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 Disability Compensation Law PDF

The Disability Compensation Law is a labor law posters poster by the Hawaii Department Of Labor and Industrial Relations. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Hawaii, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes the rights employees have to Workers' Compensation, Temporary Disability Insurance and Prepaid Health Care.

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Workers' Compensation - You have the right to 	receive workers' compensation benefits and medical care if you suffer a work - 
related  injury. You  must  report  the  date,  time  and  circumstance  of  your  injury  immediately  to  your  employer  or  supervisor.  Give  the 
name  of  the  insurer  to  your  doctor  so  that  your  doctor  will  know  where  to send  the physician's  report.  If  your  employer  does  not  file  a 
report  of  the  injury,  you  may  file  a  written  claim  with  the  Disability  Compensation  Division. You  do  not  pay  for  the  premium  cost;  your 
employer  pays  the  entire  amount.	
 	 You are  entitled  to all  required  medical, surgical  and  hospital  services  and  supplies  including  medication;  weekly  benefits  from  the 
fourth day of disability to replace wage loss, representing 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage but not more than the maximum 
weekly  benefit  amount  annually  set  by  the  Department;  additional  benefits  if  the  injury  results  in  permanent  disability  or  disfigurement; 
vocational  rehabilitation,  if  appropriate;  funeral  and  burial  expenses  if  the  work  injury  results  in  death;  and  additional  weekly  benefits  to 
the  surviving  spouse and other  dependents.	
Temporary Disability Insurance  - You have the right to 	file a claim for temporary disability insurance benefits within 90 days 
from the  date of disability if you suffer a disabling non- work-related injury/illness, or inability to work because of your pregnancy. 
Your  employer  or  insurance  carrier should  furnish  you with a  TDI -45  claim  form  or  some  other  authorized  claim form.  You  may  receive 
TDI benefits  if  your  inability  to  work  is  properly  certified  by a  physician.  Generally,  you  must  have  worked  for  an  employer  in  Hawaii  at 
least two  weeks prior  to  your  disability.  During  the last 52  weeks,  you  must  have:  worked  for at  least  14  weeks;  been  paid for at  least 
20  hours  per  week;  and  earned  at least  $400.	
After a 7 consecutive day waiting period, you will be paid 58% of your average weekly wage, not to exceed the maximum in the  TDI 
law.  Your  employer  may  have  an "equivalent"  plan  approved  by the  Department,  which  may  provide  different  benefits.  You  should  ask 
your  employer  for  details  if  they  have  an "equivalent"  plan.	
 You  may  be  required  by your  employer  to  share  in the  premium  cost.  Your  share  cannot  be  more  than  one-half of  the  cost  and  should 
not  exceed  .5% of  your  weekly  wages.  Your  employer  pays  the  remaining  portion exceeding  the prescribed  limitation. If  you  are not 
eligible  for benefits  (see  second  paragraph  above), your  employer  cannot  deduct  any  contributions  from  you  to  share  in the  premium 
Prepaid  Health Care  -  You  have  the  right  to  	enroll  in  your  employer's  prepaid  health care insurance  plan after 4  consecutive  weeks of 
employment where you have worked at least 20 hours each week. The health care plan must be  approved by the Department and 
include  insurance  coverage for hospital,  surgical,  medical,  diagnostic  and  maternity  medical  care.	
You  should  claim benefits  under  this  program  if  a  non- work -related  injury or  illness  requires  medical  care.  Give  your  doctor  or hospital 
the  name  of your  employer's  health  care  contractor  and  the plan  name.	
 If you  are required  to share  in the  premium  cost  for  your  coverage,  your  share  cannot  be  more  than 1.5%  of  your  monthly  wages  or 
one- half the  premium  cost  (whichever  is  less).  Your  employer  pays  the  balance.	
Disability Compensation Division:	 	
Oahu  	586-9161 (Workers'  Compensation)  
586-9188  (Temporary  Disability  Insurance  and Prepaid  Health Care) 
Hilo   974-6464	
Kona   322-4808	 	
Maui	. 	243- 5322	 	
Kauai   274-3351	 	
  This  notice  provides  general background  information  on  labor  laws  administered  and  enforced  by  DLIR's  Disability 
Compensation  Division  and  is not  intended  to  serve  as a  substitute  for  legal  counsel.  For  specific  legal advice  on 
individual  situations,  please  consult  an  attorney.  	
 	 Scott T. Murakami, Director	 	
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations	 
*You  may  satisfy  Hawaii  Labor  Laws’  posting  requirements  by posting  our  official  labor  law  poster. 
For more information: -law -poster/	 	 	
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program  
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.  
TDD/TTY Dial 711 then ask for  (808) 586-8866.  	
Revised 5/30/19

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