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The Texas Unemployment Law and Payday Law is a labor law posters poster by the Texas Workforce Commission. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including all employers subject to the texas payday law as well as whose employees are entitled to apply for unemployment benefits.

This mandatory Texas labor law poster describes the state of Texas' unemployment benefit laws, including the employee's rights if they become unemployed and the employer's responsibilities under Texas law.

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Texas Workforce Commission 

Your employer reports your wages to the Texas Workforce Commission.  If you become unemployed, you may be eligible for 
unemployment benefit payments. File online at  www.texasworkforce.org or call 1-800-939-6631. 
The Texas Payday Law, Title II, Chapter 61, Texas Labor Code, requires Texas employers to pay their employees who are 
exempt from the overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 at least once per month. All other employees 
must be paid at least as often as semi-monthly and each pay period must consist as nearly as possible of an equal number of 
Scheduled paydays:  (You must indicate date or dates of the month for employees paid monthly or semi-monthly, and day of 
the week for employees paid weekly or at other times.) 
MONTHLY______________  SEMI-MONTHLY______________________  WEEKLY__________________ 
For more information write or contact the Texas Workforce Commission at Austin, Texas 78778, or contact your nearest 
Commission office. Commission offices are located in major cities throughout the state. 
TO EMPLOYERS: The law required that this notice or its equivalent be posted (in full view) at your place of business. Additional 
posters are available, free of charge, by logging on to Unemployment Tax Services  http://www.texasworkforce.org/uts and 
selecting the Account Info tab or by fax at 512-936-3205. 
To report suspected fraud, waste or abuse of the program call  800-252 -3642. 

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