted  in  the 
scientific  and  medical  communities  to  qualify  under 
this definition	. 	
4. "Labor  organization" 	means  any  organizati	on 	
which	 exists	 for	 the	 purpose	 of collective	 bargaining 	
with  employers  concerning  grievances,  terms,  or 
conditions  of  employment,  or  other  mutual  aid  or 
protection  in  relation  to  employment  or  any  agent 
acting for such an organization.	 	
5. "Medically  necessar	y'' 	means  those  healthcare 	
services	 that	 are	 in accordance	 with	 evidence	-based 	
medical  standards  or  that  are  considered  by  most 
physicians  or  independent  licensed  practitioners 
within the community to be the standard of care.	 	
6. "Preventative  cancer  screening	'' means	 healthcare 	
services	 necessary for	 the	 detection	 of cancer in an 	
individual,  including  but  not  limited  to  magnetic 
resonance  imaging,  ultrasound,  or  some  combination 
of tests.	 	
7. "Protected  genetic  information" 	is  information 	
about the	 genetic tests o	f an	 individual or	 that of	 an 	
individual's  family  members,  or  the  occurrence  of  a 
disease,  or  medical  condition  or  disorder  in  family 
members of the individual.	 	
Louisiana law	 also	 provides  that	 an	 employer, labor 	
organization  or  employme	nt  agency  shall  not 	
discriminate  on  the  basis  of  protected  genetic 
information,  and  an	 employer,  labor  organization  or 	
joint  labor  management  committee  controlling 
apprenticeship,	 on	-the	-job  training,  or  other  training 	
program  shall  not  discriminate  on  the	 basis  of 	
protected genetic information.	 	
An  employer,  labor  organization  or  employment 
agency  may  request  protected  genetic  information	 	
with	 	an	 	offer	 	of 	employment	 	in 	limited 	
circumstances.	 They	 may  request,	 collect  or  purchase 	
protected  genetic	 	information  under  limited 	
circumstances  if  there  is  a  request  for,  or  receipt  of, 
genetic  services,  and  the  effect  of  genetic  monitoring 
of toxic	 substance	 shall	 be	 permitted	 in the 	
 If you believe	 you	 have	 been	 discriminated against,	 please	 conta	ct 	
the	 Louisiana Commission	 on Human	 Rights	 at {225)	 342·6969,	 or 	
visit us at	 www	.gov.louisiana.gov/page/lchr	. LSA	-R.S. Sl:2231(c	) 	
 This notice	 must be	 posted	 in a conspicuous place, setting fort	h 	
information to effectuate th	is purpose	. R.S	. 23:302;	 R.S. 23:368	, 	
369, 	and 	370	 	
Revised	 August	 2023	 	 	 	
3. "Genetic	 test"	 means	 the	 analysis	 of human	 DNA,

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