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Texas Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters The Law in Texas on Employee Rights Poster Required

 The Law in Texas on Employee Rights PDF

The The Law in Texas on Employee Rights is a labor law posters poster by the Texas Workforce Commission. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Texas, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This Texas Equal Employment Opportunity poster is mandatory for most employers and written in English and Spanish. It describes the rights that potential employees and employees have to equal employment opportunities in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, membership, training, and other aspects of employment regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.

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The	 Law  in  Texas	 	La 	Ley  	en Texas	 	
The  law  prohibits employ ers, employm ent 
La ley pr ohí be a los  empleadores , agenc ias de 
ag encies and  labo r unions from  denying equal 
empleo y  sindicatos  de negar  la igual idad de 
employm ent oppo rtunities  in  
oportunidades de empleo en  
• hiri ng
• promotion
• disc harge
• pay •
• fr
inge b enefits
• memb ership
• training
• ot
he r aspe cts  o f em ploym ent
•otros aspectos del empleo
b ecause  of r ace,  colo r, nat ional origin , religion ,
por causa de  raza, colo r, n aci on alid ad, re ligion,
sex , age,  o r d isab ility.
sexo , ed ad, o  incapa cidad. The Sex Protected Class includes Sexual 
Harassment, Gender Stereotyping, Pregnancy 
Discrimination, Gender Identity, and Sexual 
  La clase protegida por sexo incluye acoso 
sexual, estereotipos de género, discriminación 
por embarazo, identidad de género y 
orientación sexual.
If y
ou be lieve y ou have b een discriminated a gainst,  contact 
th e 
W orkfor ce Co mmiss ion,  Civ il R igh ts Divis ion 
Si  us ted cree que ha 	
sido dis criminado, comuníquese c on la  
Comisión Laboral  de Texas, Di visión de Derechos Civiles 
Website: www.twc.texas.gov/jobseekers/how-submit-employment- discrimination-complaint 
Email: [email protected]
101 E. 15th Street, RM. 154 ; Austin,  TX 
787 78 

(512 ) 
46 3-2 642

Toll Free (within Texas) 
 1-888-4 52-47 78
TTY  (512 ) 
371-747 3
Equal Opportunity Employer / Program  
Igualdad de Oportunidad de Empleo / Programa

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