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Louisiana Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Louisiana Earned Income Credit (EIC) Poster Required

 Earned Income Credit (EIC) PDF

The Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a labor law posters poster by the Louisiana Office Of Human Resources. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Louisiana, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes how employees can get Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC).

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Earn ed  In co m e Cre dit 	EI C202 3	  	 	
Notice	 to	 Employees	 of	 F ede ral 
Inco me	 Tax	 Cre dit	 ( E IC) 	
If you  make  $5 7,000*  or 	less,  	
your	 employer	 should	 notify	 you	 at	 the	 time	 of
hiring	 of	 the	 potential	 availability	 of	 Earned 	
Income  Tax Credits.  Earned  Income Tax  
are 	reductions	 in	 federal	 income	 tax	 	
liability	 for	 which you  	may	 be	 eligible	 if you	 	
meet	 certain 	requirements.  Additional  
information  and forms 	
for	 these	 programs	 can	 	
be	 obtained	 from	 your 	employer  o r the  Internal  
*Ea rne d  Inc ome  and  ad justed  gro ss 
in co me  (AGI)  mus t ea ch  b e  le ss tha n: 
•   $ 56,838  ($ 63 ,698   m arr ied  fili ng  j o intl y) 
wi th  t hree  or m ore  q ual if y ing  ch ildren  
•  $ 52 ,918  ( $59 ,478  marr ied  fili ng  j o intl y) 
wi th  t w o q uali fy in g c hild re n  
•  $ 46 ,560  ( $ 53 ,120  marr ied  fili ng  j o intl y) 	
wit h one  q ualif yin g  ch ild  
•  $1 7,640  ($24 ,2 10 m arri ed  fili ng  j o intl y) 
wi th  n o  q uali fy in g c hild re n 	
You may claim the Earned Income Credit on 
Form 1040 and add Schedule EIC if you have 
If y ou  need  m ore  in fo rm ation  re gard in g t he  EITC  
or to check on updates, you should contact the 
IRS at 1 -800 -829 -1040 or visit the IRS Website 
at w ww.irs.g ov.   
A ddi tio nal  EI TC  r e so u rces  are  a lso  a va ila ble at  t he  IR S EI TC  
H ome  pag e:  
https://www.irs.gov/credits -deductions/individuals/earned-
income- tax-credit -eitc  
isit  the  IRS on  the 	
Web 	at 	w w w.irs .gov 	or 	
call	 toll -fr ee	 at  
1 -800- 829-1040.  	
 emp loyer	 s h all	  keep 
co nsp ic uo us ly 	p o ste d	 in or  a bo ut 
th e 	prem ises	 w here in	 a ny	 work er	 is  	emp loyed,	 a pr in ted	 co py	 or  abst ract	 of 
th os e 	labor	 l aws	 w hich	 t h e Secretary	 	may  	designate,	 in a form  	to be f urn ish ed 	by the Secretary	. 
R .S . 	
23: 15, 	23 :1 0 18. 2 	 Revised  May 2023	 	
An Eq ual  Oppor tu nity  Empl oyer Program.  Auxili ary  a ids  a nd  servi ces are  avail able  upon  req uest  to  ind ivi du als wi th d isab iliti e s.  1-800 -259-51 54 (TDD)                                                                                                 	w ww	 .la w o	 r k s . net

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