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Federal Free Printable Workplace Posters Posters Federal E-Verify Participation Poster

 E-Verify Participation Poster PDF

The E-Verify Participation Poster is a workplace posters poster by the Federal Department Of Labor. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including employers participating in the e-verify system.

This official DHS E-Verify poster, titled "This Organization Participates in E-Verify", informs employees of the use of E-Verify to verify their provided I-9 identification and right to work in the USA, and their rights if E-Verify cannot verify their information.

This is a mandatory poster, in both English and Spanish, for all employers participating in the Federal E-Verify system and must be displayed where prospective employees can see it, along with the E-Verify Right To Work Poster.

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This Organization 	
Participates in E	-	Verify	 	
This employer participates in E-Verify and will 
provide the federal government with your 
Form I -9 information to confirm that you are 
authorized to work in the U.S.   
If  E -Verify cannot confirm that you are 
authorized to work, this employer is required 
to give you written instructions and an 
opportunity to contact Department of  
Homeland Security (DHS) or Social Security 
Administration (SSA) so you can begin to 
resolve the issue before the employer can 
take any action against you, including 
terminating your employment.  
Employers can only use E-Verify once you 
have accepted a job offer and completed the 
Form I	-9.	 	
E	-Verify Works for Ever yone	
For more i	nformation on E	-Verify, or if  	
you believe that your employer has 
violated its E -Verify responsibilities, 	
please contact DHS.	 	
Esta Organización 	
Participa en E -Verify	 	
Este empleador participa en E -Verify y proporcionará 
al gobierno federal la información de su Formulario I -9 
para confirmar que usted está autorizado para trabajar 
en los EE.UU..	
Si E- Verify no puede confirmar que usted está 
autorizado para trabajar, este empleador está 
requerido a darle instrucciones por escrito y una 
oportunidad de contactar al Departamento de 
Seguridad Nacional (DHS) o a la Administración del 
Seguro Social (SSA) para que pueda empezar a 
resolver el problema antes de que el empleador pueda 
tomar cualquier acción en su contra, incluyendo la 
terminación de su empleo.	
Los empleadores sólo pueden utilizar E -Verify una vez 
que usted haya aceptado una oferta de trabajo y 
completado el Formulario I -9.	
E-Verify Funciona Para Todos	 	
Para más información sobre E	-Verify, o si 	
usted cree que su empleador ha violado 
sus responsabilidades de E -Verify, por 
favor contacte a DHS.	
888	-897	-7781	 	
dhs.gov/e	-verify	 	
English / Spanish	 Poster

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