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The Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a labor law posters poster by the Louisiana Office Of Human Resources. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Louisiana, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes how employees can get Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC).

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Ea r n e d   In c o m e   Cr e d i t  EI	C	20	2	2	  
 	to  	Em	pl	oyees  	of   F e de r al 
Inco	m	e  	T	ax  	Cre	dit   ( E IC) 	
If you	 make	 $5	3,000*	 or	 
 	empl o ye r  	shoul d  	notif y  	you  	at  	the  	time   of
 	of  	the  	pot enti al  	avail a bili t y  	of   Earne d 	
Income	 	Tax	 	Credits.	 	Earned	 	Income	 	Tax	 	
are 	reducti o n s  	in  	feder al  	incom e  	t ax  	
liabilit y
 	for   which  you  	may  	be  	eligi bl e  	if  	you  	
  certain 	requirement s.	 	Additi on al	 	
information	 an	d forms 	for
 	these  	progr a m s  	can  	
 	obt ai n e d  	from   your 	employer	 or the	 Inter nal	 	
* E a r n e d   I n c o me   a n d   a d j u s ted   g r o s s 
i n c o me   (AGI)   m u s t   e a c h   b e   l e s s   tha n :  
•    $ 5 3 , 057   ( $ 5 9 , 187     m a rr i ed   f ili ng   j o i ntl y )  
wi t h   t hree   or   m o r e   q u al i f y i ng   ch il dren  
•    $4 9 , 399   ( $5 5 , 529   m a rr i ed   f ili ng   j o i ntl y )  
wi t h   t w o   q uali f y in g   c hild r e n  
•    $ 4 3 , 492   ( $ 4 9 , 622   m a rr i ed   f ili ng   j o i ntl y )  
wi t h   on e   q ua li f y i n g   ch i l d  
•    $1 6 , 4 80   ( $2 2 , 61 0   m a rr i ed   f ili ng   j o i ntl y )  
wi t h   n o   q uali f y in g   c hild r e n   You  may  claim  the  Earned  Income  Credit  o n 
Form  1040 and  add  Schedule  EIC  if you  have  
I f   y ou   need   m ore   i n f o r m a ti on   r e g ard i n g   t he   EI T C  
or to check  on  updates,  you  should  contact the  
IRS at  1 - 800 - 829 - 1040 or visit the  IRS  W ebsite 
at w w w . i r s. g o v .    
A d di t i o n al   EI T C   r e s o u r ces   are   a l so   a v a il a bl e   at   t he  I R S   EI T C  
H ome   p a g e:  
https://www.irs.gov/credits - deduction s/indivi duals/ earned -
income - tax - credit - eitc  
  V isit   the   IRS   on   the  	
a t  	www.irs.gov 	or  	
 	toll	-free   at  
1 - 800 - 829 - 1 0 40.  
     Ev ery
 	em p	loy e r  	shall   keep  
c o n s p ic u o us l y  	posted  in  or   a b o ut  
t h e  	premis es  	wherein  any  w ork	er   is  	em p	loy e d,
 	a  print ed  	copy  or abs t	rac t   of  
t h o s e  	labor  	law s  	which  	the   E x e c u t i ve 	Direc t or	 
may  	designat e,  	in   a  	f orm	  to   be 
f u r n is h ed  	by  the  Executive   D i rector.  
R . S .  	
23:15,  23 : 1 0 18 . 2  
R ev is ed  April	 2022
An   Eq u al   Oppor t u n i ty   Emp l oyer   Program.   Au x i l i ary   a i ds   a n d   serv i ces   are   ava il a b l e   upon   r e q u est   to   i n d i v i d u a l s   w i th   d i sa b il i t i e s.   1 - 800 - 259 - 51 5 4   (TDD)                                                                                                   	
www  .la  wo  r  k  s  .  net

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