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The The WV Wage Payment and Collection Act is a general labor law poster poster by the West Virginia Division of Labor . This is a mandatory posting for all employers in West Virginia, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place by all employers so that all employees can see it. This poster describes how often employers must have paydays as well as when wages get paid in various circumstances and what employers cannot do with regard to their employees.

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This poster is required to be posted in a place acc essible in accordance with Chapter 21, Article 5, S ection 9 of the Code of 
West Virginia.   
Requires the employer to: 
Have a payday at least once every two weeks. (Exclu ding Railroad Companies) 
Pay in money or in check or money order on banks co nvenient to the place of work where arrangements have been made 
for cashing.    
On discharge to pay all wages, including fringe ben efits, no later than the next regular payday OR four (4) “business days”, 
whichever comes first.  A “business day” means any  day not including Saturday, Sunday, or any legal holiday as set forth in 
WV Code § 2-2-1.  Payment shall be made through reg ular pay channels, or by mail if requested by the employee.  
On quitting, pay all wages, including fringe benefi ts, at the regular payday, (except if one pay periods notice is given by the 
employee, all wages including fringe benefits must  be paid at the time of quitting). 
On lay-off or strike, pay all wages, including frin ge benefits at the next regularly payday, (except i f requested by the 
employee, all wages including fringe benefits must  be paid by mail). 
Notify employees at the time of hiring of the rate  of pay and of the day, hour and place of payment an d thereafter of any 
Make known to all employees in writing or by access ible posted notice all employment practices and policies regarding 
vacation pay, sick leave and other fringe benefits.  
Furnish each employee with an itemized statement of  deductions made from the wages of each pay period.  
Selling goods or supplies to employees at prices hi gher than the current value. 
Deducting more than 25% of an employee’s net earnin gs under a wage assignment (excluding amounts requi red by law to 
be withheld, union dues, club dues, pension plans,  payroll savings plans, credit unions, charities and hospitalization and 
medical insurance).   
Taking a wage assignment unless it contains the wri tten notarized authorization of the employee, specifies the amount due, 
states that three-fourths of the employee’s net wag es are exempt, and is for a period of no longer than one year.  
Refusing to pay wages owed, up to $800.00, to the r elatives of deceased employees. 
Refusing to pay the wages of the employees of his o r her subcontractor who has failed to pay his or her employees.  
CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA 25305  304-558-7890 
Employers engaged in construction work, or the seve rance of minerals, production or 
transportation (excluding railroads and water trans porters) of minerals, must have demonstrated 
the ability to pay all wages and fringe benefits du e employees, or must have posted a wage bond 
securing payment.

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