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The Hand Dishwashing (Chemical Sanitizing) is a labor law posters poster by the South Carolina Department Of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

This poster provides information on chemical sanitizing in hand dishwashing areas.

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Lav	e	
Desinfecte	PRE-FLUSH
Enjuague, friegue	
Segue al aire	
Hand Dishwashing (Chemical Sanitizing)	
Pasos para lavar la vajilla a mano (limpiar con químicos)	
Clean and Sanitize Sinks and Drainboards
 Limpie y desinfecte los fregaderos y los escurreplatos	
Detergent +
Hot Water	
Detergente y agua caliente	
Warm Water to  Hot Water	
Agua tibia a caliente	
Sanitizer + 
Warm Water
Desinfectante químico 
y agua tibia	
Chemical Type  Approved ConcentrationTipo de químico  Concentraciones aprobadas
Chlorine	 (Cloro)	 ............................................... 50 to 200 ppm
Quaternary  Ammonia (QUAT) ...................... 200 to 400 ppm	
Iodine	 (Yodo)	 ..................................................12.5 to 25 ppm	
Chemical Sanitizer + Warm Water	
Desinfectante químico y agua tibia	
(Water temperature 
equal to at least 75	
0 F)	
(la temperatura debe estar a  o al menos a 75 grados F)
Follow chemical manufacturer’s instructions.  Siga las instrucciones en el paquete.	
ppm = parts per million (ppm = partes por millón)	
Promoting and protecting the health of 	 	
the public and the environment	
CR-002161   2/18	
Excess Debris	
Quite los restos  de comida

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