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The Alabama Child Labor Law is a labor law posters poster by the Alabama Department Of Labor. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including employers of minors.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where any person under the age of 18 is employed in Alabama. It specifies rules on the number of hours and work times that can be assigned to minors of different ages and specifies certain exemptions to various child-labor regulations. The poster specifies restrictions for teens at age ranges between 14-15 and 16-18. It lists the requirements of what type of certificates are required from minors, how many hours they are permitted to work depending on school and certain days of the week. It also shows when breaks are allowed and policies when alcohol may be served in an establishment. Inspections from the Department of Labor are permitted without a warrant needed for routine inspections.

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Published 2018
Alcoholic Beverages
Employees must be:
to serve alcoholic beverages for consumption on premises (19 if licensee is RVP certified).
16 and older may be employed in such establishments as busboys, janitors, dishwashers, cooks, hostesses, or seaters.
Inspections by the Department of Labor Each employer shall obtain and display the proper Child Labor Certificate(s) for each location where minors 
under the age of 18 are employed.  To apply for a certificate(s) go to
Persons under 14 years of ag e SHALL NOT BE EMPLOYED	
Class II Certificate	Class I Certificate	Employment Certificate	
Minors Age 14/15 Minors Age 16/17/18	
(Renewed Annually)	To employ minors age 14/15	To employ minors age 16/17	
Work Time Restrictions
(Minors Under age 19)	
During the Months when Public 
Schools are in Session
No more than 3 hours on any school day
During Months when Public 
No more than 8 hours per day
No more than 6 days per week
No more than 40 hours per week
Not before 7am or after 9pm each day	
This notice is to be posted in a conspicuous place.  This notice is for reference only.  For full text,consult  §25-8-32 to 63.  Any difference in 
state or federal law regarding child labor, the law providing the most protection to the minor takes precedence.	
No more than 6 days per week
No more than 18 hours per week	
Minors 16-17-18 years old who are enrolled 
in public or private school, may NOT work 
after 10pm or before 5am on an night 
preceding a school day.	
Schools are NOT in Session	
Schools are in Session
During Months when Public 
Schools are NOT in Session	
The Department of Labor has the right to enter, without warrant or notice, any business establishment for the purpose of routine 
inspections. These visits shall be conducted as frequently as needed to ensure that minors are employed in compliance with this act. The 
department shall enforce this act and may administer fines and/or prosecution for any violation of this act.	
*Children of parents who own their own business are NOT  exempt from Alabama Child Labor Law	
Record Keeping	Each employer must keep on premises an Employee Information Form (available at, Proof of Age , and Time Records showing the number of hours 
worked each day, starting and ending times, and break times for each employee 18 years of 
age and younger.	
See AL §25-8-43 for a detailed list of 
prohibited occupations.	
Not before 7am or after 7pm on Any Day of 
the Week
No more than 8 hours on a non-school day	
Minors 16 and older do not have an hour 
restriction during this time.	
14 and 15 year old minors SHALL NOT work in any establishment that serves alcohol for consumption on premises.
(Note: Members of the immediate family of the owner or operator who are 14 or 15 years of age may be employed in such establishments 
provided they do not serve, sell, dispense, or handle alcohol.)	
No breaks are required for employees 16 
and older.	
Not during school hours (8am-3pm)
A documented 30 minute break is required 
for any 14 or 15 year old who is employed 
for more than 5 hours continuously.  
See AL § 25-8-33 to 35 for a detailed list of 
prohibited occupations	
During the Months when Public  FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:
The Alabama Department of Labor  Child 
Labor Enforcement 649 Monroe Street
, AL 36131
[email protected]

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