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Alaska Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Alaska Notice to Employees - Unemployment Insurance Poster Required

 Notice to Employees - Unemployment Insurance PDF

The Notice to Employees - Unemployment Insurance is a labor law posters poster by the Alaska Department Of Labor and Workforce Development. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Alaska, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

Updated 1/2018. This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place and describes unemployment insurance, how it is paid for, what qualifications must be followed to be eligible for benefits and if someone is entitled to a refund due to excessive employee contribution. The reason for having Unemployment Insurance is to provide financial aid when a business may temporarily lay off its employees. Both the employer and employees must pay for the UI premiums, but most of the cost would go towards the employer (27 percent paid by employees, 73 percent by employers). Only employees who have received earned wages from that are covered by the law are qualified for UI. Employees are also eligible for refunds should their withholdings go beyond the maximum annual employee tax.

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We are an equal opportunity employer/program.	 	Alaska employers are required 	 	
Auxiliary aids and services	 are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.	 	by law to post this notice.	 	
 	 	Form 07	-1012 (Rev. 1	/18)  	
   	  	Notice to Employees	 	
As an employee of this company, you are covered by 	Unemployment 	Insurance	 	
(UI)	. The 	UI 	program is	 administered by the	 Division of	 Employment 	and Training 	
Services 	of the 	Alaska 	Department of Labor and Workforce Development.	 	
The p	urpose of 	UI 	is to provide partial replacement of wages between jobs. 	If a business has to 	
reduce wages or hours, or temporarily lay off workers, 	UI 	gives workers financial security and temporary 	
buying power so they can remain in the community. This, in t	urn, helps employers keep their trained work 	
force. 	UI 	payments protect the	 economy in Alaska's communities until unemployed workers are reemployed. 	
UI 	helps to reduce the family and	 community problems caused by layoffs or a lack of jobs.	 	
You and your empl	oyer both pay your 	UI 	premiums (taxes). 	You pay about 27	 percent	 and your 	
employer	 pays 73	 percent	. Generally speaking, if you receive one week of 	UI 	benefits, you receive	 as much or 	
more than you paid into the program for the year. Your employer may withh	old from your	 earnings the 	
employee portion of the 	UI 	tax. Wages in excess of the maximum annual taxable wage set for	 the calendar 	
year are non	-taxable. Current and past years	’ maximum annual taxable wage base 	and the	 employee portion 	
of the 	UI 	tax rates	 are posted on the Employment Security Tax 	website 	at:	 labor.alaska.gov/estax/faq/w1.htm	. 	
As with any insurance, you must meet certain qualifications to be	 eligible for benefits	. You must	 	
have earn	ed wages in jobs that are covered by the law, file your claim for 	UI	, and	 register for work with the 	
Alaska Employment Service or your union. Y	ou must also be ready, willing 	and able	 to accept s	uitable work. If 	
you q	uit or are fired from your last job, or 	if anything is keeping you from accepting	 full	-time work, you may 	
not immediately be eligible for benefits.	 	
To 	file a 	NEW	 claim or 	REOPEN	 an existing Alaska claim	 for 	UI 	benefits on the 	Internet	, go to 	
labor.alaska.g	ov	 and click on “	File 	Unemployment Bene	fits Online.”	 	
To file for 	UI 	by telephone and for all other 	UI 	assistance, contact your local 	UI 	claim	 center. 	The p	hone 	
numbers are listed below.	 If you do not reside in one of the cities below, use the toll free nu	mber.	 	
Anchorage: 	  	(907) 	269	-4700 	 	 	Juneau	/outside Alaska	:  	 	(907) 	465	-5552	 	
Fairbanks: 	 	 	(907) 	451	-2871 	 	 	All other areas in Alaska	:  	(888	) 252	-2557	 	
The t	oll	-free 	telephone 	number to connect to Alaska 	Relay is 	(800	) 770	-8973 or voice (	800	) 770	-8255.	 	
You ma	y be entitled to a refund of excess employee contributions 	to the 	UI	 Trust Fund if you had 	two 	
or more employers	 in a calendar year, your withholdings exceeded the maximum annual employee tax and 	
your	 overpayment is $5 or greater. For the year you are clai	ming a refund, the filing deadline for your application is 	
Dec.	 31 of the following calendar year. (If you had more than the legal maximum employee	 deduction withheld 	
by any 	one employer	, your employer is responsible for refunding this excess deduction to	 you.)	 	
To obtain an 	Employee Application for Refund	, write the Alaska Department of Labor	 and Workforce 	
Development	, P.O. Box	 11	5509, Juneau, AK 998	11	-5509 or email Tax at: 	 	
[email protected]	 or download the form 	at:	  	
labor.alaska.gov/estax/forms/toc_forms.htm	.

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